The NeoGeo Battle Coliseum Good games thread

yall know what to do :rock:

Can anyone post impressions on the net code? I would love to get into this game!

is there anyone online yet since everyone is waiting to hear if the netcode is shit or not? :slight_smile:

I’m getting this in a couple minutes, GAF says the netcode is alright. Not great, but leaps and bounds better than what you’d expect from SNK.

the netcode is better than garou 98um and kof 12 get the game its fun

The Netcode is good, just stay under 150ms Pings.

Good games to a fuckton of people throughout the day, See ya’ll online in a bit.

Woo, I’m excited, games downloading as I type this… it was so hard to find people to play this with when i would bring set-ups to random tourneys, but now i got the internets

GGS to all the people l played over the days fun shit !!!

ggs to all i played tonight.

Netcode GOOD, not great.

Wow, I’m impressed with the netcode, played several matches today and neither my opponents or I experienced much lag throughout the matches, only in the menus and whatnot. Even the dragon stage ran without slowdown, lol (on ps2, that stage sometimes stopped the game).

Hell yeah its laggy on that stage on PS2 LOL!!! I went to that level just to see!!! I want to play somebody PLEASE!!! I suck at this but shit its a lot well kinda reminds me of CVS2 for some reason…come on I want to learn NOW…I am online right now

Runs perfect to me (0-200ms). Very, very good online from SNK. About time.

I certainly can’t complain. Played a few games last night and they were, for the most part, pretty smooth.

had some games with 50-80ms, but i dunno if the game speed has slowed down alot in this version since it felt faster in the PS2 version.

but yea. good netcode anyways.

dunno about you guys but i already hate fighting marco lol. gun rat gun rat gun rat grenade.

gg’s to anyone i played today. anyone midwest feel free to add me. 200 ping games are gettin old. :slight_smile:

learn to sidestep and gcfs those strings…

GG’s to everyone so far!

Good games to everyone I have played recently.

where are you guys!!! all i am playing are JAPS!!!