The Muppets movie (staring Amy Adams, Jason S., Kermit, and the other muppets)

Just keep watching…

Amy Adams is hot.


No spoilers in this thread please.


Interesting movie…?


I know man…

My mind asploded. Even with the first youtube comment spoiling it my mind still asploded.

thats awesome. I’ve been waiting for a new m_____ movie.

Day one for me.

Love Amy Adams. She’s such a diverse actress. I’ve seen a bunch of her work. As much as I don’t like to watch fairy tales and stuff like that from Disney, she was really convincing in Enchanted.

Oh man. Yes. Yes! YES!~

who got surprised by the trailer,eh?!

What the Flocka?!

Ono makes movies now?!?!

Oh dang Michael Jackson is in this movie?!

She’s cute. Reminds me of Isla Fisher, but not as hot (and cute).

lol I actually saw her as Isla Fisher the whole time, I had redhead deja vu!

Yes, now that I think about it Isla Fisher is hotter, ‘cept for the Borat-lovin’ part.

Yea I saw this as a trailer when I saw the new Pirates movie. My eyes where rolling so hard and i was so disappointed Amy Adams was in it but by the end of the movie i was grinnin like a mother fucker.


Movie’s been out in theaters for nearly 2 days.
Reading some impressions it’s a fun family movie.
EDIT: Word is Lady Gaga and George Clooney were cut from the movie; maybe they’ll appear in the BluRay release…with Statler and Waldorf COMMENTARY?!