The most underrated character ever?


Who are some most underrated character in the Street Fighter franchise, story-wise?

Mine is Ingrid.
Seriously, most people don’t even know who she is!!
Ingrid is actually, the creator of Pandora (SFxT) as revealed in the comic book.
That is pretty damn awesome.
Plus, she’s like 10 years old with a knowledge of an adult, she is an inspiration of Lili in Tekken as stated by the game creator.


Your right, who is she ? when did she even make her first appearance ? I probably know who it is but I can’t be asked to check so I’ll leave with does she have silver hair lool


Street Fighter Alpha 3.
Just check the wikia.


she’s only on psp lol know wonder I didn’t really know who she was.


Can you stop opening fifty dumb threads per day?


Ryu by far


Then again not many remember that either.

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