The Murda Mitten-Michigan 2010 1.2 thread


huh. This sounds pretty badass. someplace that’s actually pretty close to where I live :]
If anything I might be able to lend a shitty old t.v or two.


My friend has agreed to lending us a venue. Now all that’s left is the matter of when to hold an event and finding what to bring. I’ll start a facebook page and leave a link when I can, sometime tomorrow. There will be details there about the location in a few days, when everything is official…


Wayne State would work for me as well. I can bring a 360 Marvel setup or a ps3 AE one.


you think we could get something going like a guard crush I mean I have some stream stuff just need afew other things well it does depend on how many people show up


I feel like we could get a decent turn out. I think Michigan has a lot of players, it’s just getting them to come out. Nobody wants to take part in getting something moving but if we get someone to finally make that first push we should be able to get a good 10-20+ I’d say.


yeah like I really wanted to go to the grand rapid events but they are too far away from me an I dont know anyone who is gonna drive me out there for a fighting game I could take the bus to the wayne state thing


So what’s the status on that Facebook group?


Michigan Masters (our biggest tournament) is coming up after Evo, prepare yourselves for that.

When we had casuals at Wayne State, where the hell were you guys then???


You guys had casuals at Wayne State?


Could we get some more information about Michigan Masters?

I’m trying to think up a name for it…Any ideas?


Ya we did, we had casuals there and garden city all the time, but over time, turn outs been slim and fizzled out. For some reason its a influx of new guys recently!

I’m interested in seeing how you new guys stack up to the Michigans elite :smiley:

More info will be coming for Michigan Masters, AaronS is working on flyers and venue for the event.


Uhh…Murda Mitten Millionaires? I dunno lol


Good enough. I’m naming the page “Murda Mitten Michigan Ranbats” and I’m making a logo for it right now. Should be done in about an hour or so, barring catastrophic meteor impacts.

EDIT: The page is now made. The name of the page is “Murda Mitten Michigan Ranbats” (didn’t I already say that?). Next to make a blog…


Mind linking it?




You talk to AaronS at all Ryan? he runs the scene here


Thank you. Holy shit I know nothing of facebook. Trying to figure out how to join this thing makes me feel like my grandparents. ;-;


yo chat de thunder what part of michigan are you from?




No, I haven’t yet. Who is AaronS? Is he an organizer?