The Netflix Thread


Caught What Happened to Monday and I honestly feel it has a good premise derailed by cliche. Noomi Rapace does a good job but the script, [details=Spoiler]went from a story about sisters in hiding to another action dystopia stop the evil organization we see every year.[/details]


I would feel the same, but [details=Spoiler]in the movie’s defense, there wasn’t that many places to go. Logically, the septuplets would be found out sooner or later, and shit would go down. But yeah, they could have been a little less cliche.


Godless series is fukin awesome :tup: .The script, cinematography and everything else is top notch. Netflix is really cranking out some good stuff lately.


It’s too bad that it didn’t get the green light for the 2nd season.


Just watched Bright.
Such a great movie.


In the last month, Ive watched a lot of Netflix stuff (when its cold, Im less inclined to play video games lol)

Punisher S1: 9/10 Excellent

Stranger things S1/S2: 8/10 Feels like a good melange of ET/x-men/Horror.

Glow S1: 7.5/10
Im not into wrestling ,but I like the character interaction and 1980s timeframe (I watched this right after Stranger Things so I was in a 80s lovefest)

Master of None S1/S2: 8.5/10
I thought this was just going to be a silly comedy, but I liked the dramatic elements and I could relate to the Morning/Parents episodes a lot.
He shot himself in the foot with the percent bit at the end of S1 though.
The foodie aspects doesnt really grab me as much.

Dave Chappelle Equanimity and Bird Revelation specials:
8.5/10 and 7.5/10 respectively
I liked both. The first one was equally enjoyable as the previous 2 specials he did a few months ago.
The second feels like Dave was on a leash and couldnt go all out due to the sexual harrasment stuff.
Also, its weird but I wish the second was in a bigger venue. It looks better imo when a comedy special is bigger and Dave’s whole body can be seen(more zoomed out).
Dave has some good body language bits and the third special wasnt as dynamic to me. Most of it was static.


So I watched that new series “End of the fucking world” last night and it was decent. 7.5/10 imo. Definitely worth a look if u run out of shit to watch.


Lots of hate on the internet about The OA. But there are some sequences (NDEs) in this show that are visual masterpieces, up there with American Gods. Would like to see more of those. Going to keep a lookout for season 2 of this show.


Sense8 is painful to watch. There’s just too much going on until the story truly unites.


The empathic civilization premise had great potential and still does.

It’s just the Wachowskis keep mispelling tyranny. :smiley:


Really disappointed Prison Playbook is over, like damn what a nice show, and a korean drama at that.


It is painful to watch. It’s also a show they didn’t renew for a 2nd season.


I got halfway through Sense8 and couldn’t finish it.


Sens8 was kinda all over the place imo, kinda like Cloud Atlas but more dragged out and generally inconsistent in the story telling whereas the former was based in a book obviously.


We should have a Netflix/Prime/HBOgo thread. A lot of good shows on the other streaming apps.


I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a sucker for children’s shows, and I eagerly look forward to Llama Llama. I loved the book series’ illustrations, and while modified somewhat (and the main character now older), the designs are mostly unchanged.


I’m a sucker for Babar The Elephant.


Forgot Altered Carbon was dropping this week. Anybody managed to watch it?


watched the first episode of black mirror. probably not gonna continue. wtf was that shit


Some of the greatest TV made bruh