The most stylish hit confirms!

The extravagant ones can be listed, I guess, but I’m just gonna go for relatively basic ones.

- Remy: (close) (2 hits), SA2 (or 1)

The two hit is just cool by itself, could be used on occasion if they parry once high, on wakeup, or something. And are a tall character. It just looks cool, okay!? :karate:

- Ken:, SA3

The crouching one doesn’t look that cool, nor the short, short (short), but socks 'em in the jaw, they flip around, then bam, Shippu in the ass.

- Makoto:,, lp hayate, SA1 (on crouching char)

It’s two links in one! Just looks sweet. I think you can throw in a very meaty in the beginning on Hugo, too.

- Chun: s.lp,, SA2 (edit: stun only, so I guess do s.lp, c.lp >_>)

I can’t even do this one, but I haven’t tried for a while. It’s like HIGH LOW WUT WUT SUPER.

- Necro: b+hk,, SA3 (or SA1)

Just the b+hk, link is cool looking IMO, then bam, super makes it sweeter. His xx one is cool, too, but not as cool.

- Yang:,, EX Mantis Slashes


- Dudley: late-hitting (wakeup) UOH,, duck, SA3/SA1 (crouching char, obviously)

Links after UOHs are pretty stylish IMO anyway, but a double hit confirm in it is just sweet. :party:

- Ryu: meaty f+mp (1 hit),, SA1 [obvious follow-ups if in corner]

Some people are like “Oh, dang, just hit with an UOh shit.” or at least that’s what I’d imagine I’d do. Looks badass. Another cool one is late oki UOH,,, SA1, but that’s more basic. Still stylish, of course.

I know this is probably a ridiculous topic, but I’m a sucker for style, what can I say? :cool:

that doesn’t work. it’s stun only

and wtf @ oki? wth is an oki f+mp?

It’s all about Yun’s,, SA1/2.

“…late-hitting (oki)…”

Once in a while I like doing cross up dive kick into this. :tup:

I love doing this. Siiiiick. :clap:

Ken’s sexy into Shippu.

Cause I want to do it.

what the fuck is an oki; instead of jab,short with chun s.jab c.jab,super

i’m guessing he means wake up.

a much sicker Dudley hit confirm:

s. roundhouse -> c. strong x duck xx super.

nowhere near as practical as UOH -> c. strong x duck xx super, but it is style that’s being discussed.

vs. Hugo and Q, Dudley can do UOH -> s. roundhouse x EX MGB or duck xx super. nasty.


Erggh, that’s my GGXX side coming out, I’ve played that longer, where ‘wakeup’ is YOU waking up, and oki (okizeme) is what you do when THEY’RE waking up. I’ll go edit it. :confused:

Forgot about this one that was featured in the Whales combo vid:

Ken vs. crouching Dud - low strong -(link) strong shoryu xx shippu


I like,, SAI with Makoto. It looks really cool. And the motion to get the super out is fun to do.

you can also add a st.short after the cr.strongs.

Yun-UOH, st.short, SAI/II/jab lunge
Yang-UOH, st.short, SAI/II/XS Mantis Slashes

Second Impact was nuts, Yang could link 3 cr.strongs into Mantis Slashes against some larger characters, Yun could do the same but substitute mantis slash for whatever(SA, XS shoulder, lunge punch…).


extremely meaty mp, link mp, SA1
on urien, q or others: mp, link standing lp, link standing lk>lp hayate> link SA1

It’s all about Ken’s cLK, sLP, LP shoryu. Looks so sweet, and gives Ken a low hitconfirm even without super

alex’s forward+fp into hyperbomb
necro’s back+rh, db+fpx5 in corner (alex and hugo only)
elena’s forward+mk, sa2
ryu’s meaty mk, c.lp, sa2 (dudley only)

As boring as they are, I think chun-li’s look pretty cool when they’re extremely late and the oponent is leaning as far back as they can. b.hp xx SAII I’m talking about mainly, but xx SAII can look pretty cool when that late too.

Clearly the coolest is Twelve’s crouching short xx jab axe xx SAI. Also, as much as I hate it, Chun’s crouching forward is pretty sick. Half the time that happens I’m like, no way, he did it too late, and then lo and behold, the super connects.

And also Q’s dash punch, obviously (in keeping with the fact that I seem to mention Q in every post I make in these parts).

a few more cool Dudley hit confirms:

  1. s. strong x duck xx super - nothing complicated, but it just looks sweet. kinda like Ken’s far s. strong link into Shippu

  2. s. short, s. forward, s. strong -> super

  3. s. jab, s. strong, s. forward x duck xx super - arguably the coolest looking way to go into duck xx super

another cool one for Ken is meaty UOH -> s. strong, s. fierce xx super

it wasn’t mentioned, but i’d say that in terms of inducing fear in your opponent, Dudley’s twds + roundhouse -> super is right up there with Chun’s c. forward late cancel. devastating and cool. can’t beat that.


The Hialeah Combo (named after Big5, a guy from Hialeah, FL who hitconfirmed this after a crossup somehow on some standing dude because the standing dude tried to parry and screwed up):

Ken: c.LK, s.LP, c.LK, SA3

That’s so hard to do. :lol: I either get the three hits, or get two hits then a super, hahah. THERE, got it. Hahahah, gotta love links off s.lp, what a ridiculous hit confirm, I wanna see that match where he pulled it off. :tup: