The Most Fearsome Combination Attack! ?!




This is a worthy thread.

A lion and a giant Japanese hornet. That’s right…lions with wings (and stingers) that spit acid into your eyes.


I will show you the greatest nightmare.

Cockroaches * wasps = undying torment.


Oh shit I didn’t even think about insects and shit.

Killer bee’s and Pirahnha is invincible. I think I might have just destroyed my thread already lol.


Humming bird + Horse Phallus

-Likes to attack from the trees and in packs.
-Cock slaps a hundred times a second.
-Needs to drink its weight in tears of children each day to survive.


That’s hella gross dude.


A horse and an Octopus mix has Japan written all over it. The endurance and sexual organ of an equine, yet the intelligence, cunning, and multiple arms of the Octopus. The raping will never die.


This opens a whole new world of possibilities for Guilty/Blaz/Arcana/Melty players.

For me the most devastating would be a tarantula mixed with a cheetah. That speed and hunting need with the looks and all out creepiness to boot.


hornet and whale? GG?


Naw man, either way their sheer mass would be a detriment to them doing anything besides splooge bombing people from the stratosphere. Of that or Kamikaze whale dives.


What about a Armadillo x Bear? It could just roll up on you with the quickness, take all your honey and roll out.

Edit: Did I just quote myself, wtf?


Whatever they combined sharks with to make the Street Sharks.


can there be anything worse than a spider shark?

seriously. You get stuck in a web, and then BAM. All you see is nature’s nastiest mobile mouth (with a body attached to it) coming at you.


wtf lol what a bout a wolverine and a tapeworm x( you know that mutha fukka it’s gonna eat you up inside and cause all kinds of havocs and wrecks getting ther!


or what about an elephant and a kangaroo it’s gonna do a piledriver and kick you in the balsac with it’s whale-sized hind legs


a bear crossed between a cheetah
lyk yogi bear that steals your picnics and then runs away really fast with its cheetah fastness!!!