The MvC2 Dhalsim thread

Umm… I’m at school right now, and have to get off this computer soon, but I thought I’d try to start an actual decent thread for Dhalsim. I’ll prolly add more later when I get home.

I’ll post what I know about Sim, but I also ask that other people in this thread try to find some things for themselves, too. Dhalsim is a pretty unexplored character, and it really sucks to be one of only a couple people trying to find new stuff for him. So instead of just being spoon fed some strats, please try to find some stuff to contribute as well.

I guess that’s the premise of the thread. Anyway, I have to jet from here now, but I’ll prolly post some more, and actual strats, combos, etcetera later tonight.


To start it off… Sim can rush down in close, but it’s not a good idea if they have an AAA, usually. Besides CapCom, it’s harder for them to hit an AAA cleanly or capitalize from it when you’re ranged.

Basic concepts at a range are fairly simple… run if they come at you, and try to stay at poking distance. backdash+hk is pretty good anti air.
poking with long limbs c.lp,,s.hp_hk can also be helped in damage or stun by assists.

If the opponent is blocking, cancelling a block s.hp with qcf+hp is usually a good idea. Somtimes on hit, too, if you can’t extend your combo. On hit, if you end with a, you can cancel to a TK fire and airdash after it.

Tri jump is alright, but only in close. His ranged attcks are too laggy for a quick tri jump. But square jumping works fine. If you superjump then airdash forward with an attack, it kinda cancels the trajectory well. For example, / , airdash forward, hp,hk, \ /, continue combo. This should be done from like 75%-full screen range. If you’re too close, you get a close hk, but just a little too far for it to hit… just watch your range. You can also use airdash forward, lk,mk,hk… works well to get over ground projectiles and hit, but it won’t hit as deep if they’re ducking, like his far jumping hp does.

If they’re persuing you in the air,, and air good. You need a bit of room to start, but the point is to not let them get close. You can watch what they do, too. By this I mean, say you try to / ,hk when they come in jumping, and airdash back, watch what they do. If they tri jumped to ground and rush in low, hp, or d+hk,xx,fly depending on the trajectory. If they came in the air, far hk on the airdash back is appropriate.

When they’re on your ass rushing you down… Sim has a hard fight. Sometimes qcf+kk works alright, but it’s chancy and a bar. d/f+hp is actually only 3 frames and hits REALLY high. If you can geta little time, it can be a decent option. Usually the best thing is to have a decent AAA assist. Sim/Sent/CapCom is a nasty ass powerful team.

This is pretty much just about ranging and rushing from half the screen… pressure from where they can’t hit you. I rush down sometimes, too, but only offa a mixup or if they don’t have AAA usually.

I’ll add more later.


The majority of Sim’s mixups should come, as no surprise, after combos.
One thing about Sim’s game is that it normally requires REALLY GOOD execution to be played effectively. But if you can do that, with certain teams for example, if someone blocks wrong on one mixup, it can be easy to take them to the corner and finish off their character with just one reset.

For example, say you hit with c.lp+storm<<s.hp, (storm hits), wave dash,,, / , hp, airdash d/f, late lk, call storm, dash under, reset with,,xx,/ , (storm hits and pushes them underneath you), airdash straight down, hk, (now in the original direction), dash,,, / , hp, airdash d/f, d+lk,mp, \ /, d/f+hp, / , lp,lk,mp,mk, airdash u/b (close)lk, (far)lk,mk,hk, falling, (wall)(far)hk, \ /, FSD OTG,,, lp,lk,mk, lk,mp, airdash u/b, (close)lk, (far)lk,mk,hk, falling, (close)hk, \ /, rejump, lk,<mk<hk, \ /, qcf+kk.
… as an alternate method, instead of the dash under, you can call storm and hk throw, they will land on her assist, and you can wavedash and relaunch from it. Still yet, if they’re looking for the mixup at that point, and try to mash a hit on the way down/when landing, you can call storm and backdash, c.lp<,xx,/ , airdash forward (storm hits), hp, \ /, dash,,… back into combo.

