The MvC3 Hulk thread

Did you try running away and shooting Hulk in his big dumb face, dude? It’s kinda like fighting Haggar. Yeah, you SHOULD be able to score combos and take him out, but there’s the ever present risk of pipe. Just get away from him and keep him there. He lacks ranged options, and he’s so big it’s not hard to pepper him with projectiles. Dante should have plenty of tricks to keep him out, just be careful and don’t give him a free chance to Gamma Crush. Or, I dunno, smack him with the hammer? It’s like, invincible, ain’t it?

I run at the start of the match (I hate messing with armored moves) but he follows me so I have to play close range at the start. If I jump and try to throw out Hammer he throws me before I can get it out and the “fun” starts again. And I’m pretty sure staying on the ground isnt safe. I guess what I meant to ask is, how do I get Hulk outta my face?

Gamma charge AA (any strength, then H follow up) is safe on block - +5 at the best, so you can’t do anything about that unless he hits you really high up. Use advancing guard against the second hit to push him out. Proper use of advancing guard is the best way to beat Hulk - he has great frame traps that lead into big damage if you try and press buttons when he’s in your face, so don’t bother. As soon as you prove you know how to deal with Hulk pressing buttons, he has to go for air throw/command throw to score damage.

In short, don’t let him get close. If he does, then either use Haggar/Tron assist, or be prepared to advance guard correctly.

Yeah just like electric said, Adv. Guard is Hulk’s worst enemy. You really have no choice but to push the second hit of AA Gamma Charge since it’s +5 on block. If you don’t AG his AA Charge you are likely to get opened up by the frame trap and lose a character to THE STRONGEST THERE IS!!! (couldnt resist, you baited me :D)

Dante usually ruins me with that guitar shit too. I don’t have any clue what it’s called, but it’s the Jam Session look-alike without the vertical column. Pretty much stops any approach options. That, hammer (make sure not to just jump right infront of him, you’ll get the spin cycle), and zoning with the purple spirit bomb (make sure you’re above gamma wave height and far enough back not to get Crushed). Dante is a bad matchup for Hulk imo.

Liquid plays Dante and Hulk both, he probably has better advice honestly.

Thanks for all the help

In the interest of having the UMvC3 character threads be as awesome as possible, I am posting here to offer up my current Ultimate Dormammu Thread as a base skeleton to anyone who intends to manage a character thread, or something similar, in Ultimate. It is currently stripped of information, and will remain so until about a week before release. I am not attempting to toot my own horn, but rather offer to others what took me quite a bit of work to do, so that those who would rather not spend the time on such things do not have to.

I have received a lot of compliments to-date about the structure, and a few people have requested permission to use its structure for UMvC3, so I thought I would go around and make the offer to others who might not be aware that someone out there has already done the grunt work for them (haha). Because I am posting this in all the character forums, and this is time consuming on its own, I have not taken the time to check for how developed the thread I am posting on current is. Thus, I ask that no one be offended at my suggestion if your character forum is well constituted already - I mean no intrusion upon your methodologies!

Here is a link to the thread blueprint:

You can get an example of what it looks like when filled out here:

You are of course entirely welcome to change whatever you like if you want to incorporate this structure into your own thread. I have all of my posts saved as Word documents on my computer. If you would like these documents instead of having to copy/paste from the main threads, please feel free to PM me your email address, along with the character thread they will be used for, and I will gladly send them.

Highest Regards to All,

^Nice, I’ve always liked the way you formatted the Dorm thread. This could be rather useful

Awesome stuff, and yes, I’ve always liked your Dorm thread setup.

So. You guys have any general strategy to fighting Zero? I’ve gotten past a lot of Hulks bad matchups and have formulated a strategy against almost every character but Zero seem just impossible to beat. He’s always in the air chucking plasma at and running away and if I take a hit, he’s able to confirm into a full combo. Even when I catch the little fucker, his normals beat everything I can throw at him. The only way I’ve ever really had any succes in catching a Zero is air throw but since his j. H is so godlike, I often get teched out. My team is Hulk, Deadpool, Sentinel and pretty much every one of them lose against Zero (Deadpool can probably hang with him the best though) so they’re not much help either.

