The Netflix Thread


By the sounds of it, it would make more sense it being a sequel to 10 Cloverfield Lane


I wouldn’t say it “tanked the entire series”. Every Alien movie has been garbage since part 2 but, the first two are still held in high regard. The first two Cloverfield movies are still great.

Paradox is definitely forgettable crap though. Speaking of the Alien series, with the release of Paradox, we have yet another promising trilogy that was going strong until the 3rd movie showed up and wrecked everything.


Well duh everybody knows that lol, as soon as she showed up I was like’ oh shit’ its the Geisha! Not counting her most famous role, to us, is crouching dragon hidden penis. Hell, at best it was a nostalgic cameo cause the rest of the movie was grade A bullshit. Hell, the scenes on earth i recently learned, were reshot cause test audiences actually asked for monsters, they did not give the slightest of fucks of what went on on the station, both of the good scenes were made after the movie was wrapped up lol.


On a different note, catching up with Alterned Carbon, show is really decent, fuck Yaya Han and her twitter storm, this movie is really some good cyber punk.


Watched The Ritual 2017 today, went in with no high expectations and I was rly surprised by how good this movie was.
The pace at how the tense was building up was paced rly well.
No cheap jump scares, just the overall movie atmosphere made this so creepy and scary to watch.
I highly recommend this movie to any horror fan.


I don’t have a twitter, nor do I want one. Whatever she says is free traction for the show. These struggle issues are a means to an end, presumingly, to get a more diverse viewership demographic. It’s lazy but it’s probably working.

The resolution in Altered Carbon was worth it, to say the least. The quote at the end was a simple but poetic touch. I wish they did more with the AI Hotel guy. He’s easily the most compelling character.


Finished Altered Carbon last night. It was enjoyable, but it was mostly because of the world/setting, and not necessarily the plot as I thought it was kind of weak.


i dont care how fuckin shitty this series ends up being. im fuckin in


Looks like Downs’ Damon…


I’m strongly hoping they manage to evolve the good guy bad guy basic story.

The bad philosophy was of course the Cobra Kai sensei and the good philosophy was Miyagi. Everyone knew that.

Wiki page on the TV series:

Ralph on a downturn as his father figure is gone.

Johnny trying to fix his life by going back to something that was at one point, certainly good to him. Maybe Johnny’s high school years were his best years. Maybe, as he said at the beginning of Karate Kid, Johnny did not get his life together in his senior year of high school and didn’t really ever make it in life.

We’ll see what space he’s in.

As we see in the video, he’s repeating the bad phrases of Cobra Kai, Do or Die, Hit hard, Hit fast. Did the writers evolve this to be relevant today?

Are we going to see a modern version of UFC style bad philosophy? All results? Focus on winning at all costs? Maybe Ralph’s students are whole and strong people, but can’t win in the octagon or streets where Johnny’s students are well trained fighting machines?

Fun Fact, the referee in Karate Kid and original trainer of Ralph, William, and everyone in the movie was Pat E. Johnson (stunt coordinator).

Which is what I did when I was a kid. It was called “Karate” even though everything inside was Korean.

Interview about the new show:


Well it’d be interesting if they focus on the fact Daniel stole everything Johnny had as a life. But Johnny was the real victim, he was physically and mentally abused by his strongest role model and no one saw it. Miyagi never stayed to help Johnny out even though understanding what was going on. He really should helped break the hold and help restore Johnny’s life. 18 yrs devoted to a bad role model for a long time.


Miyagi diagnosed immediately, without even meeting Johnny, bad teacher and not bad student.

Your post makes a lot of sense. While Ralph and Miyagi go to Japan, what ever happened to Johnny?
The white privilege didn’t win out. Maybe mental illness and maybe substance abuse. You saw his parents. He never learned healthy relationship, healthy life style.

There’s a lot of excellent possibilities.


also another question is…is part 4 canon? will hilary swank come through?


I dont think anybody considers 4 canon tbh.

A Johnny focused series would be pretty cool tho, like even at the end of the first movie he had already redeemed himself, him and even Bobby questioned good ole boy Johns methods and celebrated Daniels victory. So what, he presumably dropped outta school, drove a forklift and fought dudes on the side for 20 odd years till reopening the Dojo?

Seems weak and a betrayal of the character, like its more of a cash grab between 2 iconic 80s guys than anything, either Johnny learned nothing growing up but will redeem himself in the presumably 6 odd months of the show or maybe hes just gonna go full dick out and pull a John Kreese on us. As for Daniel, for a dude that banged chicks well above his weight, killed dudes well above his belt, he gonna walk into this shit as a broken man because some 200 year old guy who made him wax that ass died 30 years ago?


Am in this just to see Johnny pull a Cody/Terry Bogard for us and just be that dude rough on the outside but with the heart of gold that is smashing dudes and maybe spends 3 minutes of punking on Daniel San before leaving him alone to cry in the basement.

That said the trailer didnt give us a lot to go on, so maybe they end up in a relationship or some kinda bullshit.


Another Lost in Space remake…


Sean Bean in The Frankenstein Chronicles is a good TV mini series rewrite of Mary Shelley’s ground breaking Frankenstein.

Recommend if you’re a fan of period fiction or just Frankenstein.

Since it’s Sean Bean, he’ll probably be dead by the end of the series.


So this is pretty neat. Annihilation is going to Netflix on march 12th. Im gonna go watch it in theaters still (thank you moviepass) but i do hope more movies try this route

I read more into it. Only on netflix outside of the US. Sorry guys


There are reviews already out, but I’m not gonna watch any until I see myself


Altered Carbon was pretty dang fantastic. Wonder what I should watch next… :thinking:


gosh, there’s so much good stuff on Netflix right now. The Magicians is deece, Stranger Things is as good as ever, Black Mirror is freaky but amazing, and Parks and Rec is a nice blast from the past. One seriously has to wonder how any other streaming service is gonna fare against them :open_mouth: If only Netflix had GoT… they could control the world :stuck_out_tongue: But who can seriously challenge Netflix? Hulu comes up a bit. This article mentions Amazon Prime as a pretty good competitor:
But otherwise, Netflix is really running away with the streaming championship and it seems there’s not much anyone can do about it!