The MP3/Digital Media Player thread

Search doesn’t like me today, and I doubt MP3 was on the cleared list passed up to Wiz.

SO, I’m finally about to retire my old Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra, as half the buttons don’t work anymore, the battery doesn’t hold charges well, and it randomly reboots on me if I look at it wrong. I’m not a big fan of the iPod, and I’m not feelin the whole move to smaller(in terms of storage space) players.

I’m lookin at the 80GB MS Zune, and it’s callin me, but I want to see if anyone else has some good recommendations. Remember what player I’m coming from, and understand that I could care less about video because my PSPs shit all over that.

i don’t know how many songs you have, but i think this is an awesome deal:

i have had a 4 GB zen for about six months now, and it’s still awesome.

and if the zen becomes defective, creative’s tech support service (RMA) is top notch.

I think I’m almost at 100GB total for music. My average playlist is somewhere around 20GB. lol I’ve lost hope in Creative since they started with the whole smaller player thing. I need that space so I’m not constantly moving shit on and off it. And realistically I have an 8GB memstick for my PSP so I can perform almost as well. But yeah, for still supported products Creative is awesome when it comes to RMAs.

Can anyone recommend some small player? I only need like, 2GB at the most. xD
I was thinking of getting a Sansa Clip, anyone know of any other small players?

Zen Stone Plus. $30-40 has viewer for time left and track numbers, come in 2gig and 4gig models and lots of colors. Creative is also known for having better sound quality than ipods.
The people reviewing this being biased or something?
I haven’t read though the entire thing, but in the conclusion, they say the Clip is better, if anyone can tell me if the clip is really that good, I’d appreciate it a lot.

That is what I have and I love it, fucking awesome mp3 player and I am sure you can find it cheap now since I paid $300 when it came out a few years ago. The only problem I have with it is the battery indicator, it’ll say it is nearly dead or only half charged when it had 12 hours of playback left in it. Mixup had it going nonstop for the whole duration of Final Round and and even though it said it was only 1/3 charged it kept going like a champ.

Samsung YP-P2
Almost any Creative really
Archos 05 series.
The 05 Series are PMP’s so size is big.

The only company that I can really think of that makes any decent HD, MP3 based players would be iAudio I think. Of course like said before, the Zen Vision M is still a good contender.

am happy with my 2G SONY Walkman .