The Murda Mitten-Michigan 2010 1.2 thread


I think the difference here though is that the Facebook group was created because things were still dead here at SRK.

That and Facebook is a tool that most people use on a daily basis. IMO it’s an infinitely better medium than any external forum or website that requires people to make more accounts for, and check more places for. Now the MI FGC is one click away every time they’re on Facebook. Not to mention the ability to send event invitations out to everybody (although tournaments on SRK have definitely been improving, that may be possible on here as well?)

Jamal start helping by bringing your monitor to ranbats to help out my stream setup :stuck_out_tongue:


I understand Jamal, but don’t take this the wrong way but, your just “that guy thats wants to start a scene guy” that comes around ever so often. In the end, like I said a million times, it’s the same dudes that show up (the same dudes that do well out of state…hmm) MI thread on facebook didn’t help like I thought it would, it is still a good place to go to hang out. Ya some showed up at first, but its always like that. I came to the conclusion that it’s just gonna be like that. The scene here is as follows:

The Wizzard Guys aka the OGs,<— (even tho certain ones are dicks to the rest of us)
The Anime Players "Guilty, Melty, BlazBlu etc"
The Street Fighter 4 Guys
The Marvel Guys -_-

Very few can play all or some of the games.

I think to an extent it’s always been a scene around here of a few hardcore players that become nationally known,a second tier who are locally known and interested in playing and improving, and a lot of people who play a bit but ultimately drop out of tourneys and such in favor of playing casually.-- Ubersaurus

Very true, the bolded statement is where most of the Facebook thread are.

I work full time, the only time I miss a ranbat is when I’m at an out of state tournament. :confused:


im not going this week to ranbats cause im going out of state saturnday but i will at the next one i promise!

i understand. its cool. i still believe we can grow. the shit just probably gonna take time to grow to where we want it. i just don’t want eveyone to start getting down about our community cause that what gonna make everything collapse lol

your right i am one of those “want to start a scene” guys. difference is i planned to stay :stuck_out_tongue:


Ranbats event page for this Saturday.

Facebook Event page:

Michigan Fighting Game Community Facebook group:


I’d just like to add my 2 cents from the perspective of the anime game players. Back before Michigan Masters 3, the anime game (which is primarily BlazBlue) scene here in MI was pretty small, but then we all started to post regularly in Dustloop’s Michigan thread. It was usually at or near the top of the page, which significantly helped us attract new members to the scene, since people would just be browsing the site for info and see a very active thread for their local area. As a result, our scene experienced rapid growth and two members even became moderators for their character’s sub-forum. At Michigan Masters 4, the turnout for BB was actually larger than some majors in the Midwest, and the other games (GG, Melty, Arcana) were not too far behind.

With that being said, a FB group can be useful for quick communication between members of the scene, but an active thread in a forum is a very effective way to get new members to join the scene.


Definitely. I just don’t think a lot of Michigan people use SRK very frequently, and definitely don’t check these convoluted boards that much :\

Dustloop though is like… necessary if you wanna get into anime games lol.


Detroit/Michigan players, got Friday night casuals/ranbats running for SSF4AE, MVC3, MK, BBCS, T6, and more @ Gameyard in Garden City starting this Friday, 6pm-2am for $6. BYOC.

Contact us @
Facebook, TheRising Tackle
Twitter, therisingtackle


Hey ppl were trying to host an event where ppl can come out and have a good time. If you want to come we can give the information out to you but its the ppl that we are really interested in because you guys make this what it is. We need you guys to just come out and have a good time. Everything is there at the place but all you need to bring is yourself, your “A” Game, and $6 bones to play for 6 hours str8 because at any other place you cant beat that. So if your from Wayne State because I used to go there and go in the basement of the UNDERGROUND and used to see ppl playing down there. I know you guys can play and come out. So plz just support what were doing and lets all have fun. Have a nice a blessed day because it will be a blessing for everyone to come out on Fridays so please thank you.


Man we used to be at gameyard religiously for casuals, where were you when the attendance started dying :frowning:





Road to Michigan Masters 10/1:


Try and make it to both events! Other notable casual events coming up:

Tonight at Gamerz Lounge! Monday Night Mayhem 6-12am, $6 casuals:

Wednesday Night Salty Throwdowns at Deante’s, keep up with the Facebook group for times/address:

Friday Night Casuals at GameYard, 6pm-2am, $6.

#MichiganEventHub lol


Hey Hey Michigan, we are still going strong here in Cleveland with Console Combat. We are meeting twice a month at Fox and Hound in Parma, OH. We have tournaments and we also give away free stuff (games, good, gas, ms points et cetera). With UMVC3 coming out I just wanted to give you guys a shout out.

