The More You Know


Fear not…'tis safe for teh works…

Courtesy of the daily what…


Lmao @ Bush using Clinton to clean his hand of Haitian.


lol…yeah, I just watched that, tryin’a be all slick about it…what a dbag haha


Mr. Bush is one class act.


How can you not like W?? He’s endless entertainment.


Good thing his name wasn’t really Jesus. No ‘J’ sound in Ancient Aramaic, sorry. TRY AGAIN KIDDO. :clown:


its try again geek


How do you say geek in Thai? I’d go to Thailand to find out but I think they cane geeks on the spot over there.


gooks caning geeks? i don’t believe it.

(i can make that joke, right?)


hey i actually use that have a friend whose nick name was sausage because his first name is Jesus lol


Here we go…religious debate/offense that stems from a joke #233333333455665453434645.6

“Who will come out on top? FIGHT!”


Don’t tell me there are some heathens out there that don’t believe in Ingrid. BLASHPEMY! :badboy:


Confusing thread is confusing. Was there some vid I was suppose to see? Only video I saw was of an angry panda.