The Murda Mitten-Michigan 2010 1.2 thread


Congrats to the MI scene.:tup:


Does anyone wanna try to squad up and hit that Sept 2nd tournament in Chicago?


sure if I get this job so I can pay then yeah I’ll go


I think me and my friend Matt may be rolling. Probably will be hype, and it’d be fun to play in regardless.


Guys, so I am a complete noob to and haven’t played fighting games since Killer Instinct was in arcades. (see my intro post here If you had to do it all over again?)

Is this Wayne state event a good place for a noob? I’m talking less than 10 hours played, no idea who to main yet noob?


For all MI players, check out this thread:

Also, there’s an EVO2k11 party at the same location for the top 16 at EVO. It starts Sunday (July 31) at noon and lasts to like 1/2 a.m. Hopefully, people here can make the events.


I may go to Wayne state the 30th if it’s still going down, I’ll check back


Just sent a request for the group…so yeah.


I guess the FB group all but killed this thread.


Just back to normal :yawn:


Yeah, pretty much. The group is going well, but I think this thread still has worth to let srk members know about the group. We should keep this thread alive for that purpose.


So ranbats got moved to West Bloomfield for this weekend? I just want to double check here so I can let the Blazblue players on Dustloop know what’s going on.


:u: Yes. That’s the new venue for the ranbats (which is from noon to 6pm).


Hey, everyone, I’m spamming the Midwest region a little bit and trying to get hype for a tourny we’re throwing in a couple months:

This is a continuation of the Extravaganza major. It’s been traditionally a Tekken event, but I’m trying to make it bigger and badder and get all the 2d kids out. I feel like I know a lot of folks around the Midwest, so feel free to ask around if you’re curious. Seeing that we’re equidistant from a few major cities, there’s no reason we can’t get this thing huge, especially with how cheap everything is here. Anyway, I’m out, promise I won’t spam y’all anymore, or maybe just once more when we hit September. :slight_smile:



Alright, that sounds good. The BB guys will be there!


Someone should add Saturday’s ranbat to SRK’s event list. That way people will be able to find the stream on the front page.


I just did…


Hey guys, just wanted to let you all know that a big event, headed up by Keits and Focus Fire is coming to Chicago!! September 2-4th is Fighter x Shooter!! Not only will there be Character Auction tournaments for MK9, SSF4, and MvC3 (once again being auctioneered by yours truly), there is a new TEAM WAR battle that you will not want to miss!! Think CvS2 style SSF4!! It’s going to be amazing. Not to mention Keits will be making other BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS about Fighter x Shooter ON MONDAY!! You’re not going to want to miss this!!

Find more information here: [Sep 2, 2011] Focus Fire and Keits Present - Fighter X Shooter - $2k in Bonus... (Northbrook, IL)


So when is the next MVC3 event


:u: Probably the 20th of this month…