The most basic characters?


I just started ssf4 ae 2012 and I am trying to decide on a main but I was just wondering what you guys think are some of the more basic characters, and by that I mean no complicated execution and just stuff like that. I know ryu is probably a big suggestion but I also saw some people say balrog and guile and good to learn fundamentals I was just wondering if there are any other characters you guys believe are pretty basic so I can just have an option to choose from. Thanks!
The characters I am mostly debating about are guile, balrog, dudley, m bison, yun, rufus, dhalsim, or cammy


In that list the most basic characters are Guile, Balrog, Bison and Yun. The first three rely of fundamentals and instincts, Yun is a bit more tricky.


ryu for sure. basic, solid character who relies on fundamentals. and at low - medium level one of the best characters in the game.

if you dont want to play mirror matches all day balrog is a good choice.


The only character I think would be hard for a beginner to pick up is Gen and Viper, it depends how you want to play. If you like rushdown characters then Cammy or Rufus is a good start.


From that list I’d suggest Guile, Balrog, Bison, and Rufus.


I would think Bison is the simplest character to play with very little execution or knowledge of the game. He has special that’s safe on block from any range that new players can spam, very good poking normals, and a cheap way to escape wake up pressure from people who don’t know what they’re doing. With that said, all of this makes him a very bad character to start with IMO.


Ryu is the tired, old example, but for a reason. Short, effective combos, straightforward normals, good HP, can play multiple styles, forces you to learn the fundamentals, shoryuken. Played lots, but just so happens to have one of the best mirror matchups in the game, too. All in all very good.


mastering the dive kick isn’t basic at all

Basic characters are Ryu Cody and Makoto imo.
You get the idea of how to play them without any outside help or info


Pick anyone from here,r:5,s:41,i:220&tx=107&ty=72


I’d say Dhalsim takes a lot of practice and patience to use properly, but if you mean basic like “roots” or something then sure.


Ryu is the most basic, he has tons of solid tools and priorities, easy combos and comboable Ultras but please, don’t pick the guy. He’s a class A generic boring douche. My suggestion is for you to go for strong, fast characters with solid normals.

Bison and Balrog come to mind, as chargers.
Cammy and Fei Long also fit the bill.
Blanka if you want to troll a little bit, he’s very good at low level competition.

If you must pick a fireballer… go with Ken!

But if you want to go the douche way… the Ryu or Akuma, I suppose.


fucking lol. Calls Ryu is a douche. Recommends Blanka, Bison Cammy KEN


Just pick Ryu/Ken as your first character like every one of us did…

Also Cody isn’t easy to use… unless you do basic shit… but then that’s with everyone…


I can honestly say that I’ve NEVER played Ryu or Ken. I’ve played just about every shoto though :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t recommend Ryu for starting. You start off with Ryu, you’re gonna be a dp scrub for life. Don’t start off with easy characters to be honest, just don’t start off with difficult characters. I’d suggest Yang, but it’s probably because I use Yang as an alt. xP


I started with Balrog and ended up switching to Sakura after about 2 years of playing because i wanted to improve my execution. But here are some of his perks.

-Above average Health and average stun

-Above average walk speed

-Good backdash

-Numerous anti airs and air to air normals that keep your opponent from being jump happy.

-Hands down some of the easiest hit confirms in the game. Combos are incredibly easy to do compared to most of the cast.

-Footsies and turtle game are top notch

-Doesn’t have a hard time combing into ultra.