The MvC3 Akuma Q & A thread



Post any and all questions regarding akuma in mvc3 here.


Is there any way you can counter Akuma’s tatsu when done close?


Any good setups/mixups for XFactored or regular Akuma when characters come in?


I know a way my friend does it he waits until almost the last spin of tatsu and push blocks me and it gives him enough room to do cr. m or h when i land. I can’t do anything since he times it just right that it hits right when I land, only works with m. tatsu and h.tatsu.

My question is: Is there anyway akuma can be used for an OTG assist, maybe I’m just timing it wrong, but it seems akuma has way to much start up in his OTG fire kick assist for it to be used in combos.


I’ve been trying to approach with an air tatsu into maybe a low or something like that. I’d like to learn some more mind-games Akuma can play. He has some wonderful self OTGs and combos, so if I could find more of a way to mess people up with him, it’d be great.


Call giant assist that completely blocks your vision of akuma (i.e. sentinel) overhead, chain into launcher


Use his teleport in conjunction with assist


This is pretty essential.


Hi, I’m having trouble comboing after using the Mk demon flip to OTG. What is the best move to use after the OTG? Is there special spacing or timing i’m missing?


The trick to it is actually the timing of your air hits. If you slow your hits down in the air, especially between H and S you can do it more easily as it allows more time. Also the spacing is actually important as you will whiff if you do the wrong one, or crossup accidentally. Generally, full screen = H flip pushed, pushed into corner at VERY END of combo = M flip, and combo is deep in corner = L flip. Practice in the corner doing S > a.M > a.M > a.H > a.S > L.Flip > M.Followup until you get it to bounce! Practice makes perfect.


Perfect just the information I was looking for thank you VERY much!


Dive kicks and normal jump medium and heavy Tatsus aplenty with assists like Sentinel missiles covering you. Amongst these, throw in some lows, some overheads, and Demon Flips with the palm and the dive kick.

Demon Flip dive kick is really useful because it looks like the normal dive kick, except it hits overhead. Normal dive kicks don’t.


I could have sworn regular dive kick hits high as well. Could be me though.

In any case, What I try to do (but never have ever successully pulled off), is call a low-hitting assist, and demon flip dive kick for the so-called unblockable.


No, regular dive kicks ( :d: + :m: ) hit mid, but they are still good for mixups because they hit crossup if you jump high enough.

If you can get the opponent stuck getting hit by an assist (Sentinel drones is still my favorite) or if they are just being really defensive anyway, then throw a standing overhead ( :f: + :m:) in there. It hits almost 100% of the time if it doesn’t get interrupted because people aren’t used to ground moves hitting high in Marvel games.


^^ This

I cant tell you how many times this has opened people up for me. One of the best ways i get in with Akuma is using Dante’s Jam Session assist > overhead. Pressure with tatsu’s and call Dante. If they block Dante on the ground you have enough time to dash forward and overhead > launcher if they are blocking low…

Also, using assists like Dante’s Weasel shot, Task’s arrows, Arthur’s spears can create some sick mixups after a blocked string --> teleport especially in the corner.


can someone plz tell me how to punish Akuma’s Tatsumaki with a Deadpool or Magneto? Help is VERY much appreciated.


at close range, tatsu assist is very hard to punish since it comes out so fast. it’s not invulnerable, it’s just fast and has a pretty big hitbox. looks like you play magneto, so countering the assist with force field would probably work and catch your opponent off guard. I don’t play 'pool so I can’t comment too much on that. for me in general, it’s probably best to stay out of the tatsu’s range and zone your opponent out, lest you get hit and combo’d for free after that-- or even better, snap akuma in and kill him off.


Thanks, man. I also figured that push blocking near the Tatsu’s semi-final kick leaves him open to punishment as well.


Quick question: i would like to know akuma’s frame data, more specifically I need to know exactly how many invincibility frames does his shoryuken have.


it has 1-6 for light 1-7 for medium 1-10 for Fierce invinciblity frames, this is out the bible