The Neo Geo Battle Coliseum Tactics/Strategy/Tips/Misc

I can’t believe there hasn’t been a thread dedicated to this game yet. I haven’t played it yet mainly because of time constraints. I plan on hitting an arcade soon. Until then post anything you have discovered, personal strategies, general opinions about certain characaters and/or the overall game…

I went to play some NGBC. Unfortunately, there was only one guy playing and he was pathetic. Beat him way too quickly.

Anyway, I’m going to post my impressions. The controls were easy as pie. YES!! I was scared that it was going to be as shitty as SvCs controls were. I was pulling off all the shit I wanted without a sweat. I am definitely playing more of this game now.

I kept getting stuffed out of Double Assaults. The computer just kept whooping me everytime I initiated one. Guess I better combo them in better…

Backgrounds are decent animations are pretty straight. Nothing wowed the fuck out of me, but hey its all about the gameplay, so I dont really let it bother me.

Someone should make a good movelist FAQ the ones in gamefaqs are shitty as fuck. Basically, I cant wait to play some more later this weekend. I hate playing the computer, I want to play real people. Always way more fun. Also, I gotta get used to changing my guys before they die. I kept forgetting to switch them around.

ill see how this weekend looks maybe i could start up a simple faq… ive got the mook so that will be a big help.

yeah double assaults are only really for comboing into, they will also work like any ranbu on a flying enemy but even then they are prolly relatively easy to stuff.

I think the top 2 should be Big and Marco, followed by Kim, Kaede and Kyo in the next tier.

Thanks a mil Beezle! I appreciate you taking time to help the fighting game community. A simple FAQ now is good enough, I at least want to know all the moves a character has, or see if my old favorites have new ones.

Now about the tier lists. I hate them. All they do is make scrubs use whatever is supposed top tier at the moment. I play whatever characters I like. I hope this game doesnt become like CvS2 where EVERYONE had to have at least Blanka/Sagat in their team and always put last.

Is no one else playing the game? I wish I could go back to the arcade and play it but work is really beasting on me now.

If anyone has played this game… how is it?