The Murda Mitten-Michigan 2010 1.2 thread


I live on the westside of Detroit.


OK cool, our casuals are at a bar on Warren just West of Southfield freeway, and the tournaments are at Wayne States Student Center


alright sweet. exactly when is the next casual meet up or do I just stalk the Facebook page every Sunday.

until then, what’s your G/T? maybe we could play.
o Hyrue o


Michigan Masters is coming June 1
Location 18600 Haggerty Rd Livonia, MI 48152
@ Schoolcraft VisTaTech Center & Waterman Campus Center

Venue fee is $5 tourney is $10
We will be running SSF4ae, UMvC3, TTT2, SFxT, and P4A

Come check us out.


CORNBats this weekend at CORN HQ, Inbox for directions! Vote here for what games you want to happen at the event! Thanks in advance. - CORN ATG


Sup Guys i am DeeDogg. I run the weekly casuals every friday in detroit. If your interested in playing some games Feel free to come through. Venue Fee is 5 bucks. you can bring your own setup as well.
We start at 6pm - 1am or 2am Sometimes we stream if the internet is not spotty but it’ll be recorded as well and uploaded to LPZ’s youtube page.