The Monster Hunter Thread: A Whole New World


Don’t feel ashamed Behemoth has body bagging thousands of hunters these past few weeks!!


In many ways, Ark Temp Teostra is even more difficult than Behemoth. At least Behe is slow, and his only real trump card is his stupid Instant Kill Meteor, and if it didn’t have that, he wouldn’t be that bad.

Teostra has always been one of the most annoying monsters within MHW, however give him more hp, even more damage potential, and an his AoE which can also instant kill if you’re not probably protected. I have had far more difficulty with Ark Temp Teostra than with Behe, and it’s too the point in which I’ve gone support (because everyone wants to play hero and DPS most of the time…) but it’s just been brutal.

Most of my friends are not around when I’m usually free and vise versa, so I’m usually running with randoms, and my goodness is it brutal.

I haven’t won once yet, and that’s just frustrating. On three different occasions had him at the last zone…but still no success yet…sigh.


Beating AT Toaster basically just requires the same stuff to beat Tempered Toaster. The main difference is that the margin for error is smaller due to the bigger health pool and bigger damage attacks.

You can usually smell a cart a mile away when you see someone with half life or less continue to try to DPS, forgetting that it can take away half life in a blink of an eye.

When I took it down with a bunch of randoms tonight, the key was that we never let our health go down below 50%, or even 75% at times. Everyone was healing themselves and each other. We also all brought Temporal Mantles to help.

The other thing, when in the last zone, eventually, it’ll fly off somewhere else. This happened in tonight. We were playing the last zone cautiously (because we were out of carts) and it eventually flew off. This is great since it means you no longer have to deal with the lava.


Arch Teo still easy and I’ve never carted to behemoth. Legit did behemoth 5 times and got all the mats I needed to make set.

I fear the coming of arch Luna. Sweat just thinking bout what a monstrosity that’ll be.


After this afternoon, I 100% agree with this post!!

AT Toaster more than Behemoth.

Made it to the last zone 3 times today on my bow-gunner account, with different groups of good randoms.
Yet, I had only won once there. The other 2 times Teo, pulls wake-up Supernova ultra or people get comboed into the exploding lava.

So far, I’m 1-10 for this afternoon!

After I got this second “W” I’m done, with arch-tempered shit.

@d3v Another huge thing that people, even in HR 100+, seemed to forget is that Tempered shit builds up immunity to flashpods. I think the number is either 3 or 4 times, you can flash AT Toaster before the immunity kicks in.

I can’t tell you how many idiots fail to realize this.




It’s that time again…

LOL if the new appraisal weapons being added to the reward pool is the only new change with the Kulve Siege.


Don’t know if I can lol at the fact nothing changed for kulve other than more shit I’m not going to get added to the pool.



August 30th - September 9th…The Thronetaker Event Quest…

:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:Arch-Tempered Nergigante, Teostra and Lunastra, in a War of Attrition.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

This will straight up make people bleed their eyes out, busted controllers will be coming and near suicidal rages lol.

Ohhhh, I can’t wait, going to prep tons of items for this Event. It will be maddening when running this Event Quest.


>plays ‘Bow’ file and does Kulve Siege solo-run
>4 rounds to complete w/ Reward Level 15
>goes to pick up rewards, notices two R8 weapons
>receives the new R8 Bow
>receives the new R8 Lance


Meanwhile I still haven’t gotten any R8 anything.


That’s a typo for sure. That was the same event quest that was running when Lunastra came out, same name and everything, and it was just normal tempered


UGH…Not sure if I should start a 2nd file for PC MHW or jump back on PS4 for the Kulve hunt to get some R8 bow-guns.


I hope not, because that’s what it says on their Event list at the official site. They stated “Arch-Tempered” and if it somehow shows up as only Tempered then I’ll be super pissed.

In case others are wondering here’s the link, it’s the second to last Event Quest

At this point, the only ones with any sort of challenge are the AT Monsters. It also could be entirely possible for them to keep the same event name but simply Amp up the monsters to AT. Plus I want to see the tears.

Sorry to hear you haven’t gotten any of the new T8 drops for Kulve yet Dev :sob:. I finished Kulve three times and I’ve gotten so far the new T8 Hammer (gah…I don’t use hammer, nor do I ever plan too, that weapon usage will happily sit at 0 lmao) and the T8 LS which I’m really happy for.

If I can nab the T8 DB then I’ll be pretty content. Personally, I don’t plan on using them, but as a collector, I guess I’ll try to get them all the t8s, but that’s all upon the slot machine of Kulve Rewards.


Again, we already had that Event quest. It was the same week Luna came out, same name and everything. I know it’s from the official site, they’ve made a typo like that before. Unless they made another Event quest with the SAME name just to confuse people OR the name itself is a typo, then it’s not Arch Tempered.

Let alone every other AT quest has had an announcement preceding, announcing the armor and the layered armor you can get with it. You seriously think they would re use an event quest name, have no announcement, and just suddenly drop it?

Just saying, there’s no point in getting your hopes up or being super pissed, because they aren’t going to be Arch Tempered.


Had some FPS issues last night on PC MHW, during the unlock bandit mantle quest.
Did some research to see what will help and found this bit of info:

Is this accurate or just B.S.?


I have my FPS set to no limit and I haven’t experienced major drops. I can maintain 80-90 FPS on no limit. Setting SH Diffuse to low will help with performance more than shadows.


I think that drop might have to do with the servers for the PC side of the game being trash.

@Hawkingbird Can you list your full graphic settings for the game?


@CDB2 these are my settings


Thank you Hawkingbird!


On my mid-range system I was having some frame drops with everything on high, usually in combat. I turned off volumetric rendering and put LOD Bias on variable. Game runs smooth for me now.