The most misunderstood character

Zangief is one of the best characters ever. His grapple unstoppable, his atomic buster is off the hook, he’s got hair on his chest and he comes in a speedo. What more can you ask for???

A character that has mobility perhaps?:confused:
I’d rather play as Silver Samurai.:lol:

Zangief has more mobility then Silsam. Aerial Russian Slam ftw. He’s not a misunderstood character. He simply isn’t one of the best characters, and just like anyone who isn’t god tier (or a damn good assist) they all get lumped into a giant pile of crap. He’s not the best but he can win, just don’t hype him too much.

silva sam has wave dash.

Zangief has more mobility than Dhalsim? You got to be kidding me, flight makes Dhalsim win by default…

Anybody have any interesting gief match vids?
ive only seen a few

Silsam is short for Silver Samurai I guess.

I’m reconstructing and redoing this post completely. I feel the need to change it.

Unless you plan to choose his Lariat assist, start him, then armorize him for the tag out, just don’t use him. I see too many problems with his mobility and the tactics used to get in on someone. That and reserve his point use for against characters that need to fight up close.

Cable, Dhalsim, Blackheart, Spiral, Cyclops, Ironman [note: War Machine in this situation would be even worse], would all be HIGHLY problematic.

Truer words were never spoken.

Zangief can cover more ground than Samurai by doing a flying fist move into a splash. Of course he won’t be able to block or stop himself while Samurai can. If you were to do this to Samurai, he’d Reimeken and nearly half your life is gone. You may want to be very careful with this tactic.

^ yeah but whatever . . . cuz ya don’t know as much as you do bout gief so stop talking like you know what’s accurate and not

Gief with hk aerial slam covers ground much faster than Silsam’s slow wavedashing. Silsam is a better character but to say Gief is the worst character is way off. Half of the marvel cast get raped by gods anyways so what do you prove by singling Gief out? Gief’s got some mobility like I said, tick throws, frame kill super, wakeup resets, throw resets and air combo resets using assists. For example SPD hurts like hell, so when your opponent’s expecting an SPD after waking up and jumping, you throw out a low attack instead, call Commando, assist knocks him up, banishing fist to knock him back down, then SPD or FAB. Mecha is okay but only for certain situations. Normal Gief lariat assist has good priority already. You don’t want to have mecha gief as your last character against say, Cyclops. Psylocke’s okay, Commando will be tough depending on how much life each player has left. But in general, normal Gief is safer than mecha. Opponent will run away and it will be a hard fight, but he’s gotta land after a super jump right? So learn to jump under, block the hit, land and throw.

Actually, I know alot more about Gief than you think I do. I have every right to say whatever I want about a character I choose. I will however revise what I said earlier somewhat. Partially because of what you said below, and partially from my being a long time player of MvC2. I’ve forgotten more about MvC2 than you’ll probably ever know. That said, this actually WAS one of those instances where this happenned and I made a mistake. As such I will edit the previous post. However, I will respond point by point to your last post here.

I didn’t say that he was THE worst character in the game. I said he was one of the worst characters in the game [Although I am partially revising this because as compromised as he is at least he has SOME use unlike Roll].

I just see all kinds of weaknesses he has as a character that are rediculously hard to overlook. IF you try to do that and I have say, Cable-Cyclops, I’d stand and wait till you were almost on me, call Cyclops, and when you get hit, I’d fry you. That or I’d Scimitar you so that you’re back to square one. Zangief should as far as point action goes be reserved for use strictly against close combat fighters. In fact, when people grab Zangief, I grab Spiral-Cable-Sentinel, and essentially force him out of the match because him staying in the match would be slow suicide.

I admitt however, that Zangief can using that tactic you mentioned cover more ground than Samurai. I can actually see uses in that, and thanks for the remider. Side note: Make sure you have Sent-y to back you up when doing this. If you don’t, you’ll probably never stay close enough to do anything significant.

This makes sense. The problem is that it’s really hard to get in without getting pulverized in the process, or walking into something that’s liable to get you killed. Cyclops, Psylocke, Sentinel-y, are all things that can kill you.
My other concern is tha fact that God Tier isn’t the only stuff that is highly problematic for Zangief. Basically, anyone that doesen’t need to be in close proximity to win will probably beat him. Blackheart, Spiral, Dhalsim, Storm [NOT Magneto…], even Ironman [War Machine would be even worse than Ironman] would also be a major problem for Zangief as a character. Megaman possibly as well.

I think that’s a really cool tactic. I’ll have to remember that. I might want to use that. However, I know most of the methods that Zangief can use to get in, and know how to make it much harder than you may be letting on to get in and have a chance to even LAND the tactic to begin with.

That makes sense too. The problem is that some characters have double jumps, triple jumps, airdashes, and teleports. Vs the characters you mentioned, I’d de-armorize Zangief quickly so that I don’t wind up eating a super because I can’t block it.

The Zangief Lariat assist [armored or not] isn’t bad. Armored, I can’t think of a better assist in the game. That’s no small statement. Sure it isn’t invulnerable, but it is unstoppable, and takes up too much stationary space. Imagine that shit with Magneto. Scary thought. And all your assists even if they hit, get pasted afterwards. I STILL believe that he shouldn’t be used much unless you plan to turn metal and then tag out in general [to exploit that almost utterly broken assist]. Besides, you can usually turn off the armor later if needed anyways.