That’ll kill from full life. And with a start and reset like that, you push the enemy a LONG way, making it easy to reach a wall. The problem is, if you wana do that, you can’t miss anything. With Magneto, even if you mess up somewhere, you can usually try to turn it into a reset. That’s not as true with Dhalsim. He is really execution dependant, and you have to keep in mind your range, too.

A good general pointer is, when super jumping and airdash, for your super jump hit straight up or u/b. When hitting u/f, you seem to get teleport or inferno super a lot. When dashing straight forward from this, the stick in neutral position works well. When airdashing d/f, let the stick go neutral first (to avoid teleports and such). His teleport can be good for dodging supers and such because of the instant startup (and he can cancel all normals with it), but it has a lot of recovery… doing it randomly (like I’ve done in my match vids if anyone has seen) really sucks!

If not using the square jump, which is usually better at long range, Dhalsims tri jumps work as follows. At long range and a bit of height, airdash d/f, (far)hp,hk (basically like Magneto using hp,hk after a high airdash d/f). In close, use a lk. If they’re ducking, it hits meatier and is much easier to combo off of. To hit low afterwards, works. If you hit the tri jump lk and just want to combo, is his fastest normal and combos the easiest. If you want to tri jump over their head and crossup to the other side, hk seems to work the best (note, he should turn around, you cross sides, but the attack does not actually cross up).


The Sim only combos I’ve been using…

(Solo) midscreen

launch, / , lp,lk,mk, lk,mp, airdash u/b, (close) lk, (far) lk,mk,hk (ends in flying screen… they go a LONG way)

launch, / , lp,lk,mk, lk,mp, airdash u/b, (close) lk, (far) lk,mk, drift forward, hp airthrow (after this you can assist and perform a special action and super)

launch, / , lp,lk,mk, lk,mp, airdash u/f, lk,mp,mk, lk,d+hp,hk (after this you may assist and special or super… the lk,d+hp,hk,xx,qcf+pp, instant DHC to hail combos)

If launching them when they’re not on the ground, just switch the lp,lk,mk, lk,mp to lp,lk,mp,mk.

launch, lp,lk,mp,mk,d+hp,hk (after this you can call assist, special, super, and airdash… ie: call aaa and dash over just before they hit, as you’re dropping).

launch, / , hp, airdash d/f, d+lk,mp, \ /, qcf+kk

launch, / , hp, airdash d/f, d+lk,mp, \ /, d/f+hp, / …

launch, / , hp, airdash d/f, late lk, \ /, snapback

launch, / , hp, airdash d/f, late lk, \ /,,xx,hcb+lk,xx,qcf+pp (note, this should be your standard AC if you plan to DHC)


launch, / , hp, airdash d/f, late lk, \ /,,xx,/ , (far) lk,mk, airdash forward, (close) lk,d+hp,hk (can whiff inferno and instant DHC to proton cannon… far lk with no mk will keep them lower)

launch, / , hp, airdash d/f, late lk, \ /,,xx,/ , (far) lk,mk, airdash forward, hp airthrow (can assist afterwards, and special or super)

launch, / , hp, airdash d/f, late lk, \ /,,xx,/ , (far) lk,mk, airdash forward, (close) lk,hk (creates flying screen)

You can also…,,xx,/ , airdash forward, immediate (far) lk<mp, \ /, d/f+hp…,,xx,/ , airdash forward, immediate (far) lk<mp, \ /, snapback,,xx,/ , airdash forward, immediate (far) lk<mp, \ /, qcf+kk

anything into… (close) OTG,,xx,/ , airdash forward, immediate (far) lk,mk, \ /, d/f+hp, / …

anything into… (close) OTG,,xx,/ , airdash forward, immediate (far) lk,mk, \ /, snapback

anything into… (close) OTG,,xx,/ , airdash forward, immediate (far) lk,mk, \ /, qcf+kk

and randomly, dumb combos for lk’s…

launch, lk, lk, lk, airdash u/f, lk, lk, lk,hk

launch, lk, lk, lk, airdash u/f, lk, lk, hp airthrow (you know the drill)

launch (ground height only),xx,fly, fastly+lk, lk semi infinite to the top… combo assist if you can.
…The infinite is pretty much performed by holding up and hitting lk at the proper interval. It’s spretty easy.
Finish with hp throw or hits into assist or something.
…Again, finish with lk,hk,xx,qcf+pp, instant DHC to hail still works. If Sent is behind Storm, you can usually get HSF offa that, or relaunch with Storm from OTG.

