The most recent Juri Fix? 2/2/2012

so on the main page there was a patch to fix close standing mid punch in the next patch of AE, anyone actually seen this “glitched” pass thru?

many many times … especially vs seth and balrog for some reason … (atleast thats where i used to get it)


It was a mixup, and now its going to go, if they change its forward movement, i will rage out.

i hope they dont mess up the dash distance…

It’s not a mix up. It’s a glitch that does more harm than good.

lol wow ggs again.

Your logic baffles me you shut down so much of our tech research and when we find interesting things you act like “oh…i dont like it… Waste of time”

Then a GLITCH comes along… One that has no legs other than a pass through… One that comes out randomly and messes up a players stream of thought and youre like “best shit ever!!!”

Try not being so free. Gg’s :3

You two are The Odd Couple of the Juri world.

I’d watch that.

Not a glitch, every character has it, and its totally avoidable, the mixup it provides is godlike. Also stupid ideas deserve to be educated, haters gna hate.

How is this cross through good? It’s just a left/right mix up with 14 frames to change your block. It also is -1 on block. You can’t cancel off of it… As it doesn’t correct itself.

Unless you have some unknown shit that you’re holding back for yourself. Did I miss something? If so… Let a brother know! If you have some good shit and not telling us… Then… That’s a different topic.

14 frames is fast enough that its hard to block on reaction, unless you know the setup and are looking for it (and if they are, you feint). It’ll catch you by surprise, with far less time to react compared to eg. a dash-under.

All this is kinda moot though, since what’s gone is gone.

14 frames is blockable. I’ve seen the setup. She lingers for a while…

But yea. I’m sorry. It’s a glitch that should be removed. Why be happy for the game not working correctly?

lol its not a glitch every character has ways to achieve the same thing.

And there all glitches! That’s why patched the juri one because it was too common. They also patched the vega/cammy fadc one with juri. I can’t get them to work

Why? Because something didnt work as it was suppose to!

Just like jills down medium was patched in ultimate because shit didn’t work correctly!

nose bleed

Yes…glitchs, you clearly arent in the right mindset still. The HK FADC one still works on everybody it used to if thats what your reffering too.

I couldn’t get it to work. A crouching vega was the only criteria, no?