The myth of tomo ohira debunked!



hi guys,jeff,tomo and mike are like the little sisterhood of false boast and lies.How sad is it that they have 360s and tomo wont reveal his friggin gamertags to me or anyone else.Ill be making some TOMO call out vids real soon tomo is a BITCH you see THE TRUTH is always way DIFFRENT then these myths and legends people bee leeve about something.TOMO if your soo fucking good play me 1st to 7 rotate characters each match ohh wait you only play ryu and guile LOL guile is a fail on online sf 2 HF your a fail tomo.All youve done since 1994 is RUN and you know what im calling you a chicken shit becuase you are scared of me and what I will do to your rep and legacy once I hit the record button if we ever play,I predict a 7 to 0 victory rocky rose CRUSHES TOMO.


Mike watson has refused to play me online as well,He claims lag but HF traditional runs smooth and fast 1vs 1 we can set match lobby to privite mike so no one can jion in and lag the game up.Mike is recently been in a video mouthing off to DSP becuase mike is soooo sore that DSP raped him last time they played ST.MIKE I PROMISE if you get the balls to play me on xbox live I will beat your ass and show the whole sf 2 community your NOTHNG but a joke A VERY FAT JOKE would you like a DOUGHNUT and some diet coke?? [media=youtube]T0xWCkLFxoM[/media]


Are you drunk?


Not drunk but rather obsessed with my every move.

This guy follows me around and has clearly been looking at some of my recent posts about Tomo, jeff and mike.

I’m the one debunking the myth of tomo along with Ubercyberbeast.

Rocky, up until a couple days ago you were the one singing the praises of tomo and jeff shaeffer.

The documentary is coming borne out of the fact that certain people cannot stand the scrunity and heat i have subjected them to and are clearly only interested in polemics and lies. The real story of tomo, jeff, mike and the golden age of SF2.

It will be the first in a series of documentaries featuring key players within the community.

Its currently a work in progress, the script is being written as we speak and is gonna be produced by myself and Ubercyberbeast.

Its titled “I got banged by the machine”. A play on the title of the the famous documentary bang the machine.

For too long we have been shafted ( banged ) by the people ( mainly one man ) that control the ideas and the dissemination of information related to the early days of SF2, the “machine” of the title if you will.

“Sf2 royalty” ( geriatrics ) that are above scrunity, mock the rule of law, delete any opposing point of view, rewrite the history of the early days, hiss and spit when confonted and essentially defame the greatest player of all time Daigo Umehara.

The documentary is a rational, evidence based counter argument to the BS narrative that players from the "golden era were and are the best of all time.

It features the key players from that era, Jeff Plumber who later changed his name to shaeffer to gain more recognition within the scene, Mike Watson, Osaki, Tomo etc. It gives a lot of interesting history and demystifys and unspins a lot of the distortion.

Watch this space. In the meantime Rocky learn to play SF and get some original material.


Elton your wrong ive found out that tomo and jeff and MIKE have a 360 but are tooo fucking scared to play anyone or give out thier tags JEFF has admitted HE CANT BEAT ME in a youtube email he sent early ths morning.He said hes no where near as good as HE WAS.But elton thats the reason i made these post is to call tomo and mike out for being cowards jeff manned up and said hes just not got it anymore on sf 2 HF.


Hey, you, child of the corn. You conveniently did not ever reply to my challenge to you. GGPO, HF, let’s go. Or would you rather keep chasing players that don’t even play anymore just so you could tell the other children of the corn about how they dodge you?

Hey Isaac, a time of tribulation has come. A test, the Final Test, is at hand.

So whattayasay? :stuck_out_tongue:


DECOY I beat you 24 games to 7 on xbox live REMEMBER??? my chun li crushed your blanka and my ehonda BROWBEAT you.Ill play on xbox 360 you scrub DECOY lets go.This time its gonna be 30 to 0 my win yet again


I remember decoy loseing to scrubby players back in 2006 version of forums some really awful honda scrubs even beat you DECOY you were complaining about it on forums ill see if I can find the post HEHE.


heres a thread I CALLED YOUR scared ass out to PLAY on 360 and you BITCHED OUT N NEVER REPLIED


The forum you complained about players beating you was srk way back in 2006 you couldnt even beat queen tom LOL.DECOY SHUT your fucking mouth your not on my level your a blanka scrub even jeff schaffer says you suck really bad.Tomo will be my next callout video He has a 360 so TOMO why not play me,you scared tomo?Ill be uploading 20 sf 2 matches starting tommorow and a tomo callout vid jeff admitted im too good for his skill as of now.MIke is a fat mouthy ass sore MUTHF****** he will NEVER play me cuz he cant even beat DSP on console sf 2 versions LOL.TOMO I give credit to CIGARBOB,lyghts out,nar ceasar I called them out and THEY HAD THE BALLS TO PLAY they got beat badly but THEY STEPPED UP AND PLAYED your balls are the size of planters peanuts TOMO your too scared to play


He’ll be uploading 20 videos over the course of 2000 posts, based on his posting style.


Ill only be uploading some close good matches instead of 1 sided matches that arent too fun too watch.Tomo is the floyd mayweather of sf 2 HF running LIKE a BITCH TOMO has a man with a crush on him called JEFF SCHAFFER who is a TOMO nuthugger and lies about tomos LOSSES.Tomo has a 360 and im pretty sure he has 5 bucks to downlaod sf 2 HF which in a paticular spot in jeffs new vids he says he played a gm with 1 of the best players to ever play that game HE MEANS SF 2 HF he admitted that on my sock account I wrote him on.I will take tomos legacy and break in in half I will humilate him if he ever plays me and go into a EPIC RAGE RANT during the vidsI make of me beating him.AS for decoy he has no intention of doing nothing but running his mouth last time we played for 2 hours in a row it was 24 games to 7 my WIN.DECOY you shouldnt talk bad on cornfields,UFOS seem to write messeges in the crops so cornfields are all the rage even to UFOS.


LoL lOnG lIvE rOcKy RoSe !1! Sending a friend invite!