The Murda Mitten-Michigan 2010 1.2 thread


Lets get something running in the detroit area.


I am going to be posting on SRK a lot more about every event on the west side of the state. It really is our slip there to not try to be more visible to new players.


thats all I really wanted to know


I think actually it is partially you guys’ fault for not really advertising events and get togethers outside of some threads in probably some of the busiest forums that I’ve missed even looking for them. I mean, yeah, it’s great you guys know each other on other sites and over the phone and such, but it is really not conducive to getting new people into the scene.

Hell, after Wizzards closed down the scene here pretty much degenerated into particular cliques that kept to themselves and only interacted at a couple tournaments that happened after that; which was pretty bad for the MI scene. It would be a shame for that to happen again even with actual things going on.


I think that’s fair, but I would also argue that it doesn’t take much to get in touch with the scene and get on that Facebook or phone list. It’s hardly exclusive. We’ve put out flyers, kelter has found people on streams and gotten them out, we’ve all ran into a random local online and gotten them to attend an event or tournament, etc. But for every guy that starts being a regular attendee, there’s three that never show up or show up once and never again. Organizers can only do so much. If he’d just said, “hey, where’s the action?” We wouldn’t be having this discussion.

I get that not everyone wants to make fighting games their Saturday night, but I take issue with anyone complaining about there not being a scene when there are plenty of options out there being put together by people on their own time, and they aren’t hard to find. On top of all that, there isn’t any kind of clique-ish behavior in the scene that I’m aware of. Everyone is welcome if they just show up.

The short version is, instead of whining about the MI scene being dead, he should have used Google. Or done what every third post in the last few pages on this thread has done and ask what’s going on. Someone is guaranteed to hit him up. It wasn’t the sentiment that bugged me, it was the willful ignorance.


Not gonna lie, there’s no way Facebook is helping the scene unless you guys have an open group or something. And if so, you need to be linking that shit up in here all the time o_O It certainly is nice, but it should definitely be advertised somewhere that people can discover it on their own, like here.

To me, it does appear that there isn’t much of a scene. The Ann Arbor ranbats thread is solemnly posted in, results show up real late, no feedback has really been showing up. Hasn’t been hyping me too much to get me to come out and check it out.

So yeah, where the fuck are you guys on Facebook? :stuck_out_tongue:


Again, that’s fair.

On the west side of the state, the greater Grand Rapids area and such, is focused mostly on also has a Facebook page, which you can find here. If you introduce yourself, you’re bound to get added by a bunch of the regular idiots, myself included. We’d love to have you come out!

For the east side, you can find out about their stuff through the TFA website, Their Facebook page ishere. I don’t want to speak for them, but they are all incredibly cool guys who would probably be all about adding you too. They also would love to have you!

So the question that begs answering is: why the Hell do we have websites outside of SRK? To be honest, it’s mostly because the signal to noise ratio is better when we can moderate our own boards and blogs. At least from the GRAPSF perspective, though we’re not any kind of sponsoring competitive team. Just a bunch of nerds. We’ve found that we actually have better luck with people finding the West Michigan scene through our webpage (easily discovered through search engines) than through SRK. I’ll leave it to better minds than mine to figure out why that is.

The people are great on both sides of the state, though: in my experience, I’ve never had anything less than a great time in either group.


Excellent post. Coming to MSU in the fall from Texas. Thanks for all the info.


Oh, yeah, I’m on the east side, and TFA’s website is hardly comparable to GRAPSF. :\


It’s just a foot in the door thing. Hit up a couple of the guys on the TFA forums or Facebook page and you’ll be friended and added all over the place.



I’m not gonna front. I forgot all about this thread. indeed we do talk on facebook because a lot of us, over the years became good friends. MI do have a scene, we got some of the best in the mid-west right here. We should advertise more, I agree with that. But its usually , the new guys come and get fucked up real quick and never come back and in the end, its the same guys at the ranbats, lol.

But how is it that a guy moves from NY and comes to the ranbat (who is a beast BTW) and people can’t even do that right in our own backyards.

That detroit tournament is right by my house btw :o


I’ll try to do my best to get out to one of the tourneys also I wanted to know why is there no stream I mean I really dont know alot of how big the MI scene an not sure how many people enter tounreys like does it get up to 120 man bracket or something? Last thing is if I recall last year C.E.O was a major I think an the turn out was small but this year its huge I wonder can we get alot of people from other states to come over to a michigan tourney? well after EVO anyway lol


Anyone out there from Macomb County? I’m in dire need of competition. I’m also thinking of going out today and scouting for potential tournament venues around the area since MCC is the only one off the top of my head.


Yes sir, I made this account just so I could reply to you. I’m from Macomb County we need to get a tournament going around here.


Well, during the school year MCC’s game/anime/whatever club had a BBCS and MvC3 tourney (I won the mvc3 one), they had a decent turnout. Thing is I’m not taking any summer classes so I don’t know if I’d be allowed to host one or not.


well Iam going to macomb college this winter an I live out in warren


I’ll be going there in the fall, we need to get in contact somehow. We can definitely set something in the next few weeks/months.


Beast…? I’ll take it! Anyway nice playing everyone, hoping that even more people come to the next Ann Arbor ranbat. Seems like MI has some real good players and I’d like to meet even more.


Hi guys, I’m visiting Ann Arbor from SoCal. Is there any events or casuals between now and the 16th? Please lmk or PM me. I’m on vacay but if I find time, I’d love to see how the MI scene is like.