The most balanced fighting game ever


Since I haven’t gotten into many fighting games do to me being an 09er, I just wanna ask ppl which game is the most balanced fighting game ever, as well as what is the most balanced fighting game that was at evo 2k12? Also what does it take for a fighting game to achieve good balance?


It takes many tweaks and updated re-releases for fighting games to iron out most of the bullshit and achieve the illusion of good balance


ok but are tweaks to the characters more important than tweaks to the balance? An example is umvc3. Would you rather have the tac mechanic be tweaked (heavy wall bound plus hard knockdown for guessing wrong) or would you rather see characters like iron fist and phoenix wright get buffs?


Divekick, point blank…


is dive kick more balanced than street fighter 1 :open_mouth:


This thread again?

There really should be a faq on what kind of threads have been done to death.


the most balanced fg ever is the fg with only one character. not particularly interesting


SF2: HF is the most balanced game ever.

And what it takes to achieve good balance is an extremely complex balance of factors. Every character should have varying strengths and weaknesses, but none should be so overpowered that they completely dominate the entirety of the cast. Every game will have its top tier and low tier characters, but it’s more important to look at the system as a whole, and figure out how spaced out each tier rank is in comparison to the others, as well as how many characters are truly tournament viable.

EDIT: Also. Divekick.


thanks for being the first one to answer my question :3


Anyway I’ll deliver a real answer

Sengoku Basara X


MVC2 is the most balanced fighter.


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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core, and Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ver.2012. I’ve seen all kinds of characters blowing it up in GGXXAC at SBO. And at Evo 2012, there were 16 characters represented in the top 16 of SSFIVAE2012!

Also, Divekick. Skullgirls is getting there.


Meme is done to death
Just like this thread.
“My game is more balanced than yours!”
“No it’s not!”

It’s gonna happen…


Hold on with Divekick, there are some characters that really skew matchups. Wolverine and Kung Pao in particular.




MvC2, Balance isnt how many characters are playable. Balance is were a player can select tools to his style against another player and your skill determines who wins… not " I wanty low tier character to win keep tourneys " Fucken new Srk… all you guys spout out your mouth is “balance” but you have yet to understand it’s more then characters.

MvC2 and CVS2 are two good examples of balance.

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That implies that a game that is so broken that only one character is viable would be even more balanced than MvC2. Probably not a useful definition.


You dont need 56 playable characters to make a game good, you need just a good handful that compliment the games engine. mvc2 has about a solid 13-15 playable characters at high level who show how the game works amazingly.


Bullshit. 2009 was three years ago.