The most obscure fighting game?

I have scoured the internet for information about a game I vaguely remember seeing during the mid-90’s flurry of fighting games. I occasionally have obsessive compulsive fits when I think about this game, because I have so little to go on but I know I saw it.

First of all, we’re talking Cyberbots level obscurity. If you search for obscure fighting games, you won’t even see Cyberbots. It’s THAT obscure.

Furthermore, it’s not on any “worst fighting games” lists, but obviously nor among the best. Just one of those games like Karnov’s Revenge or Aggressors of Dark Kombat that kind of slipped through the fingers of fighting game history.

What I remember is a character that, according to my vague memory, was named Tiki, and, a la Darkstalkers (i.e., Morrigan, Succubus) had the title of Chameleon. What I remember of Tiki (if I am correct on his name) is that he had claws and a long tongue and wore a purple outfit. I also remember that the style of the artwork was comparable to Street Fighter Alpha, but preceded the game by at least couple years.

I’m losing my mind here. I’ve run out of google searches to try, and I’m hoping, perhaps in vain (especially if it was all a hallucination), that someone in this community knows what I’m talking about.

cyberbots that bloody game for 32x? Where you go on some spaceship in the end?

Is it by any chance an arcade game? I remember the character you’re talking about and I think its called Titi, not Tiki. Don’t know the name of the game but hope that helps some, its driven me crazy when I’ve tried to remember what its called.

Power Instinct series, Galaxy Fight, Voltage Fighter Gowkaizer, Martial Champions… What’s cool about Cyberbots is that it’s a Capcom game people forget exists.

cosmic carnage, that was the name of the game I was thinking.

The microtalent (yeah that was the publishers name) version of SF1 for the pc, that came on 1 3.5" floppy, that was pretty obscure ><

edit: also quite bad.

gundam wing endless duel

It’s Martial Champion, but I’m afraid it isn’t nearly on the level of obscurity or rarity that you’ve imagined. The US PCB can be found easily and cheaply (got mine for $40) and it even received a downgraded PCE port as well (which can easily be found for $10-20).

I used to play the hell out of that game when they had one at Walmart! lol.

Ganelon to the rescue :woot:

Yes! Holy bejeezus, I can lay my frustration to rest. I did get the name of Titi wrong, but that is definitely him.

No, the first game in the Cyberbots continuity was a Final-Fight-esque game with mechs, and when you blew up enemies, you could pick up pieces of the destroyed mechs and use them.

The sequel was a one-on-one fighting game, that barely kept the concept of stealing weapons, but for the most part was “just another fighting game.” It did introduce Devilot, though.

Sango Fighter anybody?

i once ruined my parents computer by setting up the opening app to be a sango fighter shareware and we ended up having to wipe the hard drive

It’s totally known. To the last bug/exploit if may add.

Kizuna Encounter. Pretty fun game and almost nobody plays it. Most of its character designs are terrible, but Rosa completely redeems it in that aspect.

Sailor Moon. Uranus makes up for it with being broken. =D

“Vs.” look it up. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

re: Vs.

Or not. Any game with a character named “Slim Daddy” does not need to be remembered.

Daraku Tenshi - The Fallen Angels is pretty obscure. It’s not a bad game at all, it just got overlooked because so many awesome fighting games came out that year (1998).

I always like Karnov’s Revenge/Fighters History Dynamite, it’s regarded as a Street Fighter rip-off, but I think it’s pretty fun. I also like the Double Dragon fighter on the Neo-Geo, it’s pretty crazy.

Wow, I just gave it a quick YouTubing and it has a really really cool visual style. I can’t believe how terrible the sound quality is though! Maybe it was just the video I was watching…