The Monster Hunter Thread: A Whole New World


The coating decos are specifically for bows, they won’t do anything for any other weapons. You want the size 1 poison decos


One more day until the Final Fantasy Event…can’t wait. Gonna be fun rolling in on Behemoth and taking care of business.

Utilizing a FFXIV fighting like system makes it even more epic. So I’m going to be looking forward to it :).


Transferring weapons isn’t an issue for a large majority of the playerbase since characters aren’t locked to a weapon.


This monster is fucking insanely difficult. It’s great. Haven’t even beaten it yet since starting at 5 lol

Edit: I beat it ONCE tonight.


Toaster and Kush getting Arch Tempered versions.


Yeah, I’ve seen the leaked sets, Teo Head, Arms, and Legs all DON’T have Latent power while having slots and Crit Eye, so that shit is awesome. I have a set that already uses all three of those for Master’s Touch, but being able to get a better skill and have slots is going to be awesome


Fuck Behemoth. I’ve literally come close 6 different occasions to where all we had to do was survive the LAST Meteor and we win…but nope…someone or multiple people always die.

I’ve literally ran this thing about 20 times and haven’t even beaten it once.

It is completely insane how much damage Behemoth does on top of his aoe bs.

Dragon Pod, Crystal Burst or Flash him to stop him from tornado. If you can’t and you’re the one he’s targeting, make sure the tornado only appears in a section that will make the fight less difficult.

Your new Jump Gesture can avoid the Meteor Ult too, although if you’re unsure, get behind a rock, if not, then you have no choice but to give it a shot.

Get Insurance as it guarantees one free death.

I hope others have had better luck than me. I’m hoping to run it later with some friends, however as it stands, playing with them will more than likely be worse since they’ll be noobs.

At this point, if I can just get the Armor Set I’ll be content, I don’t even need the weapon, since I don’t Glaive…however I want the armor set, the stats are amazing on it.


I haven’t tried yet. All I want are drachen boots. Screw everything else.


Made the Drachen set on my ‘Lance’ file.

Now to make it on my ‘Bow’ file, lol.


He’s honestly not that bad once you have competent people, the problem is finding those people lol


Next event is the Harvest Festival and we getting Halloween themed gear.


pics or are you just assuming?(though I’d agree it’s likely)


There’s stuff that’s been datamined from the 5.0 patch.

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The amount of bitching on reddit about the awesome female armor designs is fucking groan inducing.


Gotdamn these people doing the Behemoth hunt are dumb.


Surprised I beat behemoth on my first run.


Behemoth isn’t even hard. It’s just a pain in the ass like kulve.

Edit: drachen set is OP lmao


The fucking stage 2 meteor attack spam has been the bain of my existence for this entire afternoon. The damn thing’s blast radius is ridiculous.


Get behind a rock or use jump emote.


The problem with Behemoth isn’t Behemoth. The problem with Behemoth is other players.