The Monster Hunter Thread: A Whole New World


There’s sleep bombing, then there’s sleep bombing with style.


I need to pick up and play this game. GOW NG+ mode came out and I want to finish it before my brother wants it back LOL


Got GOW NG+ update as well!!
So damb I have to divide free time for gaming between MHW PC play-throughs for my melee & gunner account, grinding with SFV Sagat, and GOW NG+

Damn, on top of this Spiderman (PS4) and RDR2 are around the corner!



This is partly why I tend to run other Palico gadgets (Meowlotov, Plunderblade, etc.) instead of Vigorwasps.


I forgotten that we can’t get these 3: (Plunderblade, Coral Instrument, & Shield decoy gadget) until after either the “Rathalos & Diablos story hunts”, or the 2nd Zorah encounter.


Extreme Behemoth is straight up Depression Mode. Never felt so pathetic ever. Furthest I’ve reached was the 3rd stage, and at that point the amount of Nados is flat out stupid. Bye bye, AT Teostra, Ext. Behe takes the #1 spot for rage inducing, blood pressure rising, and suicidal thoughts.

I’ve always found myself having to be support simply due to the lack of randoms I meet who go this route. I would <3 to go dps, but I just don’t get why people don’t want to build at least wide range, so it can benefit everyone. The only time I’ve ever reached the 3rd stage was because we had more than one person who could heal beyond him/herself.

Tried it w/ friends and we only got to 3rd stage as well. If anyone has some “Pro” Tips, I’m more than welcome to hear anything at this point.

At this point, he seems next to impossible…seriously. I would like to know if their has been anyone on here that has had any success at beating him at least once…

I want that Transmog Set!


Extreme Behemoth!!!



I think I’m going to take a break from him…losing out on mats and worst of all now I can’t seem to get to the 3rd stage anyone because everyone is carting by the end of the 2nd stage. I even heard that the MHW testers from Capcom are struggling with this guy…so yeah.




I think I’m giving up on Extreme Behemoth. He is next to impossible and his mechanics are just stupid. The triple Instant Death Meteors is just dumb at the end, because you’re concluding people to make 12 total successful jumps at stage 4 which is absolutely ridiculous.

It’s deterred me so much that I’ve literally stopped playing MHW for a few days due to how aggravating this fight truly is.

I’ve tried it with a group of friends, however not everyone is super confident with their jumping skills. I’ve gotten mind to be around 9 out of 10 success jumps, in fact it’s been a while since I’ve died to a Epic Meteor however that’s why I said that a potential 12 jumps at the 4th stage is asking a lot.

I’m honestly starting to wonder if the Clust HBG players are the reasons why we’re getting some nonsense like Ext. Behemoth.

I don’t mind difficult monsters (bring them on), I just feel that Ext. Behe’s mechanics are stupid, especially when you compare him to the FF14 counterpart of Rathalos, whom a cousin of mind is a devote FF14 player and he’s stated that even Ext. Rath is not difficult.

Can’t say the same about Ext. Behe for MHW players. Has anyone on here beaten this monster?


Wrecked regular and ex. I seriously haven’t struggled with behemoth like everyone is saying. Even with randos. I don’t even change weapons. I go hard with SA and even kept aggro a couple times. (For behemoth I use evade extender 2 and evasion 3)

Imo good support heals, a lance to keep aggro and your dps have to be solid to hit hp break points so you don’t have to deal with multiple meteors.

Ran it with an Sns, Lance, CB and I had SA.

Couple mounts, tornados kept at bay, not constantly moving and churning out the deeps. Failed Ex once and beat it twice.


Meanwhile, in Japan.

Which means that every weapon has now soloed Extreme Behemoth.

…however not everyone is super confident with their jumping skills. I’ve gotten mind to be around 9 out of 10 success jumps, in fact it’s been a while since I’ve died to a Epic Meteor however that’s why I said that a potential 12 jumps at the 4th stage is asking a lot.

If you’re getting Ecliptic Meteors without comets at stage 3, then you’re not dealing damage fast enough as that stage is a 5 minute DPS check.

If you’re getting three straight Ecliptic Meteors without comets at Stage 4, then that means you’re dealing damage too fast. Each of the three meteors comes with a comet that’s triggered at a certain damage threshold. If you do too much damage, you’ll end up triggering all three comets before it casts the first Ecliptic Meteor. So as soon as a comet drops, stop attacking as he will cast Ecliptic Meteor soon afterwards. That, or if you have farcaster, fly out before it gets locked out and sit at the canteen.


Deviljho is coming to PC on Thursday.


Damn that’s soon!! Just a day before PS4 Spiderman comes out!!
Glad I’m getting some time in on SFV and GOW NG+.


I’ve pretty much destroyed NG+ mode. I conquered Sigrun on GMGOW mode with a no damage run. I have nothing left.

Time to finally get to playing this!


Loligoth handler outfit for the autumn festival.




Took out Arch Tempered Kush on my first run, with randoms no less. Seems easier than AT Toaster if you’re geared right. Basically either full Empress “Styx” Bowgun builds or Dark Devourer RNG cannon builds. Ran the latter with the guys on the former. Even when we lost a couple of the guys, we still took it down, though it did trap me once in tornado hell.


Yep, he’s significantly easier than AT Teo by far. Defeated him all three times that I’ve ran him, although I would like to run him again sometime today again to finish off his tickets.

Also, I finally defeated Ext. Behe the day before he would go bye bye. Finally glad with that stupid hell, as I’ll never touch him again, “unless” the friends of mine who never was able to finish him beg me to help. Imo, not worth the rewards they put behind defeating him the first time (although his drops are great, but he’s not viable to farm due to how difficult he is), but I just wanted that “win” under my character.

Lastly, it’s about time we will be getting the last active part of the USJ Quest with the upcoming Autumn Festival!