The MVC:I Hawkeye Thread



Hawkeye is a hero from the Marvel Comics who made his introduction to the series in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

He first appeared in the comic Tales of Suspense #57 (Sep,1964).

His weapon and powers include the use of a Bow & Arrow, extreme precision, and trick arrows.

The UMVC Hawkeye Theme

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Hawkeye Videos

Marvel VS Capcom Infinite HULK/HAWKEYE vs THOR/STRIDER NEW GAMEPLAY Published on Apr 26, 2017

Marvel VS Capcom - Infinite - Hawkeye / Chris gameplay Published on May 2, 2017

GoofyHatMatt vs Pat- MvC:I Published on Jul 16, 2017


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Shouldn’t it be time for character threads though?


As long as he keeps it to one, and only does one thread, I’m fine with this.


so can i do a jedah thread?


I’ll be disappointed if you don’t.


I will then when I get back from work. Gonna be extensive.


Bumping the only character thread so far.


Lol and Hawkeye no less. I’m here for this though


Can’t seem to get mission 9 down, second jump heavy is block, must not be getting good height on the launch


My boy hawkeye doesnt have forward hop anymore. feels bad man


Hey guys,

I’m in love with clint in MVCI, his gimlet is amazing giving a full combo if it hits. He is AMAZING against reality stone users with a lot of tools to fight them, his only problem is to open up the oponents, without the forward hop and with a slow wave dash he will have a ton of problems to open the enemies (and he can’t do much chip damage, because the only arrows that hit crouching opponents are the “trick shot” ones…).

I’ve just tested his poison tip, it does a first hit of 600 scaling damage + 600 poison UNSCALED damage, that is really good news due to the fact that guts is in the game.

I’ve been trying to work on his confirms from various arrows with chun-li, here is an example:


Yeah I absolutely have no idea how I did it. I think the opponent has to be relatively close to the ground and Hawkeye doesn’t have to fall too fast so that you can get the first HP falling and the 2nd HP going up. If they’re too high up they might either recover before the 2nd HP hits or make HK whiff.
I don’t know how Mahvel physics work and the only thing I noticed is that you need to get the right amount of hits on HP before cancelling into Spritzer, like 3 or something like that.

P.S. how do his BNBs look like?


Is there a proper sequence of damage when applying poison arrow? For example, I do a combo with Gamora into her sword hyper, tag in Hawkeye, and then jump back poison arrow, jump back explosive, jump back lightning arrow, and then hyper ends, and then usually another jump back explosive or lightning onto the ground as opponent recovers and Gamora stays on screen for a sec to protect her if possible.

I dunno if there’s a better sequence with damage scaling, or ways to “set up” protection and layer arrows.

I haven’t had much chance to do any bnbs, as usually if the opponent gets farther than halfway in on me I’m kinda screwed. He seems awkward to confirm into bnbs anyways. Any other good arrow zoning patterns to maintain zoning pressure quickly?


I think pressing forward as you jump gives you a little more height. Unfortunately, holding forward while doing the air LKs keeps you from linking them for some reason, so it’s going to take a lot of work.


Ugh man, what are you guys doing if people get in on you? Hawkeye gets smothered so easily. If you get an air grab can you do any sort of combo or arrow shots out of it?

Having trouble keeping up a good zoning pattern. I tend to do back jump electric arrow, spritzer in air as I fall, and then if it hits I’ll shoot an ice arrow, then a poison arrow and continue. Haven’t worked in the down down aerial shots too much yet.