If you have unfly during the lk infinite, position yourself higher on their character so that your lk hits them in the head, then you can lk,xx,unfly, lk,mp, and airdash into his extended AC options. Still trying to figure out if I can combo Cyke assist, Super and OTG offa lk infinite if I have unfly… more testing to do.

Also note that, from info according to Magnetro2000… Inferno is unrollable. This means if you get them at the very VERY top while standing, or high up when airdashing down or falling, you can combo from the inferno to the strike. This means with Storm, you can do her extended AC to the top of the screen and DHC to Sim, AIM the inferno up, OTG afterwards (unrollable) and get four hits into Yoga Strike… by then they’re very dead. Sim also has both a midscreen and corner combo into falling inferno with Cyclops. The corner version allows you to relaunch with d/f+hp as they fall, and the midscreen one gives you an OTG. IM gives Sim a falling midscreen Inferno from combo as well. Thus giving Sim a two bar, one assist, two bar combo that is VERY close to if not really 100%. I’ll get to assist combos after I do solo corner combos and links and such.

The Retarded Links…

(close)c.lp links to crouching (close)c.lp link

originally told to me by Magnetro2000

(close) will link into (close) s.lp (as as I later found, (far) s.lp is much easier to link than IMO, but both are easily feasable with a little practice.

This means c.lp,, s.lp,,s.hp is now possible. or c.lp, c.lp,,,,s.hp.

It also means…
… really dumb shit like…
c.lp+drones,, s.lp,, (drones hit),xx,/ , immediate airdash forward, lk,mk, \ /, then…

  • snapback,
  • relaunch,
  • qcf+kk
    … is also possible. RETARDED!!! (but cool!), s.lp, combos and allows for OTG into combos for relaunch, snapback, or supers. Making…
c.lp,, s.lp,, OTG,,xx,/ , iardash forward, lk,mk, \ /, qcf+kk
officially the weirdest looking way of hitting Yoga Strike with Dhalsim as a solo character.

AND ON TOP OF THAT… from c.lp,, s.lp,, you can actually cancel to super jump and combo a VERY FUCKING IMMEDIATE airdash with far lk… making for dumb-ass ground links/chains like…

(close)c.lp,, (close)s.lp,(far),xx,/ , airdash forward,(far)lk,mk,hk \ /, (far)c.lp,,s.hp… thats 10 hits with the enemy grounded the entire time…

with a good assist, it gets even more rediculous. Offa Sent rp assist, you can get it all to combo into a super (end with (far)c.lp+rp,<,xx,/ , (rp hits) airdash forward, d+lk,mp, \ /, then either…

  • relaunch,
  • qcf+kk
  • hcb+lk,xx,qcf+pp… DHC if you wish
    or you can replace d+lk,mp with a late lk, and snapback,,xx,hcb+lk,xx,qcf+pp (which is usually my choice since DHC to Sent kills them offa from here pretty much).

With an assist like Storm’s you get the most reidculous possibilities ever… even if it is hard as hell to execute.
/ , airdash d/f, hp,hk, \ /, dash, c.lp,, s.lp,,xx,/ , airdash forward, lk,mk,hk, \ /, call storm,quick dashing c.lp<<s.hp, (sotrm hits), / \ u/f, airdash d/f, hp,hk, \ /, dash, c.lp,, s.lp,,xx,/ , airdash forward, lk,mk,hk, \ /, c.lp,,,xx,TK hp fire and follow up
…or you could cancel into qcf+kk,xx,hail or anything of the sort.

You can use to start the combos, since it hits low, I just stuck in c.lp because it is the fastest of his normals, so it works best while comboing when you need a close normal.

Guardbreaks… I just tested these on hit and block, they will work in the corner or midscreen. I am not sure baout pusblocking, but otherwise you should be able to take your combo pretty much 100%. t00 g00d!

