The Murda Mitten-Michigan 2010 1.2 thread


just a reminder for all from michigan who vist this thread and don’t know bout the facebook page heres the link!/groups/148687751876381/


Just published PowerUp Podcast Episode #60 with TFA WeaponsLeft. He had only good things to say about the Michigan scene so I hope you give the show a listen : )


I’m looking to get into the scene more. Haven’t really found anyone to play with. I’ve been playing fighting games and halo for a while. Want to get better at sf4 and marvel 3 tho. Any one that wants to help out or have another person to play with send me a FR on xbl: Btrayal


Hey guys. Registration is open for Fighter X Shooter in Chicago on Sept 2-4. We are featuring top 8 payouts with bonus money in SSF4AE, MvC3, and MK9. We also have tournaments for 3rd Strike Online Edition, arcade ST, and arcade Vampire Savior. Friday Sept 2nd is all special events, so if you can only make it Sat/Sun, you won’t miss any of the tournament itself. We’ll also have a metric ton of giveaways (sticks, headsets, etc) that anyone can win! Please spread the word, get your travel group together, and rep your area at this regional event. [Sep 2, 2011] Focus Fire and Keits Present - Fighter X Shooter - $2k in Bonus... (Northbrook, IL)


This news if for all MK9 & MVC3 players!

FraggedNation and Focus Fire have teamed up to create an online qualifier tournament for the upcoming Fighter X Shooter event in Chicago-Northbrook. The games that we were able to use include Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Mortal Kombat 9. Test your gaming skills against other players for your chance to win some cool prizes and free entrance/venue into Fighter X Shooter! The tournaments are 100% FREE TO ENTER so be sure to sign-up and get ready to play, you have nothing to lose!

1st Place - Free Entry, Free Venue, $50 PSN Card, Focus-Fire SWAG BAG
2nd Place - Free Entry, Free Venue, $25 PSN Card, Focus-Fire SWAG BAG
3rd Place - Free Entry, Free Venue, Focus-Fire SWAG BAG

1st Place - Free Entry, Free Venue, $50 PSN Card, Focus-Fire SWAG BAG
2nd Place - Free Entry, Free Venue, $25 PSN Card, Focus-Fire SWAG BAG
3rd Place - Free Entry, Free Venue, Focus-Fire SWAG BAG

  • Sign-ups Begin August 15th, 2011 – August 26th, 2011
  • Tournament Begins: August 27th through August 28th, 2011
  • Games to be played on the PS3
  • Rules will be somewhat similar to the FxS tournament rules MK9/MVC3 (May be slightly different)



hey i am an ssf4 mk9 and marvel player from Louisiana moving to Detroit i would like to meet other players and be apart of the fighting game scene big or small out there in the area! Send me a message on here and Xbox my Xbox Live gamer tag is my name, friend requests also!


Okay. I’ll try to add you soon.


The first MichiganPower Glove Tournament is brought to us by the gentlemen at Grand Rapids Street Fighter and Short notice, but what the Hell: lets make it the best we possibly can. All games will be played on xbox 360 and several interviews and videos will be put on Gamerati’s tour website as well.
This event will take place on Friday, August 26th at GrandLAN Gaming Center located in Grand Rapids, MI. Directions and info about GrandLAN can be found in link below:

*$5 for the venue
*$5 per game

-Games being played as follows:
*Mortal Kombat 9: (Registration is 12 to 2PM) 2-4PM
*Blazblue Continuum Shift 2 and Street Fighter 3rd Strike: (Registration 4-430PM) 4:30-6:30PM
*Marvel vs. Capcom 3: (Registration 6:30-7PM) 7-9PM
*Super Street Fighter 4 AE: (Registration 9-930PM) 9:30-?

*Double Elimination
*Winners must keep character, losers can switch
*May counter pick ultras between matches
*Winners keep same team in Marvel, losers may switch
Please stop by and view Gamerati’s website and tour updates at the link below:


I’ll add to CommanderofTroy’s post to ask that people bring copies of all five games to the tournament. We’ll make it worth your while!


Hey guys, I live in Ann Arbor/Ypsi and have been trying to get some casuals going at my apartment for SSF4: AE, Marvel, and MK on Sunday nights. I have a 48 inch TV with a PS3 and 2 tournament edition 2 sticks. Let me know if you are interested in coming out. Tonight included!!! Text me 2487676274 My name is KC btw. Judged at EVO2k11 and have been to a few ranbats…


Hey friends, quick and painless spamming here. If you’re planning on coming to Chicago for Fighter x Shooter on Labor Day weekend and you’re going to be there a day early, we’re holding a Qualifying Tournament at Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, IL on Thursday, September 1st. Top two finishers in Super Street Fighter IV: AE, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat 9, and 3rd Strike Online will earn free entry into Fighter x Shooter (or have their tournament entry and venue fee refunded at the door). Details are here: [Sep 1, 2011] Galloping Ghost Arcade x Focus Fire: A Fighter x Shooter Qualifier (Brookfield, IL)

[COLOR=#141414][FONT=Helvetica]Hope to see you in Chicago soon.[/FONT][/COLOR]


Detroit/Michigan players, got Friday night casuals/ranbats running for SSF4AE, MVC3, MK, BBCS, T6, and more @ Gameyard in Garden City starting this Friday, 6pm-2am for $6. BYOC.

