The mss Q&A/tips thread

MSS is my all time favorite team and I think there should be a thread dedicated to it.
Which should include tactics and strategy for other teams and charaters, and of course combos.

Im no mss master or anything so I wont be contributing much except for basic combos at most.

The tips should mostly focused on strategies and match ups against teams like santhrax, matrix, SScable, msp, scrub(clops), clockwork

Remember this thread is here help mss newbs like me and to answer questions about mss in general and put all sorts of info of the team in the thread to make an ultimate MSS thread!

I would like to know to start off, on how the team should work against sent and his teams Thrax matrix and others?

get your magneto up to par solo, and use rocket punch in there. remember, you don’t need resets like you do with MSP here, but they’re very effective. two resets could kill a character off in under 6 marvel seconds.

Work on getting your shit straight too with random dash under resets with the rocket punch assist. It works wonderfully.

Good shit. Anything else though? I’m very interested in using this team.

be able to use three characters to their max including ROM, storm on sent infinite, runaway, FastFlies (100%), unblockable with sent, corner tempest with mag, triple trijumping with storm, guardbreaking with everyone. what else…

basically, learn each character solo. you can’t play this team if any member of your team is weak.

great stuff, but the trouble with this team I find is the fact that it has no really good AAA…so lets say sent paired with capcom is stomping on my mag , what do i do ?

Is dash under into rom good ?? cause I just get RP in the face or something like that…

Also when I get a RP assist combo what should i always do with mag and storm (especially mag)?? Also is it possible to assist inf sentinel cause when I launch I can do it once but then he will just leave cuz of super armor??

Some more questions

  1. What are sents most practical unblockable with mag if he has any…if not sents best unblockable ( I already know the corner one)

  2. What is sent most practical fast fly with mag?

  3. When roming sent in the corner in what way do you combo MT ? ( the best and easiest)

  4. Is it just me or does the corner unblockable almost always work on psylock??

Thats all for now thanks !!

yeah, dash under is good.

  1. there’s afew where you throw an unfly frying pan into it and then spit for the unblockable, but it’s not good versus the characters that count. wont work against magneto, storm, cable, ironman, and a few others. I think sent might be too heavy for it to work as well.

  2. sj, lk, fly, lk + call mag, hp, lp rocket

  3. sj, magic, adf, magic, hg xx tempest

  4. What corner unblockable? if you’re talking about magneto, the only “unblockable” he has is the really iffy dash in s.hp against sentinel. other than that, he has moves that are “really hard to block”, but no true unblockables. Doom, sent, and cable, afaik are the only ones with unblockables, unless you wanna count inescapable guard breaks like ironman’s.

i dont use mss at all but how in the world does mag fight sent/capcom with mss-a and how does sent fight sent/capcom and mags/psy.

seems to me that this team gets raped pretty hard by msp and sent/capcom teams

it does. put sent on drones :wink:

My bad I meant sents unblockable spit thing…seems to me that on psylock it almost ALWAYS works seriously.

that’s because like magneto, she can’t get out of it.

mss owns, ive gotten more perfects with this team than any other… mag rocket punch is just too cheap =/

i would have to say that mss is one of the best even though it doesnt have a AA…but thats what makes it so gud when you when against thrax or watts…MSS owns(along wit MSP)

Woah there, you sure you want to be giving away all your secrets like that?

vs Sent/Commando: Be patient and counter call Sent-a whenever you see Commando come out. Usually Sentinel will call Commando and fly back against an aggro Magneto, so empty rush a lot and counter call your assist. After a few times Commando will be at half life and your opponent won’t be able to mash on assist. This is your chance to rush in and land a hit xx snapback.

If your opponent starts to wisen up and tries to cover Commando, try to come from above and land an infinite.

vs MSP: This matchup is 6-4 or even 7-3 MSP in my opinion. I don’t really have any advice here except be careful and don’t get snapped, haha. Try calling Sent-a and baiting your opponent’s Magneto into coming down with sj ad hp, hk and while he’s hitting your assist, go straight into infinite. Your kicks should hit him out of his attack since he’s hitting your assist. JMar is the only person I’ve seen consistently fight against MSP with MSS-a. If you’re good with drones, switch assists and mash.

If I land c. lk, c. lk RP, I almost always go for the 5-fierce combo. It does over 50% damage, so if you land a reset, your opponent’s point character will die. But if you don’t feel comfortable with resets, just ROM to 40 hits. That’s like 75% damage right there.

Do one rep up, then airdash forward, magic series, HG xx Tempest. You want to airdash forward because if the Tempest connects, you can continue to infinite and go for another Tempest.

Psylocke and Magneto have weird ass hitboxes which makes them really easy to unblockable.

mss is definately my favorite team. one secret to using this team is learning to not only fight with mag, but use his assist. when i have storm and the opponent is building meter, i can call mag assist and do a hail storm and they will get hit almost every time. with sentinel u can use mag to ground them so u can get overhead and do some free stomping. u can do c.fierce + mags XX rh drones for free chip damage on anyone including cable. if they have their assist out, u can do hsf, spit + mag, fly, unfly, spit XX rp repeat. do it twice and the assist is dead and theres nothing they can do about it if they’re on the ground and they’re not sentinel.

sentinel has his own anti air. those short drones are too good and u can follow up with combos.

Calling Mag proj then hailstorm works really well, it catches low flying sents very well.

Okay I have a problem , you know when against sent you get your assist caught in his hsf(magneto stays there quite some time) so how does the on point character get out to save the assist in the hsf??

If you have a character that can duck under Sent’s standing laser, you’ll leave blockstun and you can jump out before he does a Rocket Punch.

Otherwise you’ll have to pushblock and guard cancel out of HSF.

Mags Unblockable Tempest with Sent-A?

The only one I know of is (in corner) clk+Sent-A clkXXMT :sweat:

Please list any you guys know of. :wgrin:

against msp with mss try using sent assist as a wall and try to counter attack, sent gives the team the defense it needs but its still risky cause mag/psy can double snap anything =/

this is my favorite team too. i was winning money matches with this team even though i wasn’t that good with magneto and sent, didn’t even know how to rom yet i
was winning.

^ to add, against msp, i sometimes just charge supers with magneto and dhc to storm because i find it easier to zone a rushing magneto with storm than with a magneto and just catch a rushing magneto with a launcher or in the air with a lk,lk
then combo to the dhc of death. remaining chars would be easy, storm & psy against sent, mag, storm, go figure right?.