The Mysteries of a.k.a (how and when do you use it?)



I’ve been trying to find some useful applications for this move. I feel as though I underutilize it as a bait tool. It’s safe and odd enough to be unexpected. How do you guys use this move?


You know that moment when someone expects you to dash in and you know they’re expecting it? That’s when I use it. I’ll also use it when just outside of it’s range and have the next poke.


It can be “chained” into from twd.Jab (you don’t even have to hold towards to chain), it doesn’t combo, it isn’t useful, but maybe you’d like to know?

Also, it can be punished on hit, pretty much only time I ever use it is to reset after EX Hayate. I always assume that when someone does a twd.Short, it was an execution error, most likely meant to be Kara-Karakusa.