The Nerfing of Rachel


Yeah, truth be told I haven’t played CS yet(against DLC, $8 a character is BS. I’ll wait for the gold edition) but I keep hearing that Rachel has be uber Nerfed or completely F*cked over. Any Rachael players out there that can tell me how bad this has really affected you? Or is it like the Nerfing of Sagat with the wussies complaining over having to work hard to win a match.


She was nerfed rather hard (although her, along with Arakune and Lambda both needed some serious work done in CT). She has problems netting over 3000 damage in a combo, and her normals are pretty bad now. She still has very good oki though, and there’s always the balance patch which should come out near the end of the year which will hopefully give her much better damage at the least.

The second match onward in this video is a rare occurrence of a Rachel winning in an arcade. You can see she has to work rather hard to win, and the general amount of damage she gets.


From relatively high in tierlists to absolute bottom is quite “f*cked over” I’d say.
I think I’ll skip on CS though. Hoping for patches to do something that works is madness and not the reason why I bought a PS3 console.
And by the time it (patch) comes out I’ll be abroad so I think I’ll be having fun with CT untill then.


just go look at the changelist


So this is just another case of Sagats whining.

Yeah, Rachael’s wind was consistently abused in CT which gave great stride to her corner game but was off balanced. The Frog being spammed was also an annoyance. As for having great normals, why does a character with so many Great projectile attacks need them? She’s a keep away, it just defeats the purpose.

As for her j.2C(that huge ice block) that was definately overpowered(that cancel into combo was also her primary assault and quite cheap, maybe if the hit box wasn’t so big and the effect when used with the wind). Though the frog not attacking during combos is an interesting choice but considering you can blow the frog at them now I’d say that balances out. Funny, one of the things on the change list says less HP for Frog, it already takes one or two hits to do away with that so that doesn’t make sense.

As for the Tier list, I don’t listen to them. I win easy enough with Tager and Link to know they don’t mean anything.


From what I’ve gathered it’s A LOT worse than Vanilla IV Sagat to Super Sagat. People don’t really say Super Sagat sucks.


How bad is it?

Just look at the SBO qualified players. Then look at the SBO qualifiers.

The number of Rachels is microscopic. On a competitive level, she might as well not exist - though there are players who can play her well, they rarely progress far in tournaments. Her proration alone, regardless of any other change, guarantees that she will never deal enough damage to be competitive with the rest of the case. Everything else just makes things worse.


Her damage is absolutely pitiful now. She still has fantastic pressure it’s mainly just the massive damage nerf (although there are a few other issues).

Also @ OP, I wouldn’t expect a “gold edition” for this game, since knowing ASW they’ll likely release a “newer version”, aka balance patch with 2 new characters, within a year or two (likely 2 due to DLC characters). Then again maybe they’ll pull a Capcom and just continue to release DLC/free patches, which would be nice. Either way, they won’t be selling a version with the DLC characters included.


It’s up there with 2nd Impact Sean to 3rd Strike Sean.


Question: How many of you guys based this on consistently playing the game(CS) and how many are just going by other methods(tier list, changelist, word of mouth, etc).

I’m looking to see what a guy who uses Rachel in CS thinks about the changes and guage how much it has effected them.

No gold edition, crap. Well I hope you are wrong but eh, maybe sometime down the line they’ll make the DLC cheaper.
Oh and what are those “other issues”?


BBCS Character Analysis this is a good thread, but here is the excerpt you want:


I’ve played Rachel exclusively in CT. Did not know a single combo for any other character except V-13. DDDDDD. I no longer play Rachel in CS, it’s a waste of time now. A great combo off CH(6B) doesn’t work anymore from what I tried. Distortion Drives are nerfed and useless (new one). Wind is all weirded up.
Frog is okay, balanced in my opinion. It was overpowered in CT. However Pumpkin is now a waste of time from my experience. It took me about 10 matches and an hour of training for realize she’s no longer a fit for me…

I’m now without a main, tried Litchi (not bad, kinda liked it), Arakune (Maybe when I get a joystick I’ll do better?), Tager (Joystick with circle gate would help), Ragna (I hate him on principle though) etc etc. But nothing feels right lol.


It’s funny, everyone complains about how nerfed Rachel is, yet, she still has a lot of her same combos from before and Lobelia combos into airjuggles are still damaging.

Also, her new DD is hilarious to catch people with when they rush in and/or commit to a move that can’t be barriered out of. I’ve lost to a couple of Rachels and beat a few, but those that win, win using that DD. Hilarious.


I suppose I should ask the question: Why do you think the developers did all the nerfing for?

I know my characters(look at sig) were buffed up(can’t wait to spam that fireball) but why? Does anyone have the reasoning behind Rachal being taken out back with a Nerfgun?


Because she was too strong and they couldn’t foresee how bad the nerfs would affect her? I mean look at Tsubaki. I doubt they expected her to turn out horrible.


Yeah but all they had to do was some very minor playtesting to detect exactly what was wrong with those 2 characters. I mean even a person who had never played the game before probably could have told you exactly why they’re bad within 5 minutes by just comparing characters.


With the level ASW has stooped to I wouldn’t be surprised if Rachel will return to be a good character again when you buy Valkenhayn or something. You’ll get a message: “Valkenhayn poured Rachel some tea” and she becomes who se supposed to be.

But back to SF101’s question, what I remember is that she actually seemed to be nerfed worse than her current state in early testing. Her lightning poles would even disappear the way pumpkin and george did (when you get hit). So someone must’ve really hated her at ASW or something.


Exactly. Why does the best zoning character need such great normals, high damaging combos, a 90% perfect AA (6A), and the ability to stop your movement in any direction at any time?

She deserved to be nerfed, just as badly as Nu did (hell, Nu players should be complaining more since she isn’t even available in the game aside from Unlm.), although, personally, I don’t really see the effects since she still beats the shit out of my character with a teacup and her eyes closed.

I think Nu players got the worst treatment, honestly. Even though Lambda is good, Nu is a monster.


Nu players are fine, since Lambda is actually viable - and one of the most balanced characters in the game. Rachel, on the other hand…

Well, not sure why they didn’t fix some of the things during the loketests. But it’s all on ASW, and we’ll have to wait for the balance patch.


This explains the rest of your post(s).