The Neo Geo Pocket Color Appreciation Thread

Don’t ask why, but I just pulled this off the shelf, replaced the backup battery, dusted off the slightly scratched screen, and played some MOTM. Now I have my entire collection strewn in front of me and remembering how awesome this little console that could was. I picked it up when it was being released in the packs with like 4 games for 50 bucks. Some absolutely great stuff on that little thing.

For those in the know, post your memories here.

PS: FurryCurry, I STILL have your Sonic Pocket Adventure, lol.

shitty release in america, imo.

still have my ngp.

came out right before the gameboy color, iirc.

i’d still like to see an american wonderswan (crystal or other)

Best d-pad/joystick ever to be released to the public. I love my Pocket Color, I just need to get rid of one of my copies of Card Battlers. I have 2 copies of the SNK version.

I’d take it, but that’s the version I have, lol.

I take it the Capcom side is rarer, being the more popular version here.

Wait a second, I was wrong. I just pulled them out and they are both the Capcom version. If you want to trade hit me up with a PM, I’m always looking to expand my NGPC collection.

I had one of these. I had CVS, the CVS card game(both versions), Sonic, Samurai Shodown, and Fatal Fury.

I loved that little machine. Awesome d-pad too.

the fortune teller on the ngpc hates me.


Wow, Amazon STILL has some of the 4-Packs.

AMAZING deal for those who still have the console.

Yup i love the Neo Geo pocket, i actually have two of them still…Clear & Silver…

BTW Fortune teller hearts me…

I remember looking at that Sonic Pocket Adventure and that CVS mashup, whatever it was called. Looked good, but I was only a young lad back then, and didn’t have any lawns to mow.


any one remember how awesome that sNK vs CApco mcard game was? i didnt even like card games til then.

I always always ALWAYS wanted one of these, I should have gotten one with a bunch of games instead of collecting genesis games again.

The legend of NGPC will NEVER die

(if you check out the omake section you can find some animated gifs I made when I was in college… 9 freaking years ago when the emulator was released)


I still have mine, and I still play “Gals Fighter” sometimes.

(I always dreamt of a girls-only fighting cross-over fighting game on a real console/arcade…).

The Sonic game for the system was just TOO good. Wish it allowed you to play as other characters though.

NGPC was LEAGUES ahead of Game Boy and Game Gear in terms of game play, I just wish I knew it existed when I was a kid. Last Blade on there is too good!

I actually had one of the first english language neo geo pocket fansites on the internet before the system even came out. I belive it was called “Kim’s neo geo pocket fansite” or something equally dorky. I wish I could find it.

I bought a NGP black and white unit from some 16 year old kid on usenet who never sent me my shit, and then someone from Neo-Alec’s chatroom heard about it and sent me his old B&W he didn’t use because he upgraded to a Neo geo pocket color.

Then I got a color…damn that system was off the chain, best D-pad EVER, and GREAT fighters and also RPGs, and Card Fighters Clash is one of my favorite games ever. It’s too bad the new Card fighters on DS is one of the worst games of all time.

SNK vs Capcom was SvC done right. The fact that Gief could combo into 360/720 was lolz, though.

I’d play mine more if the screen wasn’t scratched up :-(. I loved MOTM, the mini-games, too. All of the fighters were pretty great. Too bad it didn’t get more support.

As a side note, an english patch was released for Card Fighters Clash 2, I think.