The Monster Hunter Thread: A Whole New World


Truth be told. I ran multiple missions in which case I had lvl 5 friendship/wide-range jewels on to help other players. I’ve literally only died a total of four different occasions out of the multiple times that I’ve ran Behemoth.

My issue comes from the fact that multiple other players don’t have wide-range which is a huge help into making sure that others don’t die, and that they aren’t sporting flash bombs as well, then it’s just an absolute nightmare.

However, I was away on the weekend for a Christian Convention and upon returning on Sunday, I was able to win 7 consecutive Behemoth runs in a row since I’ve been able to group with solid players. Allowing me to basically get everything that you could possibly get in terms of gears/weapon/palico set etc.

Day 1 is almost always the most annoying however after that, it’s gotten much better. I’m hoping to run more since some of my friends have had far less luck than me.


Almost beat Behemoth on my melee account!! I had a team of Japanese players, and we just worked his ass in the all the 3 phase but we fucked up on position for the final Elceptic Meteor Ultimate!!

Instant 3-0!!

The thing that just kills me the majority of the time is the normal rage meteor attack. If no one gets eminty, Behemoth just casts that attack and its pretty much spread predator missile.

Speaking of, getting and keeping eminty, has been a bitch for the majority of teams that I’ve joined on. Flashpods help make the fight easier but they reset eminty, and no one takes it upon themselves to regain it.


Having wide-range is beneficial imo, and even on characters that aren’t healers, because it just eases the fight that much more.

Gaining enmity is vital, and even when I do gain it (since I usually run LBG, or else I use LS) I’ll just slap on Temp Mantle to make my enmity life easier. Also, I just run close to him, and avoid his attacks to allow my fellow teammates to smash him.

However I’ve learned his attacks enough that I’m no longer as scrubby as I was when I first ran Behe. Overall a very satisfying hunt and by far the most difficult hunt in MHW simply because of the insta-kill which can potentially end a mission, and that’s really it imo, without that, he’s not that bad once you pick up his patterns.

Edit: Monster Hunter World just released on PC and has broken the record for most played from a Japanese PC port beating out Dark Souls 3, and has been staying at a solid overall 200k+ players thus far (Steam Chart Source: This btw is without the numbers from China as well, which had a pre-order of one million+.

It will be nice to see what the total numbers will be in the coming days when it all comes out, so I guess we could say that MHW on the PC has also been a success baring in mind it was released 6 months ago on console.


Finally beat Behemoth on both accounts!!
I can know finally take a break from the PS4 version of MHW, and hop on the PC version.

I have damn near over 400+ hours for the PS4 copy.

I haven’t put that many hours on a Capcom video game since SFIV.


Take note that thanks to Denuvo, some PCs wont be able to run it even if they meet the recommended specs. Basically, the build of Denuvo used require FMA3 instructions. A fix is on the way, though last I checked, it’s not out in the West.


People on Reddit are saying the patch is already out


Ran to issue last night, when the game wouldn’t launch pass the black screen.
I had to do a clean uninstall of my AMD drivers and revert to previously recent version to MHW working.

And thankful it worked. I can play the game on Ultra settings.

Yet still this has been a issue for me this week. I had the same problem with SFV after the Evo update that brought in G and Sagat!

I don’t know if this error is on AMD’s end or Denuvo’s.


PC Master Race.


>hunts AT Teostra
>gets preview of AT Kushala


>gets option to make ‘Dante’ layered armor
>requires 'Red Orb
>still has stock of ‘Red Orb’



I started playing the PC version. It’s absolutely beautiful. I’m running the game on 1440p and getting around 90FPS. The game loading off the SSD makes load times lightning fast. It will be hard for me to go back to the PS4 version.


The game looks absolutely gorgeous but you’re getting 90 FPS!?



Turning off volume rendering can help rise your FPS. I think the game looks better with it turned off. Everything looks more colorful and you don’t get the awful looking fog.


I will do just that.
Thank you Hawkingbird


I would do pc, however I have hundreds and hundreds of hours committed into MHW already on the PS4 that I simply don’t want to start over again. Not to mention the biggest part is that most of my friends already play on the PS4 and we’ve all basically said nope to the PC.

However it’s insane, that MHW has now broken their own record of 239k total, which now has a new all time peak for a game from Japan, at 290k+ now, with an average that is running around 240k within the past hour.

This is barring in mind once again that we aren’t even including the China totals as well.

MHW is also the most popular game released in 2018 for steam beating out all contemporaries that came out this year.

Capcom is definitely rolling in the money bank with this game, and quite honestly, they probably may not have seen numbers close to this since SF2 from the early 90s.

However let’s be honest here…Capcom will more than likely never get revenue numbers from a game as close as SF2 ever again…considering it’s #3 all time in revenue ever for a game sitting nicely at 10.6 billion which is well…insane.

All in all, the success of MHW just means that the support of this game will more than likely be in for the long haul.

I seriously just need a universal HuB, more monsters from the established series (Fatalis where are you! I need your sets please!), a better organization of the investigations (give me categories like monsters/etc, etc), more options in the layered-setting, and a re-skinning option for weapons.

Make my dreams come true Capcom, please!


Actually, Capcom currently considers Monster Hunter World as their best selling game of all time. There are some caveats to this of course, since they’re only counting for single releases (in the case of World, the initial console release) whereas the SF2 number comes from multiple releases and re-releases.

In terms of Capcom’s sales per franchise. World pushed Monster Hunter into their 3rd best selling overall, just behind Street Fighter and Resident Evil, but beating out Mega Man.


True, if we just conclude units sold, than MHW is their best by far, however the revenue numbers for the old SF2 games are just too insane.

Even if we just consider say for example, Street Fighter II Champion Edition alone (not counting any other SF2 incarnations, just CE itself) banked 2.3 billion in revenue. Those types of numbers are really just mind boggling, and I believe CE is the #3 highest banking arcade in revenue of all time, only beaten by I believe PacMan and Space Invaders.

So I agree, that in terms of units, MHW is their best, the numbers simply don’t lie, especially when they have the potential to hit 10 million units or possibly more.

However the early years of SF2 was definitely Capcoms biggest bread and butter.




Take out the :large from Twitter images so they embed right.


Tried to beat Arch Tempered Toaster, for the 1st time, solo and with randoms; and it didn’t go well!!


I hopped back on PS4 to try out the final fantasy quest. It really sucks to be that guy who ends up dying and failing the quest just when the team slayed the monster. I never been so disappointed in himself playing a game.