The Murda Mitten-Michigan 2010 1.2 thread


I’m close enough if you are willing to accept me into your playing-group. This is for Mortal Kombat 9? If not, count me out.


Heh, unfortunately none of us are into MK9 D: Mostly Capcom stuff. We’ll be looking into KoF when XIII hits though.


Okay, someone private message me if you’re interested in MK9.


If you have it on PS3, hit me up.


I’m actually surprised there are so many players in the state. How many individual scenes are there in Michigan? It’d be useful if we could departmentalize all of the individual venues we have available so we can get something statewide going.


a major in michigan would be pretty cool


I do not own a PS3 or XBOX360. I play this game at my peer’s home.


I dig MK, but I don’t actually own a copy, I just mooch off of my friends’.


Hey man, I’m going to be in town for Chicago Comic Con. Any sort of ideas for games during the convention? Seeing as how it’ll be a huge turn out of people from across the country.


I’m in the area. You guys should hit me up on facebook. I’d be way down to play.

I live in Clinton Township. 14 and Gratiot area. Just tryin’ to find a place for some casuals, tourneys, or something like that.


Cool man, I’ll get in touch with you next time we play some casuals.

Shoutouts to tuch_dis for chilling with us. Great meeting you, great getting some new competition . I think we’re gonna try and make casuals there a more regular thing, and get more people and more setups.


The fact that i see some new people starting up there own casuals makes me wanna cry :sad: good job people


TY Mit, nice meeting you all :slight_smile:
Best part, your all programmers <3

@PachiAfro: I’ve got some plans for this scene. I’ll wait till I come back from Evo and then try and set some in motion.
As for playing, if you still casual with other, please post what times and I’m sure myself and other would love to tag along.


I don’t really remember who posted stuff about wanting to get stuff going in the Macomb Community College area but a few dudes on the board in the Detroitish area just get at me on facebook about wanting to get some casuals going. I’d say all together, there’s about 4-5 of us. So lets try and get stuff rolling!


I don’t plan the casuals i’m just a follower in most cases try to get into contact with thunder cats or hnic and we can go from there?


Like what? we have tournaments and we travel together for out of state tournies most of the time o_0

I can make most casuals in the area if I’m not lazy

idk, If ya’ll play Pachi in casuals, please don’t quit the scene because of his turtling. We be having good times till Pachi start holding down-back and everybody wanna go home.


I have a friend who could secure a modest sized venue at Wayne State University for tournaments/casuals etc. Is there anyone in the Detroit area who would be interested in coming out there to meet up and compete?

Also, we’ll need a supply of monitors/consoles/games, that would be great, as I only have an Xbox 360 with a broken disc tray and the MVC3 disc it’s been holding hostage for the past 5 months. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Well, to us it still looks like things are fairly inactive :stuck_out_tongue:

Yall need to get up on posting casuals out there for everyone to see. I did just friend Alucard on Facebook and realized just how many of you are on there and communicate with it. Make a general Facebook group for the Michigan fighting scene! And then you can advertise here and elsewhere to better bring everyone together. Right now people who judge the scene and try and find people by just using SRK are gonna think the scene is pretty dead.


lets hype of the michigan scene Iam free to go places on fri-sat usually Iam not doing much on the weekends also I can bring my 360 or ps3 I got AE on both but I only got mvc3 on ps3 and I dont play mk


I don’t live too far away from Wayne State. I own a PS3 with SSFIVAE.

I could be very into making a fighting page for facebook. I spend a lot of time on the computer, so just trying to string this stuff together would be really awesome. This area needs it. We’ve got a lot of solid players.