Check us out:

Facebook Group
Upcoming Event


You can cross the Monday Night Mayhem off the list – Gamerz Lounge is closing. And you can cross the Friday Night Casuals at the GameYard off the list, as last Friday Night one of the casuals guys decided to walk out with one of my 360’s {Edit: returned by GCPD on Sunday}

As the owner of one of the few remaining LAN Centers in the area, let me give you some perspective from the venue:

  1. We have been open almost 5 years. During that time I have seen at least 8 LAN Centers open and close around me. This is not a profitable business, and 2011 in particular has been a crap year. My store may end up on the scrap heap soon.
  2. In my particular case, I make the majority of my sales on Saturdays. We have 18 360s, 2 PS3s, 2 Wiis, and 11 PCs,and on Saturdays we can count on being 75% full or more for most of the day – especially the 360s, which are at or near capacity most of the day.
  3. Unfortunately, Saturdays are when tournament organizers want to host tournaments. At my store, this typically means 16 of my 33 stations are set aside for the full day while the tournament is run.
  4. When we agree to host, we are counting on collecting venue fee from every person that attends your tournament. From our perspective, it doesn’t matter if people bring their own setup or not – you are still occupying stations in my store that I cannot sell to regular customers. It is insulting to watch the tournament happen, count 15-20 heads in your group, then get the venue fee at the end of the night totaling only $30 or so. In cases like that it pretty much guarantees that I’m not going to be able to cover some bills the following week.
  5. And that doesn’t even address other nuisances for us like theft, people showing up early to practice, expecting free play-time, people staying late after the tournament is over to squeeze in mm’s (again, free play-time).

The bottom line is the GameYard will not be involved in your community any longer. We wish you luck in the future. Hopefully my tips will help when you find new venues to work with.

Peace out … Chris.


Well chris i can honesty say that we thank you for letting us use your venue to host our rabats/tournamnets etc.

but what i would like to know is how is it that since someone stole your xbox from your venue you link it to our community? We moved our ranbats to the gamerz lounge awhile ago.

in my opinion you stating that us using 16 or your your 33 station is a very false statement. If i remember correctly we were only given the f4-5 stations in the back which at the sametime were not so good tv’s for fighting games. If i remember correctly we even recommended you some tvs to get because they wouldnt lag.

the venue at the gameyard was very small for us since we were growing. and buy you adding that videogame store in there, and having those pc’s in there that nobody really used, the big goofy tv that anyone hardly played. took ALOT of space…i honesty think if you got rid of all that stuff you would have more space for people to come and play.

no hard feelings from me man. just stating my opinion on this matter.


Chris, I respect your decision to back out, but you can’t blame the community for all this. You agrees to tournament dates (often Saturdays) as well as waived venue fees for bringing setups. If you were counting on fees from everyone why did you agree to that payment deal? I know that the fees didn’t amount to much from smaller tournaments, but that’s just how it went I guess. Thanks for hosting us while you did.


Aaron/Sideshow, please don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming anybody. I’m simply stating that the current situation doesn’t work for me anymore, and trying to give everybody a different perspective to help you out in the future. There’s a reason LAN Centers have a high failure rate. My impression is that everybody comes in, sees the setups, and assumes I’m some rich dude who won’t care if games/controllers/cables/etc walk out the door. And that it doesn’t hurt anybody if people play for free, or if 1 hour gets extended to 2, etc. That is definitely not the case.

As for specific points:

  • I link the stolen Xbox to the community because it was taken by someone who showed up for the Friday Night Casuals we set up for the community. The guy paid the $6, played with the other guy that showed up, then left with my 360. The 360 has been recovered, but it still leaves a sour taste in my mouth.
  • As for the 16 out of 33 stations – while you guys might have only used 4 or 5 actual TVs, it’s not like I could sell time on a Wii and force the customer to push through your group to play. The same is true for the other 360s in the back area, the PS3’s, and 4 of the PC’s. It wouldn’t be right to agree to host your event then push you guys out of the way to squeeze in more customers, at least in my mind. But that means that 16 out of 33 stations are unavailable for other customers to use during your event.
  • Aaron, I respectfully disagree about the waiving the venue fees for people. The only way I found out that that was your practice was by logging in here and reading through the tournament announcements. When you started coming here the venue fee was $5 per person entered in the tournament (s), or at least that was my understanding. We dropped that to $3 at your request because it was my understanding that the group would use the GameYard as its home base, which you did for quite a while. The final few Ranbats held here even had side tournaments going with no venue fee collected. Again, the only way I found out about that stuff was to login here.

Again, I don’t mean for this to sound like sour grapes. I enjoyed hosting your events and I still have pix from the Ranbats on my facebook page. I also agree with Sideshow that you guys probably outgrew my space. IMHO the way for me to survive is to add more stations in my limited space, though, rather than the opposite.


So… anybody wanna go to Console Combat? :rofl:


Hey guys, I haven’t really done much but skim through this thread, but I’m in Detroit, Michigan and I was wondering where folks usually hold some casuals for things like 3S or IV and such? (Or even tournaments.)

I’d love to know, thanks.


Nowadays most of our business is conducted through Facebook.

Join this group:


Lol, I already did.