The NDS Phantasy Star 0 Thread


I thought it’d be good to have a real Phantasy Star Zero thread instead of making
a sub thread out of the DS thread that exists.

Just for the record, I saw blue Rappies in one of the areas. I’ll see if I can tell
you where. These little guys are random.

  • The Gunblade weapon doubles as a shotgun during the focus(hold L button) mode. Regardless of what you do, the weapon will use the original Photon Art assigned to it.

Friend Codes thus far

JackTenrac!- 1204 9771 5721
Reazen- 0474-7971-3965
Mango91- 4039-6332-4966
RagingStormX- 1548 5449 3989
Lunamaster- 4984-5278-1937


HAHA the NDS don’t get much love here. ill let u know whenever i pick up this game


PS0 needs more love, playing with randoms online gets old.


I keep forgetting that this game is out… I’m going to go read up on it and hope that it makes me want to go buy it tomorrow.


Got to hard mode. It’s greaaat.


Lemme know if you wanna do any runs Jack, I still play this pretty regularly. Slowly working my way o Super Hard Mode