Contact us @
Facebook, TheRising Tackle
Twitter, therisingtackle


Post it up on the facebook group!!/groups/148687751876381/


group became a joke, people just use it for chatting and never show up to tournaments, I thought it was suppose to get the scene bigger, in fact, we have less turnouts now, LOL


shrug Still getting it out to more people than here :stuck_out_tongue:


Important infos that I am going to make as obnoxiously unavoidable to read as possible:

Also, in case anyone missed it, the MI FGC FB group is here:


I would actually disagree. A group on facebook no one would think to look for vs. a thread on the biggest site for fighting games? It’s not different from when that Michigangamers site was created: the thread here died and we had absolutely no new players for the duration of the site’s run. The couple events that did happen were the same ol crew, and that is after new players were directed to that site instead from this forum much as you guys do now.

If you want the players then you would do best to actually talk here where new people could conceivably find you, as opposed to your own private chat forum. Otherwise they’re going to see a thread that hasn’t had a post in a week or so and figure there’s just nobody here. Seriously, I didn’t even realize you guys still had ranbats until someone posted that it’s on a fucking facebook group now too in the forum yesterday. How the hell is anyone supposed to find out about your events if the only advertisement done is amongst those who are already in the know?


I definitely agree that things should still be posted here, and I was merely telling the guy above to post it on the facebook group as well, not in place of here. I was similarly frustrated before when I heard that most people organized stuff on facebook through their own friend networking… Not even through a group or anything.

But yes, for the reasons you stated, things need to be announced here as well, so that people can find that we exist in the first place.

Though people do post up links to the Facebook group all the time :stuck_out_tongue: So it should be easy to find. It’s far from a private chat forum.

Also, ranbats are next Saturday the 17th! Come to those as well! Same place as MI Masters.


don’t blame the group…blame ppl not wanting to show up… or contribute to helping out those who need it

hell even before the group was made ppl wasn’t even showing up to ranbats beforehand…SRK sure did NOT HELP back then. the group was made so more ppl can dicuss ways to get out to tourneys and make our community stronger. but all i seen so far is bitching, whining and pointless arguments about absolutely nothing! i seen links put up on both sites to tell ppl to show up to this spot. but ppl don’t want to make the effort to make it.

i understand ppl got no rides, no money, gotta work this isn’t calling helpless people out.

but for the ppl who have all that free time and talking about “i wanna get better” or “i wanna help” im sure am not seeing any results . i just dont get how we suppose to be a community of gamers that want to excel in a FG(s) and no one is doing anything. i see all these other threads, streams ETC. and they always got something going on. ALWAYS. that shit makes me mad, why can’t we have that?!

when i first got here i said the Michigan fighting game community is dead. i got called out and ppl were telling me off and trying to say otherwise. now that im actually IN the community im not impress in the slightest. i met great people so far but we really aren’t advancing to where we need to be in the level of NY and Cali. we have NOTHING to show. EVEYONE THINKS WE’RE FREE. we have proven NOTHING and im starting to see why. Michigan is funny acting. and it makes me mad cause i have NOTHING BUT HOPE for us. everyone acting all pessimistic about this community that it lessen our morale and ppl gonna start not wanting to come. who wants to be around a bunch of pessimistic gamers that belittle anyone who not daigo?

we got ppl talking about going out of state when they don’t even got the resources to go to places IN STATE. WTF KIND OF SHIT IS THAT? and you know what? fuck giving out rides and shit. people don’t wanna help then im not gonna be looking for help either. ima try to do everything myself and decide what I want to do. ima be going to tourneys and throwing casuals, and when i can i start traveling when im ready. this is just when i was boxing and no one wanted to help ppl grow and focus on they own shit.

how i see it we

a. need a stream/streamer to get out name out

b. we need more tourneys/casuals/ranbats etc. we need that shit to happen around state. eveyone needs to throw a casual session every now and then. HELP THE FREE PPL IF UR GODLIKE. don’t hold they hand but don’t belittle em cause u been playing for years.

C. stop talking smack to each other. shit not helping at all. i understand a LIL shit talk but no need to start getting mad over it and ready to cut each others neck.

im still hopeful that we can grow and become one heavy hitting force and not separate individuals. i still have hope for this community and i know we can do better. we just gotta let our egos, pride, anxiety, and fear stop us from getting to where we want to be! WE CAN’T LET KRONE BE OUR ONLY HOPE VIPER WON’T BE IN SF5 maybe!!!

tl;dr im mad but i still love ya’ll



That’s the thing though. We posted up links to MIgamers all the time in that old thread and you’d get someone who would post a couple times and then drop out. The end result was about 4 people posting regularly and a couple other people posting sporadically. Prior to that site the Michigan thread was always bumping. This just seems like one big redux of that situation to me.

I think to an extent it’s always been a scene around here of a few hardcore players that become nationally known,a second tier who are locally known and interested in playing and improving, and a lot of people who play a bit but ultimately drop out of tourneys and such in favor of playing casually. I imagine it’s much like that anywhere, but the pool of the first two groups had been fairly small back in the day. Maybe it’s just a problem endemic to the region for some reason if it’s happening again. I personally feel like I just don’t have the income to really get into tourneys locally or nationally these days nor the interest enough in SF4 to take the time to become a credible threat in it. I’ve always kind of sucked at versus games so I’m not even looking at Marvel as a serious competitive spot for me.

Also, I work on the 17th (though a lady friend insists I should get back into doing this stuff competitively again…)