The Movie Trailer Thread

Looks amazing. When Sabbath came on I splooged myself alittle. Enjoy.

Wow! That looks amazing! I don’t know much about Ironman to be honest. Though I might look up some stuff now.

Wow the trailer looks like it is 95% true to the story. He even has the clunky iron man design at the start of the trailer. Man this looks like it’s going to be amazing. Ironman has always had an intresting storyline. I can’t wait for this movie.

Great post dude.

The Dark what?? This is damn near a lock for best superhero movie of next year…

Although with Watchmen and another Hulk, it’s more fair to say 2008 will be jam-packed with quality in that genre…

Damn they pulled the vid of youtube. Anyone got the vid somewhere? I should have savedtubed the vid when I had the chance.

check here, i’ll upload on some mirrors just in case:

Thanks dude

Oh shit! I didn’t think I would be this excited over the Iron Man movie, but I was dead wrong!

tRAILER was kickass granted, and just seeing the prototype kicking ass and stuff makes want to watch this movie asap!
BTW thanks for the links to the trailer :tup:
Also Watchmen has been announced to be released in 2009, they can take their time so long as make it faithful…and give Dr. Manhattan that black thong thing…

You can thank me later

Yeah it looks pretty darn bad ass.

What I’m more hyped up about is Terrence Howard and Downey Jr. clashing with one another as Rhodes and Stark. Their relationship is going to play such a huge role in the films.

Plus, we could get a War Machine spin off and that should erase the memory of STEEL for good (sorry Shaq, you can save fat kids but you can’t make a decent film.)

how do u watch flvs

or just google “free flv player” there are dozens of different ones out there.


be kind rewind starring mos def and jack black

looks pretty damn funny.

Bumping this up. Keep all movie trailers within this thread.

well look at you showing off your new mod powers. just remember that no matter what, you still spent money on WW3. ima go cry now

Resident Evil: Extinction Trailer

Semi here!

Looks like the final trailer for the third RE movie is up, GO CHECK IT OUT.

If you ask me, it looks like it might actually be worth a peek, but I’m betting it’ll be another action movie with zombies, much like RE: Apocalypse, which didn’t really have any scary moments. It also kinda reminds me of the RE5 game trailer.

RE trailer


At least they finally put a Tyrant in the damn thing

Semi out!

Best B-rated looking trailer ever!

wow i want to see that shit now