The Murda Mitten-Michigan 2010 1.2 thread


Thats AaronS


Yeah, I almost feel like someone with deep ties into the community on Facebook should make it :open_mouth: Someone like AaronS, who’s probably already friended just about everyone possible on Facebook. That way it could instantly get a ton of members, and all of us could join in as well.

EDIT: Oh! And it should be a Facebook group and not a page. I don’t know what everyone’s experience is with them, but they’re great! It basically sections off your own little Facebook for the group, where there’s a single wall that people can chat on, and you receive unique notifications for the group. We’ve had one running for a small community (people who go to Lawrence Tech) and it’s worked great. We just need one for the ENTIRE community, ideally from someone like AaronS who can get it going in an instant.

EDIT2: Anyone going to this Lagg Tactics tournament tomorrow?


Good point. I contacted AaronS about it, so I’ll just wait for his reply.

And about the tournament, I’m definitely going. I had no idea it was so close to me.


TY Thunder for trying to troll these guys when your main character is dhalsim way to ruin the scene


Just joined the group/page.


If anyone knows any local Michigan groups who play fighting games regularly, please leave me their contact info. I’ll compile a list or schedule of events and post them on the MMMR (Murda Mitten Michigan Ranbats) page.


So, I’m curious now, is this AaronS dude running a page already or what? I don’t care who’s putting on what, I just want to make some friends, and play some games.



my issue is time…

past 5:30pm on weekends free to do whatever if i have nothing planned but most events/tourneys already started and im late for the entry. if we could hold a casuals where i can make it on time i would be happy


Anybody know of anybody getting together near Oakland County?
Any of these towns would be close and easy to hit up:
Clarkston (where I’m at), Waterford, Lake Orion, Holly, Auburn Hills, Rochester, Pontiac, Bloomsfield/West Bloomsfield, Brandon, Oxford, etc.
Those are all within 20 minutes of my house, so it’d be cool if there was a place I could do some casuals when I’m not up at school (I already know the scene in grand rapids is strong).

During the summer months I’m usually back home on the east side of MI (during college I’m up by Grand Rapids). I’m not going to be home for very long - maybe just the month of August, so as I said I’m just looking to scope out some offline play :smiley:

Back up at school I won’t have my car, but when I’m home I can easily drive out to any place within a half an hour-ish when I’m back home, though (so I can make it to Sterling Heights for example).
My GT is Vandylizer in case any of you guys want to add me.

I’m all for Facebook pages too, makes things easy to keep tabs on. :tup:


The prospective meeting/casuals/tournament is (tentatively) going to be on the 30th of July, from [S]1 PM to 4:00 PM[/S] 12 to 8 PM at the Wayne State University Campus Student Center. The only confirmed supplies and set-ups we have are as follows:

  • One 28-inch Standard Definition TV (mine)
  • One Xbox 360 console with a broken disc tray that cannot be opened (mine)
  • One copy of Marvel vs Capcom 3 for the Xbox 360, currently held hostage inside of the aforementioned broken 360 (mine)
  • One Wireless Hori Arcade Stick, extremely low quality (mine)
  • One Wireless Xbox 360 Controller, almost broken (mine)
  • One Small Venue that can hold 20 - 30 gamers


As you can see, I’m lacking in supplies for running tournaments. We need more monitors, consoles, copies of MVC3 for every console (until we get more supplies, this will be a one game event), and gamers. The gamers will be easy to find, but we’ll need more supplies to get this event going. Do you have any tvs/consoles that you can lend us? Can you help us set-up the venue? If so, post it on this page or message me. Any and all help will be welcome and appreciated.

And also, if you have any experience in running casuals or tournaments, any advice you could give will also be very appreciated.

EDIT: Changed the event time from 1 PM - 4PM to 12PM - 8PM.


I have 2 tiny tv’s i need to get rid of. I know one works perfectly not sure about the other. Other than that I can bring my own copy of mvc3/ssf4 and my 360 arcade stick, but sadly i’d need a ride to bring this stuff since my car is pretty hazardous to drive.


Only 3 hours though? D:

EDIT: Me and friend played casuals with Antwan (Alucard) the other night. I started a Facebook group (Michigan Fighting Game Community) and added them. Since it doesn’t sound like anyone’s really hearing from AaronS right now, I’m gonna just see if Antwan can help out and add a bunch of people. He’s friends with most everyone in the community as well (atleast those who go to tourneys and stuff). I’ll let you guys know if it pops off.

EDIT2: Antwan came through!

Already have 40+ people. Simple name. This is something for everybody. Ask to join in and you’ll be added ASAP (I really wish you could just join without approval…). I think this can really help push some things forward and really get people connected.


Here’s to the generosity of kind people! I have been told that the venue will be [S]free[/S] open from 12 to 8, which is plenty of time to have casuals, a tournament, and some money matches afterward if any poor sap wants to get poorer!

Also, I just joined your page, Mit.

EDIT: Derp. Used a very misleading word in one of the sentences. Oops.


12 pm - 8 pm its free? damn.


Erm…I meant open. Also, gotta make a flyer.


lol, dang It did sound too good to be true.


12-8 sounds real legit though. Good area too. 60+ members and counting


i think i can come through on the 30th i might have that day off and if not im gonna have to come through late or i might not make it. Wayne state isn’t far for me so i might make it. i think everyone should pull through to!


July 30th at Wayne State? It’s going down. See yall there.

Edit-I forgot to say that since I’m coming, I can bring my Ps3, my copy of SSFIVAE, Tekken 6 (if people are into it), and I own a TE fight stick works like a charm, and I can bring my ps3 controller if there’s any pad players out there. I’m currently without facebook because I’m over it, but if anyone wants to message me with details, questions, anything at all, feel free to do so! Can’t wait.

Double edit-I just realized July 30th is smack dap in the middle of Evo weekend. I’ll be in Ann Arbor the whole time :/. Woof. What terrible timing! Oh well. I know there’s a few people on here looking to do casuals in the Clinton Township area, hit me up whenever.


Oh shit yeah I didn’t notice it was during EVO either :\

Also, group is at over 100 people woot