The NEOGEO Battle Coliseum Mega-thread


New characters and screenshots of NEOGEO Battle Coliseum!!!

Info from AM show Japan

Neogeo Battle Coliseum: 2 new characters(check the link for illustration)
Fatal Fury series: Terry, Geese, Mai, Tung Fu Rue, Kim
Samurai Shodown: Nakoruru, Asura
Metal Slug: Marco
World Heroes: Hanzou, Fumma

here is link(character select screen with illustration of new characters and more)


World Heroes wate wut oh boy


What the hell? K’ doesn’t look redrawn, and Geese, Mai, and Nako look like they were ripped from RBFF2/SS4. Sheesh, and they made Marco look like a KOF character. That new hardware can produce some nice backgrounds, and I like them a lot, but geez, are they still planning to invest so much into keeping MVS-style sprites?

Well, no big deal. I actually like the RB sprites, and I’m just hoping the gameplay’s up to par…

Oh gee, Hanzo and Fuuma. Now Liokaiser can shut the fuck up.


rah its overdue well overdue but finally the world heroes can clash with the snk pack at last sounds interesting to mix them up

Goro vs Muscle power now that would be something



Is Tidus even allowed in fighting games?!


Do you honestly believe that’ll happen? I foresee months of us being subjected to ridicule for not believing in his “omnipotent deity” powers.



HOLY CRAP! Still no Kyo. I hate Kyo, but that’s just wrong. It’s like a Vs. Game without Ryu or Chun-Li.


Well at least they drew a few new sprites (Marco, Hero, and Heroine) although I would prefer they redraw everything though. SNK and Capcom have gotten way too lazy now. Heres hoping the game play will rock.


Asura, Hanzo and Fumma all have new sprites too. Jurys still out on Tung.

Marco has a pistol, he can shoot standing, ducking and jumping.

Geese has the Deadly Rave.

Tung has a MASSIVE full-screen projectile, shot by his muscular version.

Kand Tung do a tag attack together.

The main characters are named Yuki and Ai.

They also confirmed that Ramon, Kim and Vanessa are indeed the secret characters from KOF: NeoWave (but if you visited MMCafe or, you knew that already).

Go to for pics and videos (the whole presentation of NGBC).

More characters (supposed to be more surprising than those) will be announced at TGS, end of the month. Im thinking theyll have someone from King of the Monsters.



Dude i’m sooooo happy now!!! Hope they’ll add Hon Fu or Duck King as well.


YOU DAMN RIGHT HE IS AND HE GOT SOME NEW ISSH FOR THAT ASS thanks to the fucking man master giby for this shit your the man .p.s. eight one has this thanks eight one


Hey!! That’s Washizuka from LB!!!


Now all I need is Neinhalt Seiger.


Jubei Yamada in in the SS background. Nako and Geese do a tag attack in the video.


ASRA is in this issh it’s all over boys and gurls


Fuuma, Tung And Hanzo?!! Yes Yes Yes!!


Here’s a bit a’ proof, Guv’na!

Pics thanks to Eight-One!


yeah also they have pics of cfj and other fightin games to


Not only was this game shown in Segas presentation, but you can buy SNKP games in SegaDirect now.


Don’t they have exactly the same moves or something similar? I hope they add that fencing chick while they are at it!

I was about to say the same thing.


Marco = The next Cable. ACT LIKE YOU KNOW!!!1!