Setup is the same in both the corner and midscreen. dash up close, / , hk(block or hit), airdash d/f, late lk, \ /… then you’re free to do anything from the late lk combos as I had typed in the post two above.

Also note, if you get to the corner with this, you can completely rape a character for free with solo Dhalsim, from that late lk you can d/f+hp and go into his full FSD. (for those who don’t know, it’s a long extended AC into an OTG that can’t be rolled because FSD happens after they land, then relaunch into another extended AC, normal jump string, then Yoga Strike… about 80%+ without any assists stuck in there… builds over a bar… so if you start it, you can finish it.)

I haven’t checked with pushblocking yet… I’m sure it messes up the timing, but I also assume he can still get something for free.

corner combos…

launch, / , hp, airdash d/f, d+lk,hk, /, offers…
-yoga strike,xx,hcb+hk,xx,qcf+pp

hcb+hp (yoga noogie) all
-OTG,xx,qcf+lp,xx,yoga strike,xx,hcb+hk,xx,qcf+pp

FSD… launch, / , lp,lk,mk, lk,mp, ardash u/b (close)lk, (far)lk,mk,hk, (falling)(far)hk, \ /
-somethingto do with the hard kickallows you to get FSD. After they hit the ground, they take a little longer to get up than normal flying screen. Because of flying screen, they were not allowed to roll upon landing. If you try to OTG right away, you cannot continue and combo. But if you wait a split second and OTG just before they recover, flying screen has deteriorated and you can recombo…
-OTG,xx,qcf+lp,xx,yoga strike
-OTG,,xx,hcb+hk,xx,qcf+pp (DHC)
-OTG,, / …

If you already did the FSD half, there’s a slight variation you can follow with.
-relaunch… / , lp,lk,mp,mk, airdash u/b, (close)lk, (far)lk,mk,hk, (falling) (close)hk, \ /, normal jump, lk<mk<hk, \ /, yoga strike

The reason for not going for FSD again is that you already took one OTG, you cannot get another FSD or OTG. The difference in the combo before the normal jump is that the falling hk is close instead of far.
In either part of the combo, remember that it’s easier to lp,lk,mp,mk instead of lp,lk,mk, lk,mp, for the first part of the combo if the launch is above ground height. It may still be possibleto get the 5-hit, but it’s harder.

An easier way if you just want yoga strike is… launch, / , lplk,mk, lk,hk, falling hk, \ /, rejump, lk<mk<hk, \ /, qcf+kk

off of the hp throw, you can OTG when in the corner…

By this post and the previous… probably the best solo combo in the corner when a new character is coming in is…
/ , (close)hk, (hit or block), airdash d/f, (close)late lk(will GB if they blocked the HK, and will combo if they took the hit), \ /, d/f+hp, / , lp,lk,mp,mk, airdash u/b, (close)lk, (far)lk,mk,hk, (falling)(far)hk, FSD, OTG,, / , lp,lk,mp,mk, airdash u/b, (cose)lk, (far),lk,mk,hk, (falling)(close),hk, \ /, normal jump up, lk<mk<hk, \ /, qcf+kk… I just tested this and it’s about 90% health on Cable.

Assist combos… (midscreen)


(close)c.lp,, (close)s.lp,(far),,xx,/ \ (mag-a hits them), airdash forward, (far)lk,mk, \ /,…
-d/f+hp, / …

(close),xx,/ \ (mag hits), airdash d/f, lk, \ /,…

launch+mag-a, / , hp, airdash d/f, (mag hits), lk, \ /, qcf+kk


c.lp+Storm-a,<c.hp, (Storm hits), high tri jump+hk, \ /, dash, c.lp,, / …

launch, / , hp, airdash d/f, late lk, \ /,,xx,hcb+lk, (they land on storm-a), dash…

Storm-a+backdash, (far)c.lp<,xx, / \ (storm-a hits), airdash forward, falling hp, dash, c.lp,… (use this ifan opponent is trying to come down on you or at the beginning of the match if they try to throw out a mag or something… free combo).

square jump, (far)hp,hk, or square jump, (far)lk,mk,hk…
…call storm-a, dash,xx,c.lp<<s.hp, (storm hits)…
-wave dash forward and c.lp,…
-square jump again with (far)hp,hk, \ /, dash, (far)c.lp,,s.hp,xx,qcf+kk,xx,hail (or HSF, Proton Cannon, Captain Storm, HVB, etc.)