Non-armored, it reminds me of a cross between Spiral-y [the multipunch], and Akuma Expansion [The spinkick]. The Multipunch because you’re held stationary forever when hit, and it’s a rotating move [Akuma Expansion].

i use gief all the time and honestly he isnt all too bad if people dont react to his air throw =/ once gief gets close than its a fight but with no wave dash or safe way to get to your opponent with out getting zoned out or fried. SilSam is probably one of the best of the lower tiers hes too cheap with tron or doom. at nec lowtier tourney there were like 15 silsam users. And i completely agree with deathfist that in a thread about the character its safe to say that he is way more problematic to use than other characters and he has no real defense against the top four, it isnt to single out its to be real about it =/

I’ll be playin my Mag/Gief/XX teams at East this weekend. I’ve got some fun shit, so get at me for casuals / MMs.

I won’t disagree with anyone here. Gief is terrible alone. But Gief with the right friends can be mad beastly.

I agree. What you said makes sense. However, my argument extends somewhat beyond the top 4 into Spiral, Dhalsim, Blackheart, Cyclops, War Machine, Ironman, Doom, maybe Megaman, Possibly Capcom [and not as an assist, too many projectile buddies], and more. Strider can do it too, but he might have to rethink the entire match. IF he traps, Zangief might spinning pile-drive him if he guard cancels or Strider screws up.

The bad matches extend into nearly every top tier character, every god tier except Magneto, and MAYBE even Megaman. Granted alot of other characters don’t either, but when you have no wavedash capacity, doublejumping, airdashing, etc… in a game like this, it’s over vs half the cast. There are other characters that could problably make it too problematic. I’m just giving you an idea.

Anyone that has to fight Zangief up close however, is probably dead. Nearly anyone that doesn’t will probably own him.

I won’t disagree with you either. Magneto with Zangief assist is nasty, and with the lariat assist armored, it’s borderline broken.

I think that the babysitter method is the most effective way to use Zangief as a character, where you use at least 1 [and usually 2] big 4 or top tier characters to take the fight to them all the while taking advantage of his assist.

Zangief, Storm, Sentinel,
Zangief, Sentinel, Cable,
Zangief, Ironman, Magneto
Zangief, Magneto, Sentinel/Storm/BH
Zangief, Sentinel, Blackheart

Other team structures include
Zangief, Cable, BH

If you are armored vs a Cable, stay on the ground. IF he AHVB’s, superjump out, land behind him, and try to destroy him. If you superjump first, he might AHVB you on the way down holding you there so you eat all the hits, and start repeating it.

I just got a horribly evil idea.
How good would one of the following teams be?
Zangief, Ironman, Rogue
Zangief, Sentinel, Rogue

ya!!! Rogue/Gief has the potential to be nasty.

quick ground combo to Launch+Gief Lariat Assist, then sjHP, to send them back down into Gief… i think you can continue the combo from there too, not near my DC atm.

see yall at Evo.

Since you retracted some things, I will do the same. I’m sorry, I didn’t know. I thought it was an instance of guy comes into a low-tier thread with no knowledge and no other purpose except to rip the character in a few words and not say anything helpful.

Yes we all know Zangief’s limited, what’s new? All we can do in this thread is point out the positives and what he’s capable of. What his high priority moves are, how he can poke, best ways to dhc out, use assists to fight and mix up opponents (using throws of course) and what’s most practical. Obviously hopping around constantly trying to splash into air combos or random lariat juggle into FAB isn’t very practical.

Mecha Gief’s fun but if you’re good enough to eat a free combo from it after switching out and still destroy your opponent easily, it wouldn’t matter much if you knew how to use Gief. I can’t see giving up a free combo and still expect to win using a casual team. I’d only turn mecha and switch out depending on the character and how much super the opponent has. Worst thing to happen would be switching out, get damaged and comboed in a snap out, and start off right back with Mecha Gief again on point.

Fair enough.

I agree. Fair enough. It’s just excessively difficult trying to superjump into splashes, and dragonpunch into splashes and elbow drops just to have a shot when someone can bust out Spiral-Sentinel [or worse yet Spiral-Sabertooth] making even Zangief’s partner irrelevant just because of the point character disadvantage alone.

Yeah, I hear you. Infinite into the corner, kick throw, call Sentinel, dlk, dhk, tempest, dead, guardbreak, infinite, kick throw, call sentinel, dlk, dhk, tempest.

With MSS it’s even worse. Add a DHC to storm to instantly kill the second character right off the bat leaving Zangief alone vs Storm.

There is a partial way around the problem of the armored tag out however. What you do is fight and build meter as though you planned to keep him on point, then tag out the second your opponent realizes you had no intention of tagging out so he either eats the tag, or places himself in a situation [through his avoidance of you] by default where he cannot punish you when you tag.

Additionally, you have the option of throwing out a super [a throw one probably…,], then DHCing out into someone else’s super. Storm, Ironman [if they’re hitting you with something so they eat the super…,] Sentinel [if they superjump], etc…

Obviously, the team dynamic factors huge in the game, especially with the low tiers. What teams to you run Gief on?

My main Gief team is Mag(Proj)/Gief(Ground)/Spiral(Proj).

Mag/Gief has a niiice trick combo that I pull consistently. From a standard air combo, tack on a just barely late Tempest (no Hyper Grav), then cancel into FAB. If you time it right, its a free grab. AFAIK the Tempest’s frame eating property kills a lot of the falling animation-- so thats the force at work. I have grabbed WEIRD shit with this. I’ve grabbed people through their CapCom assists and in casuals at East I grabbed Jugg’s out of Head Crush-- pleasantly fucked. And you can also cancel in the same way from the ROM-- never had that one miss.

You may be able to mash out or roll, but I’m not sure. I know they can Air Dash out if you do it too high in the air, and if you cancel from Tempest while they are above you, they can block the rocks, although occasionally the rocks (the pattern is random, right?) will hit and you can OTG them.

I’d appreciate some other heads foolin with this, because the mechanics behind it tend to hurt my brain…

more later