The Murda Mitten-Michigan 2010 1.2 thread


We need a new thread.


Yeah it may be time

I put up the event for the next ranbat on June 9th, check it out!


Hey everybody, sorry for the short notice but we’re going to be running our Monday casuals in a public venue starting tomorrow!

Check out the event pages for more details:

It should be pretty awesome, hope to see you there


Anyone interested in buying some stuff? I fractured my heel and need the cash… I have some PS3 and 360 junk.

TE fightstick. Doesn’t have much use on it, I play on 360. -$110
Mortal Kombat- $30
Lolipop Chaisaw- $50

Street Fighter X Tekken -$25
SSF4:AE- $25


Mitten Masher Monday is tonight!

SRK event: [Oct 22, 2012] Mitten Masher Mondays - UMvC3 - Michigan Masters returns 8/4! (Detroit, MI)
Facebook event:

Hope to see you there!




Anyone got a copy of UMvC3 they’re willing to part with?


Hey everyone, the event and info for Michigan Masters 2012 is up. Check it out and we hope to see you there!


hey there, dr_ofjournalism is my psn id, and im here to play! I live in Riverview and play everything, although currently im focused on Marvel and a bit of Arcana

also, i need to level up badly, so anyone in the riverview area that wants some matches hit me up!


Just a reminder that Michigan Masters 2012 is this Saturday! Hope to see everyone there


We’ve just released info for our upcoming ranbat season:

Here’s the event for the first ranbat on August 25th: [Aug 25, 2012] Michigan Ranbats - Fall 2012 Season Event #1 (Sterling Heights, MI)

This first even’t we’ll be running MK9, SCV, VF5, P4A, UMvC3, and SF4:AE

Hope to see you there!


Is the Detroit scene really this dead or does everyone talking on Facebook or something?


Yeah we’re all on Facebook, join this group to get notified about events:

Check the info there for links to other MI scene groups


I know there’s people that lurk SRK and check this out every now and then, and not everyone goes into facebook, so just as a heads up:

I’m better known as BananaKen (call me Jose lol) I’m a grad student at MSU in East Lansing. I’m down for some games every now and then even though I’m avoiding tournaments for now due to school. Just letting you know there’s competition here in EL, and I’m not the only person here either! I believe there’s going to be a small get together to play some games next Friday near campus. I’m only playing P4U right now but I’d be down to play AE or KOF as well.

Just reply here or send me a PM if you’re interested. These sessions may or may not include beer.


Damn, I’m not on facebook. If anyone here remembers me, my PSN and XBL are “MaDPoWer”


Crossposting from Facebook:

Some southeast Michigan updates:

Remember, Mitten Masher Mondays are now on Wednesdays! This starts tomorrow, September 5th. [SIZE=13px][FONT=lucida grande][/FONT][/SIZE]

Ranbats will return next month. We’re working on getting Wayne State as a consistent venue, but that turned out to be too difficult to begin this week due to classes starting.

[SIZE=4][FONT=times new roman]Still plenty of events this month. Next weekend is Console Combat down in Ohio on Sunday (9/16), and the following Saturday is the Digital Battlegrounds tournament (9/22). You can find links to both here:


Then of course, Season’s Beatings Ascension is at the end of this month. This is currently the closest, largest major to Michigan, and everyone should try and make it. Check it out here:[/FONT][/SIZE]


Hey all, ranbat #2 is this weekend! Check out our thread here [Oct 6, 2012] Michigan Ranbats - Fall 2012 Event #2 (Detroit, MI)

Hope to see you there!


Mich! Sup guys. You guys held it down at Youmacon. Console Combat is next weekend on November 25th. Click here.


so how do I get into this illustrious michigan community. does someone take me under their wing or do I just remain a random until I get good enough to show up & cause a upset?

I’ve only played SSFIVAE & Tekken consistently tho.


Hey man, just gotta come out to one of our events! We have casuals every Monday night and tournaments roughly every other Saturday, though in December the schedule is going to be a bit erratic with Christmas and New Years coming up. If you’re on Facebook you can join the main MIFGC group and you’ll automatically get invited to these events

I’ll try to do better at posting the events on SRK as well

If you don’t mind my asking, where are you from?