(far)c.lp+Cable-a<,xx,airdash forward, (far),hp,hk, \ /, c.lp,,s.hp,xx,qcf+kk,xx,DHC

c.lp+cable-b,,xx,fly, (cable hits), (close) lk… semi-infinite to the top of the screen.


(close)c.lp+sent-g,, (close)s.lp,(far),,xx,/ \ (drones hit), immediate airdash forward, (far)lk,mk, \ /,…
-d/f+hp, / …
-qcf+kk,, / , hk, airdash forward, lk,hk, (Flying screen), Sent-g OTG’s them and causes FSD, dash, d/f+hp…
note: for this combo the must start on your side of the screen. ie: you’re mid-stage, but they’ve pushed towards your side of the screen. Or you can start by jumping, airdash d/f+sent-g, lk, \ /, c.lp,…

launch, / , hp, airdash d/f, d+lk,sent-a,hk,xx,qcf+pp, (super activation aloows sent-a to hit like a hypergrav tempest works…), (flame goes straight and they land on the inferno… Sim is falling still), \ /, dash,xx,OTG, (this is probably best used if you want to DHC offa the inferno to HSf or something).

c.lp+sent-a,,xx,hcb+hk (sent-a hits, then the 3-hit blast),xx,qcf+pp,xx,DHC (this is the super easy combo for beginners that is pretty much impossible to miss.

(far),c.lp,,xx,/ , airdash forward…
for the farthest range you have to d+lk,mp to extend your range enough to hit. From there, timing for qcf+kk is easy, but if you hit them real low, you can d/f+hp or even hcb+lk,xx,qcf+pp upon landing.
… from a closer distance on the same combo, a late dropping lk from the airdash works well. With that, qcf+kk, d/f+hp, snapback, and,xx,hcb+lk,xx,qcf+pp after landing are all fairly easy.

dash+sent-a, jump (far)lp (hits overhead really fast… even crossup), land on the other side, snet-a combos, qcf+kk

c.lp+sent-g,,s.hp,xx,qcf+kk,xx,DHC (like the ability to connect hypergrav,xx,tempest, the super startup/DHC time allows the drones to move a bit more and they will combo in before the super you DHC to… this means you can DHC to some supers not fast enough to combo offa the hp alone… plus you get damage form the drones).


pretty obivous…
c.lp+Psy,,(psy hits), then you have your choice of stuff…
-d/f+hp,xx,/ …
-dashing hk into anything listed in the solo combos from the late lk, \ /, section.

dashing jumping (far)lp+psy, \ /, dash, d/f+hp,/ ,…

launch, / , hp, airdash d/f, d+lk,mp+psy,xx,qcf+pp (aim up), you should hit while falling… possible to OTG I think.


dashing jumping (far)lp+cyke (crossover), \ /, qcf+kk

launch, / , hp, airdash d/f, d+lk,cyke,mp,xx,qcf+pp (aim up), cyke hits once super starts, allows cyke bullet to combo, super connects… Sim is in downwards motion, \ /, OTG,,xx,/ , airdash forward, lk,mk, \ /, qcf+kk (double super combo… whee!)

I’ll prolly edit some more assists into this later…

Go Murakumo. Im in the market for new players, and you’ve given me quite the incentive to check Sim out. Good stuff man. if I get anything knew, I’ll post it.

(I must write 10 letters to post)

nice stuff Morakumo i thought sim was slow but i didn’t knew he could be that good also DJ-B13 should be posting on this thread his sim is sick n i’m sure he knows some secret shit (we want trickz of the trade for sim dammit!) also get the DJ-B13 vs kaizing in the evo 2004 matches forum he plays sim in there so it could serve of reference also i’ll mess around with sim/tron? who knows what can de done lol! good shit Murakumo!

kinda sucks… I’m working Saturdays now, so I can’t make the tourneys up here during this school quarter at least… I’ll try and get some vids of me using Sim now. I Had some old vids floating around, but my Sim is WAY, WAY better now than it was then…

That was my last US tourney, but I played in Japan with the Osaka guys, and prolly like 4-5 of them use Sim sometimes. Haven’t been to a tourney since like July or something.

