The Motorcycle Thread


I said if the opportunity arises I’d do it when it came to track days. But it’s not often you can go every weekend, even if all you have to pay is 300, that adds up immensely. Stunting is something I’d want to get into, I’m not doing it now, but would like to next season. I know people IRL that will help me out on this unlike riding track. At this point, I don’t care if you think I’m safe or reckless on the road, you worry about your own ass and I’ll do the same. Riding is a risk in itself, if people can’t comprehend that, then they shouldn’t be on a bike. But I don’t agree with self righteous people on some delusional quest to be an asshole to others because others mention some “red flags.” I hope to never be in group rides with people like you.


Hey now guys, from one rider to another, I think both of ya’ll wish safe riding on one another.

BBQ, keep us up to date on your progress. Track day will be amazing if you do it. If you decide to get a stunting bike, that’d be sweet, too! I’d personally save up for the track; I hear that develops your skill further and it’s extremely fun.

I’m still loving my 250r, 2 years and going.


I’m afraid to ride anything over 250cc. I don’t want to die.


Ended up selling my zx6r as it turned out to be a total piece of shit. A lot of issues with the 07 model apparently. Ended up getting a R6. Liking it so far put about 3k miles on it in the past two months. Debating on selling and just going for a 1000 though or holding off for a bit. Oh well. Here is some pics though…

Hopefully I will have some GOPRO footy up soon for you guys I am just lazy.


Hell yeah guys, keep riding and be safe out there. I may have come off squidish in my posts to those that only read black and white. But I’m just super hyped for riding motorcycles and try to discuss things that might catch people’s interest even though some things I’ve said may deter others to think “oh this guy is just asking to be a donor!” I’ll try to keep my posts more level headed in the future, and try to bring up subjects that welcome those that dawn orange vests when they ride to those that love clutch ups.

If you guys don’t know about Keith Code’s “Twist of the Wrist” books and dvd, I highly recommend checking the series out. It’s basically my main material when I take dumps and I’ve learned quite a bit for such little time I’ve been on the bike. It emphasizes on basic fundamentals and helps the rider become more in control of the bike and smooth during riding.

EmericaRR, I’ve heard people loving the liter bikes and heard people wanting to downgrade back to a super sport, I guess it’s what you want suited for the type of riding. Though I love the styling to the R6, they are sexy bikes, either way, it’s a win win IMO.


Twist of the Wrist is the bible of riding. Read it to be educated and informed on the only way to ride safely AND push your limits.


Anyone still ride? I just got into riding last month. Got me a Ninja 300. Anyways, it would be badass to go on a bike run to Super Arcade or something haha


Nice choice on the 300! Post some pics when you get a chance. Been recovering from a nasty fever from riding in the rain last week, so besides laying in my bed half the time and blowing my brains out on tissues, decided to make a video of my bike:

Signing up for my first track day in a couple weeks, been a soggy season so far!


Here’s my ride.

I wish it was raining over here some. I won’t ride in the rain but it’s hot as hell out here lol

I wanna do a track day someday… where you taking it at?


Nice! Are you near by Mulhollend drive? Jealous of the scenery in the first picture. I’ll be doing the track day called Zars, either at the college road coarse or at the actual race track at Brainerd Minnesota


That’s off of HWY 138 in So Cal towards Arrowhead. Yeah the scenery was beautiful. Had to check myself before I get lost in the scenery literally by not paying attention to the hairpins haha


After riding some liter bikes at a car meet, decided to pull the trigger again and traded in my zx6r for a brand spanking new cbr1000rr. The small change in the seating position that is more relaxed on the liter bikes and there fore my legs and butt appreciate it. Also the power is there, but it’s progressive so, it’s even a little less twitchy than my 600. Break in period is a little annoying, but that will end soon. I will most likely have this bike for the long haul but am loving every minute of it so far. I now understand why these bikes aren’t nooby friendly, first gear is a little touchy.


Damn that’s a lot of bike! I’m having so much fun with my 300. Lol one day I plan on going up. Maybe to a 650 or zx6r. If you think your break in is tough, try keeping it under 4k Rpms for the first 600 when you’re already at 6k doing 50mph in 6th gear lol. I couldn’t ride that strict


Hell yeah dude, I’m sure if I started out on a 300, my seat time would drastically be a lot more longer than what it was on the 250r. Then again, the cbr 500r that I saw at the dealership looked tasty as well. I understand on the factory suggestion to babying the bike, even on the 1000, it’s got similar values which is damn near impossible on the highway. I went with the alternative method, you can google it, but basically I did wide range of rpms, or varied within town. Supposedly, after 20 miles, the engine got most of the break in by then from the valves, rings seating, and the scoring on the cylinder walls. Though, I’ll still hold off until the first service to change the oil.

I heard those 650s are great, and the 636 zx6r are more of a liter bike feel than the previous zx6r which I had. I don’t think you can go wrong with a lot of choices now a days, a lot of the minor stuff from past generation bikes got situated, so it basically comes down to on what you want out of your bike.


Had my first track day experience:

Learned a lot, tweaked out my leg, don’t recommend sticking your foot to the ground from coming out of a turn wide.


Went to a local bike meet today, it happens every first Thursday of the month at a pizza place. In the past, the meet would have thousands of people with their bikes taking over a bunch of parking lots down the street. Here’s some pictures:




Finally got some gopro footage of riding some twisties not too long ago, I’m going to try to get an edit out or two before the season is up.


My wife finally caved and gave me the okay. So I’m leaning toward the cbr250. Going to sign up for classes soon as well. Super hype!


Congrats, you might be addicted once you get your feet wet. Those classes are going to be worth it for the reason that you can take your driving test there and not have to at the DMV.


Yeah take the classes man. It’s a lot of fun and gives you good riding fundamentals to build on. Plus it’s worth it to be able to go to the DMV and only have to take a written test


I’m glad you’re leaning with the 250 also. People tried to put in my head to get a 750 or 1000 but I went with the 300 and love it. In the future I will want a bigger bike but I will always try to keep the 300 for as long as I can