The Nebraska scene 'o7 Edition


New times await us. Lets make this year one to remember.

I’ll get which yall later



My Omaha niggas to come to this shit, dont sleep


your old thread still has like 90 sumthin posts left :arazz: cheaters lol


Gotta start that shit early before another scrub makes a thread.:rofl:

Man I gotta play something else. Shits getting boring.

Alphas suck now, CvS2 is fun only if the other guy is good.

Old school is dumb cause I cant triangle kick with Fei Long.

I dont wanna learn Marvel.

They took those lil people in the corner away from Guilty Gear so now I cant see my opponent when they hitting me with fire and flashy effects.

I need to gather up some fools and play Power Stone 2 with all the items.

Any takers?



good luck with that, man.


Nebraska is dope. And remember, we’re beating Japan this year. :slight_smile:



good shit yo know


yall going to the Center or what?


so wats the happs at the end of Dec. or Jan?

havent been on in awhile so im lost


Hey, I think we’re gonna run the next Columbia MO tournament on January 14th… does that work for you guys? It’s gonna be GG 3S ST and MVC2.


rock out with your cock out hang out with your wang out is not a lil wayne dis its not!!! hahahah u dont know what this means!!!

Its from a movie!!! lol hahahahah yaye!


Are you guys dead… last post was in November.

Anyways just wanted to give you guys an advanced warning about this tourney.

We’re gonna have our second annual Middle of Nowhere tournment in Columbia. Hosted by me and 722.

The tournament is scheduled for jan 13, which is about a month from now. We’re planning to have it in a hotel and I’ll be looking at different hotels tomorrow, I’ll make a thread for it soon (like by friday), so start makin your plans.

We will be having ST (capcomClassicsVol2), 3s(ps2), Guilty Gear Slash(ps2), and Marvel (DC). So if any of you guys have a jap ps2 or regular ps2, a copy of 3s, or CapcomClassicsVol2 or anythin else, we’d appreciate it if you could bring it.


THAT CRACK does wonders…:wink:


Middle Of Nowhere '07 Thread

Post up!!!


Yo yall wanna hit this up? If so i got the back seat in the Honda wit the tinted windows!


Merry Christmas fools. Aye dont let life beat yall down man, stay up. You guys are good keep playing. Just make time for it.



Hey just wondering. If I get a couple players from CO, would you guys be down to get together for some friendlies? Just mad practice. Can put money on the line but really I just wana practice. Figure it’d be good to get out of our normal competition and practice with you guys. Not thinking anytime real soon. Maybe something like March, or during people’s Spring Break or something.


New Years tomorrow hope all you guys are gonna have a good holiday.

Trauma Center is where it’s at!!!:rofl: