The most typecast person in all of movies and television


“When you need this stuff by?”

I’m sorry, but this nigga just pops up at the most random of times when you’re flipping channels or watching some movie that you aren’t really invested in.

It’s like…you don’t pay this dude any attention UNTIL you start to notice that he is in a lot of shit as “Hector” or “Chavo” or “Drug Dealer #4”.

I mean, come on now, how does he still explain this shit at this point in his career?

“Hey baby guess what?!? I got another role!!!”
“OMG really? What are you playing?!?”
“Drug Dealer…#5!!”
" :tup:"

I’m so certain that someone else has noticed this, that they at least clicked this thread with this dude in mind.


lol so true.

i think the highlight of his career was the cholo he played in ‘Bruce Almighty’

i’ve never seen that guy playing a role that didn’t involve some authoritarian douche bag


Thats dude from Training Day.

Mexican #3


Michael Cera.




ima go with mike epps, he is always the goofy supporting role nothin else


Shout out to Mike Epps who I’m going to go see in person on February 14th.


Bill Duke…he is ALWAYS the detective or CIA agent.


nope, wrong mexican. the correct answer is danny trejo.

but when your typecast is bad ass motherfucker i don’t think it’s so bad.


I was also certain this was going to be a thread about Danny Trejo.

Change the thread title to “The most typecast race in all of movies and television.”


Most typecast person in all movies and tv? That’s simple: any Native American. Even T. Hawk in SF IV and HD Remix


Believe me, I strongly considered this dude at the conception of this thread.

Thing is, Noel Gugliemi isn’t legit and just so happens to be typecast the way he does. Trejo got into the business through someone he met in prison for the same crimes he portrays on television. That’s too close to home to count.


This is who i expected the thread was gonna be about. It’s too the point where i’ll never take him seriously in an “emotional” role.


michelle rodriguez…that bitch plays the lesbo butch bitch even before she came out.


Yeah, I was going to say Danny.

But Mike Cera is always Mike Cera.

  • Jeremy Irons. All the roles in which he excells, he is just playing a snarky, dryly humorous creep AKA Jeremy Irons. I find the AV Club summed him up best in their review of his best film, Dead Ringers:
    “Jeremy Irons drops one-liners with such aristocratic nonchalance that they snap like dry twigs. Its as if hes almost too bored to get the words out, yet malevolence compels them to escape his lips anyway.”

  • John Gieglund as catty, flaming homo British guy.

  • Gary Oldman as either weirdos or random bad guy with goatee. I want him in a Star Trek sequel as Evil Spock.

  • Reginald VelJohnson (I was lol as a little kid at Carl Winslow randomly showing up in other movies like Die Hard. John McClane basically had Carl Winslow as an MvC2 style assist in the first two).

  • Michael Biehn (as a cop/soldier)

  • Clancy Brown as thug

  • George Lopez’s mom from the George Lopez show (shows up as a maid/cleaning lady in everything)

  • Withnail from Withnail and I as drunk/druggie.

  • the dad from Home Alone. Dude is like a dad in everything.

  • Jack Nicholson as Jack Nicholson. He is just playing himself

  • Alan Rickman. Same as Jack Nicholson. has a bunch


If you need a Latino, you can’t forget Luis Guzman…


This is the dude I nominate for most typecast mexican dude in all movies lol


Robert De Niro/Al Pacino as cops.


Sam Jackson is usually angry black man. The only role I’ve seen him in otherwise was Black Snake Moan


nah ive seen alot of more stuff wit him playing a diff role. violin…mace windu…coach carter.