If you snap an opponent on his half of the screen (about 2/3 of possible placement area), then to the assist, follow up with normal jump forward lk<mp<hk, \ /, d/f+hp…

then d/f+hp to death, or try other stylish things if wanted (I’ve been using d/f+hp, / , hk, airdash d/b, late hk, \ /, normal jump forward lk<mp<hk, \ /, d/f+hp

Also, if you are further away, after the snap wave dash once (so dash, redash),,xx,/ ,airdash forward, lk,mk<hk, \ /, dashing d/f+hp works, but it’s really hard. The lk should catch them as standing just before they jump out… or sometimes you can do before they hit the ground,xx,/ , airdash forward, lk,mk… that CAN catch in the air… still hard, though, and I don’t think you can catch them in the air at full range.

I’ll try and find more variations on this later.

I still have to check which block strings you recover fast enough from to do this… maybe all, maybe not. But I think at least some. At any rate, when not in complete blockstun against Sent, and having (I was using anyway) Sent-a assist…

When you see HSF coming…, / , airdash, (f)hp<hk, \ /, [dash, ©,smk,xx,/ \ u/f, (f)lk, airdash forward, ©lk,mk,hp,hk, \ /]xN

So yea, next time Sent tries to HSF all up in your space, shut that fokker up with an infinite! (yay… I found a new infinite… again)

Sim has a decent number of infinites that are fairly easy to setup… they’re just really hard to perform consistantly and don’t take a ton of damage. =/



edit: after testing with a friend, Sent recovers before the hit comes out…

To the above post… here’s how it seems to work… slides under the first set of drones, and Sent assist eats the upper hits of HSF (since he’s taller) which clears that set for your super jump… so the super jump gets you out just after the first set of drones. Wait to airdash until you’ve cleared drone height (otherwise you’ll eat drones and a phatty combo), then with the airdash, far hp, then delay for the far hk, land, dash, and start the infinite (lol… found it tonight).

So, yea… I hate HSF, so it’s time to punish it! (and for no bars and into infinite and snap or super and DHC) Hopefully once I check I’ll be able to confirm about the blockstun. As long as you can get the under the HSF, you’re golden.


awassup mura long time no chat!!! i remember when i was a scrub asking about megaman and you helped me out… . hahaha long time!!


ps. i wanna learn sim should i start storm/dhal/tbonne or dhal/storm/tron?

If Storm>Tron has decent DHC (I imagine you can prolly drop them into the lunchrush) I would prolly go Sim/Storm/Tron. Dhalsim is a good battery because he can build so much bar. And he can runaway/range… more ranging than runaway. He builds bar for Storm to use as hail or whatever and usually tries to whittle away at their team (he can do TONS of damage if given the oppurtunity, but a lot is from just a few hits at a time ranging them out). Sim>Storm gives you the option of any of his normals,xx,qcf+kk, and DHC to hail. qcf+kk is instant startup which makes it nice for the DHC. That DHC is safe if you need to get him out… really good offa strings punishing assists, and you can guaranteed it offa seeing a single one of his ranged attacks hit.

General rule my matches seem to follow… Sim builds the bars, then…
a)if you are owning, he can use some of them
b)if you’re almost dead, you can safely get him the hell out
c)in either case, if using the next character, you usually have bars to burn.

In other related news… I’ll soon be making a post of all his infinites I know so far (I think I’ve found like 3 new ones in the past two days), and ways to punish supers of all of the big 4 (depending on which super, 0-2 bars and the right characters behind him… they’re gonna eat something!)

Sorry, I might post again sometime soon, but I got bored… nobody else ever posted anything. o.O

sent/capcom fucking cheap.


sup with the infinites. i only know the harder than life one.

p.s. insanelee still scrub.