The Mspaint Club!

Yep this is for all those peeps who draw on Microsoft Paint, either using the mouse or tablet. (I use the mouse because the tablets are hella expensive. :p)

I’ll post some of my works later. :slight_smile:


Here’s one:



Oro? Oro? Wahahaha…



Damn I get no praise.

here i’ll finish rook’s message AND express my praise for ur art…


nah, jus jk. ur is nice too. but comon, that rose pic owns ur piece. the proportions and details are just right! that is really impressive work whether seba drew it with a mouse or on a tablet.

W:eek:W!!! Seba Boi That’s impressive!!!:cool:

Here’s another pic :p:

Zen, you make me blush… :o :slight_smile:


Cool seba, here’s more:):

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

i can draw , but i can’t use mouse and tablet is expensive …

Pretty slammin pic man. I like it.

Nice jet shadow.

Poison is soo hot!.. And he, I mean she is not a GUY!!!

This MSthing is fun tho’!.. :slight_smile:

Charlie Brown…

Yo peeps… superb drawings!:cool: Here’s a ol’ school drawing of my Chain Ranger!

Thanx. :smiley: And awesome Charlie seba boi. :eek:

Here’s one of my favorites:D:

cool stuff everyone :slight_smile:

is that Kandoken? long time no see man :slight_smile:

dude, i am not trying to flatter you, i really meant it. the last two are very cool too. you get the characters just right!

I don’t know what i was smoking but…


L:lol:L!!! :lol:

scrubby 1