The Murda Mitten-Michigan 2010 1.2 thread


I met a lot of cool KoF players at ranbats today, but I wanted to ask, are there any KoF players that live in Troy/Sterling Heights? I’d definitely love to get more matches offline outside of ranbats.


Im stuck at home sick and want to get somr umvc3 games in

Xbox gt. Get it fixeddd


Lumin The Mad King (Chris) lives in Troy and would probably be happy to play you, you’ve probably met him at the ranbats.



Also $100 Pot bonuses for AE2012, UMVC3, and SFXT! stream will be provided by Zexerous and Nova. All games being played on 360 will have a dedicated stream station. Please RSVP on the Facebook Event too so i will have numbers to work with THANKS! pay out is determined by participants top 3 is guaranteed[/INDENT]


Just a headsup and 'lo.

Lansing area // X360 // 3S & SSF4AE

I’ll try to get to more ranbats around the mid-michigan/ohio area in the future but working nights atm. Hit me up if you’re in the area for casuals.


^ I live in Haslett, maybe we can get some games in.


Word :slight_smile: Just got my xbox workin today. Also heard there were a few guys around EL that might be down too.


Man we suck at using SRK, I am just as guilty as anyone. Obligatory link to the Facebook group where most of us post

But anyway I made an event for the next ranbat, which is the Saturday after next, April 7th.

If you want to get into the local scene coming out to a ranbat is definitely the way to start!


After taking feedback from the community we are going to run the SFxT tournament at this Saturdays ranbat as 2v2, so find a partner!


Hey guys. The second edition of Michiana Clash will be on June 16th. For all of you not planning on going to CEO, there will be $1000 in pot bonuses between the 4 games! RSVP on Facebook so we can get a rough estimate of how many are showing up. Hope to see you all out there!


Results of the last ranbat for SF4 and SFxT can be found at our challonge site

I just put up events for the next ranbat in two weeks and our training lock-in at the end of the month, be sure to check them out.
Ranbat: [Apr 21, 2012] Michigan Ranbats - SCV / SSF4 2012 / UMvC3 / SFxT 2v2 (Troy, MI)

Lock-in: [Apr 27, 2012] Detroit Training Lock-in at Timbuktu (Troy, MI)


Details about the Skullgirls side tournament going on at next Saturdays ranbat has just been posted in the event page…-scv-ssf4-2012-umvc3-sfxt-2v2-troy-mi.158342/


Kind of last minute, but for Mid Michigan people, we’re running casuals on SSF4 in Lansing @ Game Hits Game Store. Both systems, TONIGHT April 14th from 6 til whenever. Contact info is 517-323-0797 for more, but yeah, if you’re not doing anything, come out and play a couple.


Pro Tip - This is the exact kind of thing that will be seen when done on facebook. The SRK thread is checked infrequently by most people.


How does one get ahold of TheBranten? I need to ask him about something.


I’ll tell him you’re looking for him


How the fuck did Michigan get TWO people into my special exhibition? Swagger.


To be fair, one of them is on loan from Indiana. Midwest represent!


Just a reminder, the lock-in is this friday, free pizza or chicken if we get 30 people! These are always fun and a good way to meet people in the community.

SRK event:…-training-lock-in-at-timbuktu-troy-mi.158344/
Facebook event:


Time to bump this thread…

UFGT8 was fun as hell, we had a good showing and we’ve come back hungry. We should be having events June 9th and 16th, and hopefully we’ll be announcing some more stuff soon.

We’ll be sure to keep everyone posted, keep an eye on this thread.