The most reliable PCBs?

Throughout the time I’ve built my own sticks, the random, $3 PCBs I harvested from bargain-bin PSX controllers tend to become gradually more flaky and need replacement after a few months. Are there any specific brands of controller I might look into as an alternative?

PS1 DualShock comtroler are concidered the best, for its wide veriety of support with converters. You shouldn’t really be using any other.

Ehh… I’ve tinkered with the dualshock no-solder mod, and found it much harder than soldering to a PCB. I might need some thinner wire … bleh. I’d rather set that aside for now.

What about the original PS1 digital pad? I’ve cracked one of mine open and noticed there aren’t any obvious solder points, yet I’ve seen/heard of people using that as their PCB. Any information about that?

Use H series Dual Shock PS1 PCB. Very easy to find the contact points to solder with on that PCB.

Pics of my hybrid Sanwa/Happ stick with H series DS PS1 PCB.

Cut the excess nylon ties. It’ll look much better. If you already did, ignore this post. lol.

If you’re talking about the inside of the stick…I really don’t care to do that any ways. It’s not like I have the inside of the stick open much any ways. I’m bout to put some nice artwork on the stick soon any ways.

Damn you did a good job. How did you get all that woodwork done?

Is the PCB from the Gamester PS2 stick any good?

EDIT:Tested it out with RadioShack conveter and it stutters. I thought the small PCB could have been useful.

What do u mean, what really happense to a cheap PCB after a few months?

He didn’t do the woodwork. Its from a RedOctane stick, look here.

Original Sony PS1 Digital PCB.

i don’t quite understand why people think it’s really hard to solder to it. i didn’t have many problems. works on all converters i’ve tried, and it’s pretty small, meaning it’ll fit in little project boxes and in the smallest stick case you could ever build.

Spiffy-Hackable Model H DualShock 1 is even smaller, but i don’t feel too secure doing spiffy hacks. feels like the wires could slip out at any moment. (it’s never ever happened to me though.)

The EBGames where I live have like an endless supply of used non-dualshock Sony PSOne digital controllers. I recently bought 11 for like…30 bucks, and they all seem to work just fine and dandy.

Did you bother to look at the pictures he posted? You can’t top mount a Sanwa without doing woodwork.

I’m not exactly sure what happens to the board physically. Things just start getting flaky, and replacing the PCB tends to fix the problem.

Thanks for your input on all this, everyone. I experimented with a PS1 digital pad’s PCB, and I think I’ll be using it for my next project.

Yeah…it was all thanks to a guy named um…what’s his name…um…

SpiffyShoes He’s my SRK woodwork buddy. I suggest PMing him and seeing what he can hook you up with. He knows his way around a custom stick that’s for sure. :cool: Trust me…that stick definitely did not come like that. :lol:

Sorry, I’m still a noob and don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll think before posting next time. damn I got alot to learn (didn’t know what you meant)

What do u mean? Doesn’t other controller PCB’s work good with converters? and.
Which PS1 DualShock are you talking about, the ones made for the Playstation or PSOne?

I have a Digital ‘M’ just got at EB for 2 dollars and it works with my USB and DC convertors.

i have modded 2x digital PSX pads into sticks.
nothing (i found) was too small or too hard to work with.
and it works great with most convertors i have tried it with.
i got 3 of them for AU$15 off ebay and well worth it!!

The only thing I heard people say the PSX digital pads caused problems with is Xbox converters. Everything else seems to work fine for me though.

all my PS1 digitals work with my xbox converters.

Which converter are you using?