The Murda Mitten-Michigan 2010 1.2 thread


I live in lansing. I’m interested in getting something going on here… just something like casuals or w/e.

PM if you live in the Lansing/East Lansing area and are interested in something like this.


hey mich… New venue, CC tournament season, and calender of events in news feed at [](‘http://New venue, CC tournament season, and calender of events in news feed at’)


Well in your old age your gonna forget about alot of things it’s cool we forgive you


man…if i had the money I wish we could open a place like next level in a location everyone can easily get to


you can’t easily get anywhere in the midwest


yeah thats true when is summer jam? anyone know I might go there


Just thought id stop by here and let you guys know that in Chicago we have started our own WNF in an arcade called Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield IL. We are in the process of getting sponsors for the ranbats and are looking to stream the events as well. Would love to have some of the MI guys come down if the pots get big :). The arcade itself has a ton of games(2nd most in the country) and I think it would be great to make our Midwest scene stronger by having us fight each other more. Anyways take care and ill keep in touch.

Domingo(aka Nigga_D)


I’ll go to one of them I have fam down in chicago lol do you guys have KOF13 I really wanna play that game


Two new event announcements, my midwest brothers!

Focus Fire X Keits - Chicago, September 2-4, 2011 - [COLOR=#000000][SIZE=13px][FONT=Verdana][COLOR=#176093][/COLOR]
UFGT8 - Chicago, May 25-27, 2012 - and ****[COLOR=#176093][/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]


Are there any up and coming tournaments for Mortal Kombat 9 in the South-eastern part of Michigan?


If anyone is interested, I got my XBL up and running. Feel free to add my gamertag - BlackandRed.


Anyone from or around the Royal Oak area? My friend has a place right by the downtown area and we meet up 1-2 times every week for casuals. We’re looking to get a lot better and welcome anyone who might want to join for some sessions. We play AE/MvC3. Probably 3SO when it comes out.


OK so I posted in the wrong thread. Thank you to Ubersaurus for pointing me to the right direction.

I guess i’ll just copy and paste my previous reply in this thread with slight modifications.

Hi there guys, I’m a new street fighter player who mains Tekken. I come from Australia and have been living in Michigan the past 6 months or so. I’ve decided that I finally would like to play SF competitively and so decided to post here.

My name is Rame. Pleased to meet you all.

Is there a meet up session you guys hold or a gathering? If so, I would love to know about it.
In regards to my involvement with fighting games, I’m actually a Shadowloo Showdown organiser. Funny thing is, my first SF match ever was against Tokido after picking him up from the airport with the SS guys. So ya, that’s how I came to SF. But as I said, I am no where near good but would love to get better.

Thank you.


im in for some offline casuals action too. we just have to figure out where to have it.

people stopped showing at gameyard. we had about 5 people that showed consistently and we were like fuck it we can play us 5 online or at someones house. not gonna keep paying 6 dollars to play against the same 5 people we regularly play against already


gameyard was in garden city If so I had no idea I how to get there lol


So no one meets up to play??


Where are you located at the moment.


I live in sterling heights close to 15 mile and Ryan.


I didn’t know there were casuals at GameYard :frowning: I live in Westland, not too far out. I thought people only went there for tourneys and stuff.

This is why all of this stuff needs to be advertised more… Use SRK people! D:

tuch_dis, me and a couple friends are meeting today at a friend’s apartment at 12 mile and rochester rd, about 10-15 minutes away from you. Not a huge meetup, but a couple of us are fairly new to SF and are trying to get better. Anyone’s welcome to join :smiley:


Oh that sounds great. Pm me address? I get off work at 5 or 6 and if i have a car, i will come by.

GameYard sounds like a good place.