I also have a bit of trouble against Ammy for sorta the same reasons… But since they’re nerfing airdashes, she probably won’t be nearly as big of a problem as she’s right now.

I also have problems with Zero, he can out zone hulk or stay in hulks face with no real problem. The main thing is that if you manage to get a hit on him, you will most likely kill him with one combo. Just remember to push block and use your assist’s to make it tough for zero to keep pressure on you.

Yeah, I’d say Zero is one of his toughest matchups. The multi-hitting fully charged buster singlehandedly ruins the matchup. As a result, your choice of assists will make a HUGE impact. I’d recommend Disruptor or Doom’s Plasma Beam.

Luckily, Zero won’t be able to zone as much in Ultimate. Our couple of buffs will help us too.

Id recommend pressing H less. Lol

Couldn’t tell you the last time I played a really good Zero, but I agree the matchup is a rough one, especially if he’s got some nice assists backing him up.

A friend of mine recently picked him up on point (with Doom and Taskmaster backup) and I sorta just went about business as usual. Since Zero is made of wet tissue paper it worked pretty well, as one touch obliterates him. Jump in defensively and look for air throws or risk pressing a button; hopefully you have the assists to help you work off that. My Hulk/Deadpool “unblockable” setup kinda helped, and having Wesker gun after any airthrow was a huge boon. Again, I dunno if my buddy really understood much outside of “shoot buster, use godlike normals” into “long-ass 700k meterless combo”…but I somehow bodied him pretty badly every time.

Yeah, I kinda guessed that a beam assist was my best bet. Thanks.

What are everyones thought on the damage buff gamma tornado has received?

It was needed considering the risk involved. If you guess wrong, you lose a huge chunk of your life, and vice versa. It’ll be interesting to see how his command throw combos will change now, since he has wallbounces.

I can actually see people going for more corner resets now, I’m so hyped now, we only have 2 weeks till can get our hands on that new hulk.

The little bit of extra damage doesn’t matter that much if it still scales combos after as severely as it did.

What DOES matter is that it floats higher now, allowing you to combo off of it in the corner easily with an OTG.

Reposting here from the other thread…

So I got the game last night and seeing how Hulk was my main in Vanilla, he was the first character I tried out.

  • His solo damage has been DRASTICALLY buffed. I didn’t realize how much extra damage his modifications would bring. In Vanilla, Hulk’s damage one a standard BNB ending in a super was about 600-650K. In UMVC3, with the Impact Punch and the wall-bounce from AA Gamma Charge -> M, that standard assist-less combo ranges from 790K-950K. WITHOUT AN ASSIST!

  • Due to the aforementioned changes, an OTG assist for Hulk is much less of a requirement this time around. He still NEEDS an assist to apply pressure and get in, but an OTG assist is not mandatory. (Or so it seems so far)

  • The Impact Punch is…pretty fucking good. It can lead to all sorts of mind games. Combined with the right assist and the additional armor on Gamma Charge, Hulk has options for punishing opponents. Cancelling into AA GC -> H or Gamma Tornado will be a very viable means of applying pressure.

  • He “feels” faster. I cannot put my finger on it, but he just feels…quick.

  • Hulk always was a beast in the corner, but I feel he will be even strong in the mid-range in this game.

Overall the changes are really beneficial to his game. I need to reserve my final judgment after I get some games under my belt against real competition, but Hulk seems to have taken a step in the right direction.

I’m kind of agreeing with this so far. I was surprised by how well Hulk can do midscreen without assists. I also didn’t know that st.M -> Impact Punch was possible until today. That adds a bit more time to hit confirm.

On the otg thing, he still uses those air throws, so that’s important. Plus, random unblockables are always nice. I’d say that, now in Ultimate, it is up to the player to decide whether he wants an otg assist or another lockdown/get-in/any type of assist. But, you’d be passing up free damage, and who wants that?