The Naruto thread!

Well seeing as Naruto seems to be very popular among the members of SRK, I thought it’d be a good idea to post images (ala the Hot Girl threads) of the series, fanart or otherwise that we could all share.

So if you’re up for it, then by all means join in.

Here’s some Itachi for a few of you out there.



More Itachi.


What is Naruto again? i’m not anime savvy, so i have no idea what it is. explain, McChibi.

Its an anime!

oh right, i’m sorry. spank me now.

and this is the only pic of Naruto i have.

Naruto is what you could consider to be a bigger, better rendition of Dragonball Z. While DBZ had plenty of fights, it did tend to lag on, and the character development was left on the sidlines as the fights continued.

Naruto holds some deep concetration for character development, and it spans across most of its rather large cast. It’s an anime about children becoming ninjas, and the trials, troubles, and tribulations they must hurdle over. It’s quite good.


This thread already has fourty six views, I had better some more replies here in the morning.


Still some more Itachi.


One more Itachi for tonight.



Chibi doesn’t fancy da ladies.

Naruto’s fights are sometimes dragged out for too long (3 episoders for 1 fight). It’s at episode 69 now, and it’s finally starting to get good again. The manga isn’t bad either.


I could’ve sworn you mentioned something about Hot Girls…where dey at???:mad:

And also post your Naruto avatars. I’ve seen some really good ones here. I want to see more like my new one by HG142. <3

A Good anime!!!..i’d have to say its elite…

i mean the anime speaks for itself…anyways


who is itachi ?? he is like a replica of satsuke


He’s Sasuke’s older brother.