The name of this game


Hey guys, I will try to be as specific as I can on this so please… please be patient with me.

About 2 years ago, I’ve came across a gameplay video of this fighting game. It appeared to be anime based which caught my attention. What was featured was male teen protagonist going against a female teen who both were wielding swords.

Now, I’ve been searching and searching for this game once again… but alas I’ve had no luck… so now I come today on my last leg in hopes one of you would know the name of this game.

I’m going to be a little more specific now:

One character featured a very bulky man who fought with a scythe.
One character featured a Gothia in a french maid outfit who fought with a Rapier(?)

The male teen fought in majority of the matches against a female teen and they both wielded swords.

This game had special attacks and everything of the sort.

This is all I can remember for now… Any lead would be nice… no matter how small or loose it may be.

Thanks in advance.


2-D or 3-D?

Only 2-D game that comes to mind is Under Night In-Birth( but this game was announced last year and still in development, so it’s probably not it.


2-D fighter.


I thought this game was going to be forever lost to me.

You sir/madam deserve any cookie of your choice. My treat.