The Most DAMAGING Combo in SFV so far? (Excluding R-Mika Easter Egg)

I got 799 damage with Zangief (against Vega no mask). Can someone beat it? Let’s see how high we can push the game to the limit!

Edit: I forgot R-Mika had her 1300 damage throw when she jabbers on for 25 seconds (and I guess on vega, with no mask, it would deal 1440!). I consider myself beaten! But for the sake of finding punishes that work when your opponent isn’t sleeping, what other combos can deal 700+ damage?

Ha, got me. I forgot R Mika could do that when fully charged. Anyone got anything else?

This seems to be Necalli’s most damaging combo without involving stun. 542 damage 535 stun (used to do 595 dmg and 570 stun in earlier betas).

With no stun and no mask (while in vtrigger), j hk, headbutt, st mp xx Cyclone Lariat, Super = 526 dmg. So if necalli has a good crush counter combo that stuns, he could maybe get more damage.

Without vtrigger, 2 simple good damage combos are:

  1. j hk, headbutt xx super = 510 (Does better when combo is scaling)
  2. j hk, headbutt, cr. mp xx super = 518

A laggy Ryu with v-trigger. It damages my soul more than any combo ever could.

Some other high damage vtrigger combos

  1. j hk, cr hp vtrigger activation, air ex spd = 436
  2. j hk, headbutt, st mp xx cyclone lariat full, ex spd = 492